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RETIRED Semi Retired- Hates the word retired!

This user Has Thought, and cancelled his Runescape membership temporarily - He shall not be Wiki-ogreing Much- But You Can be sure he'll answer any messages on his talk page in less than a week.

You have just been banned from editing on this wikia! Block Log.
Celtic-creations is a WikiOgre and proud
Making Small, Inquisitive Edits to articles it comes across.

First Off, I'd Like to Thank ElfAnurin,F07gano And zigzagpaul for allowing me to use the Formatting of their Pages

Rawr. This user misses missed Frede The magnificent.
Hand mirror.png This user is vain and follows Celtic-creations because Because He is an amazing god This user has won the Picture of the Week award on the Beauty, not Vanity project!

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