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Anti Red Sox User.
Yankees Fan! This user is a Yankees fan This user HATESthe Red Sox
Freedom of speech ,

religion, petition, press,assembly

This user uses the First Amendment of The US and will use it when ever where ever This user belives school is hell..but is worth it for the edumacation
DE DE DE This user loves mind of mencia and thinks its the shiznet! This user LOVES trebuchets and any thing invovling medivl siege weapons This users buddies think this user is a bloody building guiness,but hey making trebuchets out of knex isnt that it?

To do![edit | edit source]

  • Get 1mil+
  • 99 fishing and wood cutting
  • Full rune
  • Do all f2p quests
  • 55 magic
  • 45 prayer
  • get a rune scimi and rune 2h
  • Do Monkey Madness
  • Get a dragon scimi
Attack Attack 100%
0 levels
Prayer Prayer 93%
42  45 
3 levels
Magic Magic 84%
46  55 
9 levels 86%
60  70 
10 levels 43%
43  99 
56 levels 44%
31  70 
39 levels