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Patch Unknown edit
Level Unknown edit
Store price Unknown edit
Exchange price Unknown edit
Time Unknown edit
Planting XP Unknown edit
Checking XP Unknown edit
Harvesting XP Unknown edit
Examine Unknown edit

Usage[edit | edit source]

{{Infobox Seed
|name     = Name of seed.
|image    = Image of seed.
|patch    = Patch for growing this seed.
|level    = Level required to grow.
|store    = Store price for 1 seed (Player Stock).
|exchange = Grand Exchange average price. Use "gemw".
|time     = Time taken to finish growing (in minutes).
|plant    = Experience for planting seed.
|check    = Experience for checking.
|harvest  = Experience for harvesting each result.
|examine  = Examine text.

Example[edit | edit source]

{{Infobox Seed
|name     = Potato seed
|image    = [[File:Potato_seed_5.png]]
|patch    = Allotment
|level    = 1
|store    = 1
|exchange = gemw  <!-- So that users will see this, rather than GEPrice; remove this later -->
|time     = 35
|plant    = 8
|check    = N/A
|harvest  = 9 
|examine  = A potato seed - plant in an allotment.