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me[edit | edit source]

my rs username is cash dog c. And if you are wondering why it is because my last name is Cash and my first name starts with a C. And when i made the account i didnt think i would play it. My friend just got me to make one.

I have 75 ranged, 62 mage, 83 combat, and many other good skills such as 75 fishing and 77 cooking (I plan to get to 76 fishing and 80 cooking for sharks very soon). I also have all the prayers.

my total lvl right now is 990. (kind low for a lvl 83 eh?) im gonna get it up but ive been fishing alot and training agility for regicide quest and crystal bow. I just got the bow on 3/12/07 so now im gonna get my total lvl up.

I don't like doing quests very much. I just do the ones that i need to do in order to be able to use items such as iban staff and crystal bow. my qp is only 45 :/.

how to find me[edit | edit source]

You can usually find me in worlds 103, 104, 44, or 36.... I am usually wearing full black d hide, obby cape, zammy coif, and crystal bow.... I can sometimes be seen having obby shield, dds or d long. But i think i am done training melee (i might train defense occasionally). I want to get ranged very high so i can better own ppl in wildy :P.

clans[edit | edit source]

me and my friends are planning to start a clan. we will need good warriors that would be willing to wear rune armor in wild (you probably wouldnt lose it considering you are in good hands:)) we are also looking for good mages (60 and above mage lvl) that will be willing to wear good mage armor as well. Also, unlike other clans, we always allow you to pick up any items that you may receive upon pking trips. But if you try to betray this clan you will be pked and never allowed back into the clan unless it has been talked over by the 3 leaders of this soon to be clan.... cash dog c(me), corone extra, trae0x, and leecr3.