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The Master Plan for the IRC

The IRC is a fantastic resource we have that can be used for many things. Community discussions (not decisions) can take place here, general questions about RuneScape or the Wiki can be asked or just friendly chatter between users. This page presents a plan for the IRC to help revive it. Please, help us out by joining the IRC regularly and chatting to the other users there.

Ideas[edit | edit source]

  • Cleanup of RS:CHAT and other IRC pages.
  • Alert and ask administrators to help out by joining and staying in the channel.
  • Only support and link to one web client (users can still use whatever they want, though).
  • Embed IRC in the wiki. Example: [1]
  • Creating some kind of tour of features in the IRC, to intrigue new users who can test out the various features.
  • Rewrite of the RuneScript page, including the various commands.
  • Maybe a competition held in the IRC, to boost visitors.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

  • The interface can be confusing.
  • The CC is much more popular.
  • Usually it is silent.
  • When questions are asked, there is no reply for a while.
  • Some users experience errors.