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Total level: 852
Attack 57Constitution 1Mining 46
Strength 57Agility 29Smithing 39
Defence 55Herblore 25Fishing 56
Ranged 34Thieving 47Cooking 57
Prayer 42Crafting 48Firemaking 47
Magic 36Fletching 29Woodcutting 48
Runecrafting 14Slayer 29Farming 25
Construction 15Hunter 11Summoning 1
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 70Quests 120
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Joined Runescape:Late December 2005
Joined RuneWiki:Late August 2006

Hello I'm Chaoticar (this is my Rune name as well). I just add a few obscure articles, minor edits, redirects etc. Currently my favourite games are Rise of Legends, RuneScape (of course) and the Kingdom of Loathing.

Note:Due to exams (and exam revision) I will not be on for the next few weeks.

Milestones: 26th March '07:Complete Kitchen furniture.
26th March '07:Over 1000 edits!
6th April '07:Over 1500 edits!

As naturally happens, people change - unfortunately, both present interests and commitments have, and will, keep me from continuing (or restarting) editing on this Wiki. Therefore I'll restart my permanent vacation by thanking every editor I knew for making my stay here enjoyable, and the multitudes of new users who continue to develop and improve this Wiki - the best source on RuneScape outside the KnowledgeBase (which RuneScapeWikia predated!).

Thanks again for making hours of editing an online encyclopaedia entertaining (as entertaining as it can be), farewell and good luck for wherever life takes you

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This player is a follower of Zaros.

God of Ancient Magics and Pure Evil.