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There is no escape...

Hello. My name is Chaque Nabokov. I don't have many edits, because when I DID edit regularly, I hadn't made an account yet. But that's alright, I didn't do much. My IGN on Runescape is Chaque. My current combat level is 98. I almost have a total level of 1500, and I'm not far off. Im not very rich, and only have a current combined wealth of about 10 Mil. Though, I recently made it my goal to get 50mil before the end of July. I've almost been playing for five years, on and off. Though, my combat level doesn't suggest it. I will be able to redeam my veteran's cape on August 8th, to prove it.

Although I said my wealth was about 10m, (Including items of course.) I didn't mention my Blue H'ween mask. The reason for that is I don't really consider it wealth, because unlike skillers who try to get a lot of money with hopes of some day having enough for a rare item, like h'ween masks, I didn't obtain it like that. I also didn't obtain it with wealth to show how rich I was. One of my friends said she might be getting banned soon and told me to hold on to her rare items. I'm not sure if she actually got banned in the end, but a while after the whole incident, we were no longer friends. I even told her I would give it back, but she said she didn't play runescape anymore, and didn't care either way. I guess the reason I don't just sell it and buy usefull expensive items like Bandos Armor or a Fury Amulet, is because the mask is the only thing that keeps her memory alive. To me, it's priceless, and no amount of in-game currency can buy it.

Most of the players on Runescape, (About 85%) Have a lower Defence level than Attack and Strength. Personally, these common pathetic noobs disgust me, especially the ones who have a higher Strength than both Attack AND Defence, and call themselves "Berserkers," when really, they are all crappy glass canons who can't take a hit and die constantly. Basically, anyone who thinks that defence isn't really needed in melee combat, IS A PATHETIC FOLLOWER. I personally enjoy having a higher Defence level than Strength, which is actually my lowest combat skill. I feel that Defence is more important than Strength, and I am considered, A Tank. I've done some GWD before, and was the tank when doing Bandos, wearing Guthan's of course. I'm not really saying I hate the idea of a player who focuses on Strength, making it his main combat skill or whatever, I'm just pissed off at the amount of these zerks. It would be okay every now and then to have a powerful warrior on your team at certain times. But when a player brags about his 99 str and 1 def, that's just taking it too damn far. To anyone with a much higher str than def reading this, GO. TO. HELL.