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Welcome! I'm James, or more commonly known as Chicken7. My RuneScape display name is 'ChickenSeven' and some of my hobbies on RuneScape include exploring, making money numerous ways, questing, practising skills, communicating with other users and collecting information and images for the RuneScape Wiki.

About Me[edit | edit source]

on RuneScape[edit | edit source]

My display name is ChickenSeven. I have been playing RuneScape since March 2005 sometime. My home server is the wiki world, World 28, although I play on World 111 if I get bad lag. In combat, I use generally use melee. Ranged is my next preference for when it is essential. I enjoy questing very much and love good storylines. I especially enjoyed the Dorgeshuun quest series and Plague quest series. Group questing is also fun, as I have done before with some friends. My highest skill is Fletching. I do not own a Cape of Achievement, so the Fletching cape is one of my goals. I do not really have any main source of income. To keep a steady balance of money, I use Managing Miscellenia. My character's casual outfit is a police uniform, including a sailor's hat. My armour is a mix of rune and dragon. Add me!

on the Wiki[edit | edit source]

in Real Life[edit | edit source]

My given name is James. I was born during the '90s in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy politics, debating, geography, psychology, science, soccer, AFL, socialising and wiki-editing! My time zone is UTC+10 (AEST), so really am only ever online for people in nearby time zones.

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Friends[edit | edit source]

Below are all the friends on the wiki, and on off-site features I can think of. Sorry if I have missed you; I don't have all day to think of people. Please notify me on my talk page if you want to be on it! In no particular order:

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