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For a walkthrough, please see Monk's Friend/Walkthrough.

{{User:Chicken7/Infobox quest |name = Monk's Friend |image = |members = Yes |number = 25 |release = [[28 May]] [[2002]] |update = Latest RuneScape News (28 May 2002) |series = None |difficulty= Novice |wdifficulty= 1 |length = Short |developer = Tom W |link = }} Monk's Friend is a novice quest in RuneScape, that is based around the area south of Ardougne. It is renowned for its length, being regarded one of the shortest and easiest quests in the game amongst players.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

The adventurer and Omad partying.

Bandits have stolen a blanket from Brother Androe's child at the Kandarin Monastery, south of East Ardougne. Every night, the child has cried and deprived all the monks of their sleep. An adventurer stumbles across Brother Omad, who begs for their help. He agrees and sets off.

The adventurer heads west, where he finds a magical circle of stones, containing a concealed ladder that only appears when stood near. The adventurer climbs down, and finds a cave full of thieves. Upon exploring the cave, the blanket is discovered, but guarded by low level guards. He snatches the blanket, and takes it back to Omad who is very grateful.

After Omad is relieved of his sleep deprivation, he says he wants to organise a party for the child's birthday, but needs some wine. The adventurer finds Brother Cedric close-by, who was meant to deliver the wine, but became drunk and crashed his cart. After the adventurer sobers him up, he gives some logs to Cedric so he can repair his cart. The adventurer then travels back to the monastery, and learns from Omad that they can have the party, now that everything is in order. The monks and adventurer enjoy themselves with dancing and a balloon drop, before Omad rewards him for his efforts.

Official description[edit | edit source]

A child has had their blanket stolen!

Find the thieves' den and return the blanket, then help Brother Omad organise the drinks for the child's birthday party.

Adventurer's Log message[edit | edit source]

Nothing like a blanket to calm a crying baby! Who would have thought that monks were so good at partying?

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

For a walkthrough, please see Monk's Friend/Walkthrough.

Development team[edit | edit source]

  • Developer: Tom W
  • Conversion: Jon S
  • QuestHelp: Lucy B
  • Audio: Ian T

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Initially after the release of Runescape HD, you and Brother Omad would perform the "old" dance emote during the party, even though it had been updated with the release of RuneScape HD.
  • After the party, Players can pop the balloons, like the ones in the Falador Party Room, but nothing is contained inside them. Popping these balloons can count as one of the Falador and Ardougne easy Achievement Diary tasks.
  • The Child's blanket looks like a piece of silk.
  • The infant and his father are never actually seen during the quest, only mentioned.
  • Even though Brother Cedric drank the jug of water, if you examine him, it will still say "An old drunk monk".
  • You can have another party by talking to Omad again after the quest. It may take a few times to work.
  • You can get more than one "Child's blanket" via the drop trick.