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==RuneScape's World 9 Headquarters==
Information  Join our servers world 9 (P2P) or 14 (F2P) for daily Dungeoneering, star mining, evil tree hunting, penguin spying, circus location, merchanting advice, price checks and effigy assistance.

We rank chat based on maxed citadel resource weekly. Generals earn membership once a month in a random drawing. If you encounter rule offenders in our chat, file an abuse report with image to us at National Guard of Runescape website.

chat.gif Kire667 here. Just wanted to let you know National Guard of Runescape is bringing back the donation drop parties for Free World 14 after February 2011. It's been ages since our YouTube drop party videos from 2003-2007. The year in which Mod Andrew closed free trade for RuneScape 2 before leaving the game for Stellar Dawn.

full.gif Between our holiday drops if you wish to chat and leech some Dungeoneering experience with us or even earn your Shadow Silk Hood -- check us out on the RuneScape game forum as "W9HQ".,91,888,59287192

My Accounts:
Kire667 (Erik Meow)

Where to Find Me:
"Catherby" Clan Chat
"Amber Meow" Friend Chat
"SilentC0re" Friend Chat
"Aus Ltd" Friend Chat

Other Places I'm At:

Much Thanks to All The Supporters:

  • Amber Meow (GoingCrazy201)
  • Ability44 (WhatsUpWithRS)
  • Gross Gore (MadBadDog05)
  • SilentC0re
--Catherby 9 08:20, January 31, 2011 (UTC)