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About Me[edit | edit source]


Attack Strength Ranged Magic Constitution Defence Summoning Prayer Woodcutting Farming Mining Fishing Last Updated
74 71 75 75 74 70 57 61 75 65 65 72 2010 03 16 17:18:26
Hunter Slayer Agility Thieving Herblore Crafting Construction Firemaking Fletching Runecrafting Smithing Cooking Lastest
59 64 70 65 64 66 60 63 70 55 69 66 RuneScape - RS Tracker


Attack 100%
1 level
Strength 70%
71  75 
4 levels
Slayer 98%
64  65 
1 level
Summoning 100%
0 levels
Ranged 100%
0 levels
Fletching 100%
0 levels
Agility 100%
0 levels
Woodcutting 100%
0 levels
293 295
99% 2

On Runescpe

On runescpe I play on my olny account - ProfChao.
I'm a mid level quester who enjoys nothing better that questing (and pretty much nothing else) though recentally I have found a soft spot for barbarian assult.
I can normally be found training towards my goals to reclaim the quest cape or playing barbarian assult.

On The Runescpe Wiki

Being no good at researching, editing, grammer and spelling I quitly work on the one remaining aspect of this wiki which I can: Images!
I am part of the Image Matinance project and enjoy adding transparany to images in my spare time. Occasinally i'll uploaded needed images or make minor edits but i mainly just stick to transparancy

Round The interwebs

A long time ago i used to injoy making videos but i had no ideas and actors to help me! Now I still fail to have the actors, and idea but I keep my youtube account there anyways with it's small number of disaperaring subscribers. Thought I did make an intesting video, it took several weeks and totled 20 odd hours of total time spent to produce the 3-and-a-half minuet video - It was STOP MOTION!
Hopefully a second one will be made. Hopefully. I also do 3D modeling in google skecthup and upload videos of me doing said models to youtube a few of my creation include a rune platebody and a bandos god-"short"-sword which was a bit out of proportion.

Spotlight[edit | edit source]

The battle rages on Jagex seem determined to release master quests I have none of the skills for but i shall get my cape back!

The Cape has returned I finally got the skill for within the light which was anoying as I needed:

  • 75 Woodcutting - And I was sick of woodcutting after training for back to my roots
  • 75 Ranged - And I hate training ranged
  • 69 Agilty - Which I also hate training
  • 70 Flecthing - Which took a lot of clicking

Loss Of Cape Easy Come Easy Go, wait quest cape wasn't easy but still olny 3 days after I got it they released a new quest. Typical

Quest Cape At 8:15 on the 11/10/09 I completed while guthix sleeps at in doing so gained the right to ware the quest cape. Furthermore I did so just 15 minuets behind my esitated time of completion at at level 92 combat 7 levels above the minium that the quest cape can be achived at.

Images I have worked on[edit | edit source]

Latest[edit | edit source]

  • 26/01/10 First Trip to bandos general with group.
    • Was very fun and deserved a slot here
  • 22/12/09 Achived Level 70 Attack
    • Allows me to make use of my new whip!
  • 09/12/09 Completed Within the light
    • Allows me to ware QP cape again
  • 09/12/09 75 Woodcutting
    • Final Level needed for Within the light
  • 05/12/09 Completed The Temple at Senntisten
    • Which gave me 290 quest points
    • And 60 Prayer
  • 19/10/09 69 Agilty
  • 11/10/09 Completed While Guthix Sleeps
    • Allowing me to get the Quest Cape
  • 04/10/09 60 Herblore
  • 03/10/09 60 Slayer (thx to b2mr and magic lamps!)
  • 03/10/09 Completed back to my routes - just WGS now! =]
  • 03/10/09 72 Woodcutting
    • Final Level for back to my roots
  • 29/09/09 59 Slayer
  • 22/09/09 Farming lv60
  • Completed Forgivness of a chaos dwarf
  • Completed Rocking Out
Chao.Master (ProfChao)
Combat level 95
Clan(s) MASORS
Member? Yes
Poisonous? Olny when weilding poisonus wepon
Immune to poison? No
Attack style All
Max hit 25(Melee), 22(Ranged),

20(Reglar Magic), 23(Anicients)

Weakness Slayer, Herblore, Master Quests, Grammer, Spelling
Always drops Bones, Chao's guide to questing, Chao's notebook (Modly anwsers, Modly hints or questing notes)
Examine text A questing mod? Whatever next!


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