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Carrolljames uses British terms for everything he can,if he makes a mistake from some-other region,too bad.

This page is about Carrolljames

Carrolljames is a very poor person who enjoys playing Runescape and is beginning to know too many things for his own good o.o.

The carrolljames looks something like this: (Quest cape since January 2009-present date.)

The rest of the page is info witch has come from Carrolljames himself

Caz[edit | edit source]

Hies,I'm Carroll,if you've seen me its probably from the forums and not the game-well it probably was,anywayz hi! =D

Mission[edit | edit source]

My mission is simply:peace and knowledge between all lifeforms about everything on earth-pitty that will never happen :(,so instead I'm trying to spread knowledge on R.S as much as possible.

About me[edit | edit source]

Personality:Bored,Happy. Likes:Roleplay,friends,friends in role-play,The TV show Friends,questing,day dreaming.

Dislikes:Hunting,both real-life and in game,partly swimming,i swim too slow-meh at least I can,better than not been able to swim?

Real life:British,err,human? look-seriously what do you expect me to right?

Goals,accomplished and aiming for[edit | edit source]

Accomplished:Quest cape,great ammount of friends I interact with regularly. Goal:Be the first to achieve something in Mechscape,if possible.