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Hai :3 I'm a nub named Dakota, both irl and on rs. I was born in, raised in, and live in Maine. I'm maxed as of June 2, 2014 and comped as of September 25, 2014 :D. I've got 120 firemaking, fletching, defence, slayer, and magic. and I'm a nub but ya, idk. My current goals stand on getting 120 hp and 200m fming! :3. I joined a clan called Surreal, and it has the most beautiful souls in it. Besides playing rs, I go to college full-time and go out shopping a lot :D. I used to be quite active here on the wiki but since then times have changed and ya :c.

Superluck slay task lol


Max: June 2 2014


120 dg: September 14 2014


Comp: Setember 25 2014 (nopic :c)

100m & 120 fm: November 2 2014



120 fletch: February 21 2015


120 def: May 31 2015


120 slay: September 23 2015


120 mage: September 25 2015

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