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The RuneScape Wiki is expanding its ways to gain users, improve quality of information and develop a sense of community by expanding to popular external sites that help in some way. So far, the Wiki has a Twitter account, Facebook page, RuneHead Hiscores page, RuneScape Clan Chat channel, Ventrilo server and possibly a YouTube account. This page is here to inform users about the Wiki's ambitions off-site, and also to discuss and monitor changes. Subpages for each site are present for discussion.

Facebook[edit | edit source]

RuneScape Wiki Facebook

The Wiki now has a Facebook page. Please become a fan and take a look. Right now, Only administrators may request to be a FB page admin. Please request FB admin rights from any of the current admins, listed below. To current administrators, please remember that you must sign your posts, topics or anything else you do through the "RS Wiki page" name. No need to time stamp, just simply put "--[username]" at the end. this is purely for monitoring and security purposes to prevent possible inside-vandalism or accidents. You may become a Facebook page admin without becoming a fan and listing it in your "I'm a fan of" list.

The RuneScape Wiki Facebook page can be found at

Admins[edit | edit source]

Below are the current Facebook admins along with their Facebook name. To be a Facebook admin, your name must be listed here again for security purposes and prevention of vandalism. Please report possible abuse of power to the discussion page.

Please note, that you should not attempt to disclose any private information about a FB admin or user unless you have explicit permission.

There are currently 7 FB admins

RuneScape Clan Chat[edit | edit source]

Main article: RuneScape:Clan Chat

The RuneScape Wiki has its own Clan Chat channel, owned by the username R S Wikia.

IRC[edit | edit source]

Main article: RuneScape:Chat

The RuneScape Wiki runs its own fully fledged Internet Relay Chat (IRC), hosted on Freenode.

Twitter[edit | edit source]

The official RuneScape Wiki Twitter account is RSWiki and is registered by Jagex as our account. Tweets are made using CoTweet. Please follow us to stay up-to-date with most recent events, information and other happenings.

Admins, please sign your tweets with your name.

Current users with access to the account:

RuneHead Hiscores[edit | edit source]

For discussion, see RuneScape talk:Off-site/RuneHead

The Wiki has a community-only hiscores system, hosted on RuneHead. Mercifull is the current maintainer of the hiscores. It was opened in response to Forum:Community hiscores? If you would like to be listed on our hiscores, or to change your current listed name, please see the requests page.

You can visit our hiscores by going to

Ventrilo[edit | edit source]

The Wiki has its own Ventrilo server. If you have never used Ventrilo before and/or need help getting into our server, take a look at the guide here. The server is owned and operated by Karlis with the assistance of several other Ventrilo administrators. As such, the wiki will not be the medium to discuss the Ventrilo. All matters should be address to Karlis. There is a message when users log onto the server with the rules. All rules should be followed when on the vent server, however, any issues on vent will have no repercussions on the wiki. If you do not own a microphone, users may also use Ventrilo's chat program to communicate, enabling the TTS option if desired.

  • The IP is:
  • The port is: 9084

There are currently 4 admins: