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For an informative article, please see Cook's Assistant.

Details[edit | edit source]

Cook's Assistant
Start point: Go to Lumbridge Castle. Talk to the cook; tell him that you will help. Go to Lumbridge Castle. Talk to the cook; tell him that you will help.
Member's only: No
Wiki difficulty: 1*****
Jagex difficulty: Novice Novice
Length: Short
Requirements: None
Items required:
Enemies to defeat: None

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Starting Out[edit | edit source]

To begin this quest, the player should talk to the cook in the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle's first floor. He will tell the player that he needs ingredients to make a cake for Duke Horacio for his birthday (It is revealed at the beginning of Recipe for Disaster that he was only testing you). He wants the player to retrieve a bucket of top-quality milk, a pot of extra fine flour and a super large egg, and to bring those items back to him. If you ask where the ingredients can be found, he will marks places on your world map in red, and if you have the quest set as your objective the area items are located is shaded blue.

Obtaining the Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Before heading off to collect the ingredients, players should take the pot that is sitting on the table in the kitchen to collect the flour in. A pot may also be obtained at the mill where you will collect the flour. The bucket for collecting milk can be obtained from the cellar through the trapdoors in the kitchen, or next to the cow where the milk is collected. You could alternatively buy both of these items in a general store General store map icon.png.

Cook's Assistant map.png

Obtaining a Bucket of Top-quality Milk[edit | edit source]

To obtain the top-quality milk, players require a bucket and a dairy cow. Just left-click on the cow with a bucket in your inventory.

The cow field is east of the River Lum. It is just south of the chicken farm. Here you have to talk to Gillie Groats for advice on how to get top-quality milk, she will direct you to her prized cow east of her by the fence. There is a bucket beside the cow. You milk the cow for top-quality milk.

Obtaining a Pot of Extra fine Flour[edit | edit source]

To make the flour:

  • Pick some wheat from the field to the north-west of Fred the Farmer's farm.
  • Head north along the road to the east of the field and you should find Mill Lane Mill, a windmill Windmill map icon.png. Go inside and talk to Millie Miller about making extra fine flour before you head up to the top floor. Put the grain into the hopper and pull the lever. Now head down to the ground floor and if you have a pot in your inventory, empty the flour bin and you will have a pot of extra fine flour.

Obtaining a Super large Egg[edit | edit source]

There are two locations a super large egg can be obtained near Lumbridge:

  • Fred the Farmer's farm, north of Lumbridge and south of Mill Lane Mill. There is one super large egg respawn here. You can get here by walking north from the front of Lumbridge Castle.
  • The farm to the north-east of Lumbridge, east of the River Lum. Cross the bridge going across River Lum North-east of the castle and follow the path north. After a little while, you will come across a chicken farm on the west side of the path. There is one super large egg respawn in this farm.

Now that all three of the ingredients have been collected, take them all back to the cook and the quest will be completed.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Quest complete!
  • 1 Quest Point
  • 300 Cooking experience
  • Permission to use the cook's range, which gives players 50% more chance of cooking food successfully
  • 500 coins
  • 20 sardines

Music unlocked[edit | edit source]

  • None