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Carteroz' Biography

Hey people, thankyou for reading my user page. It is gratefully appreciated.

I guess I'll start with my Gaming bio....

I'm rather one that you would refer to as a "noob" at Runescape. I hold one account, which is a level 3 skiller. It mainly focuses on woodcutting, smithing and mining. I am a f2p player and an active one at that. I like to explore and have been trying to get all of the non-combat related songs unlocked throughout runescape. Add me if you like, CarterOz

I also play xbox, I have two Xbox Live accounts. Their names are IIx iNfernoh and CarterOz. I mainly play MW2, as it's the onlyy game that I can find a local host in. I would say I play this game more than runescape. As i find it's more entertaining.


Personal Side

I'm 13 years of age in grade 9 at my school. I am a sporty yet somewhat intelligent child (unlikely for a runescape player eh?).

I live in Western Australia, and go to school in a remote yet somewhat large town of 3'000 residents. I play Cricket and Basketball, both in the seniors grade.

I would rather not release any more of my personal details, just incase any of you paedophiles want to get me. :)

Thanks for reading.

Signed, CarterOz 06:35, March 7, 2010 (UTC)CarterOz