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The True Part[edit | edit source]

Carralpha walked on. The plank spawn was here somewhere. He had been told that there was a cave where planks of all types spawned. Carralpha could go to Entrana to get the normal planks, but he had reached the level where oak planks were what he

needed. While he was searching, he found a wilderness teleport portal. After activating it several times, he found himself in a very deep part of the wilderness. The members part. Carralpha decided to go east, since going west seemed to lead to the rogue's castle - a place which was unlikely to contain planks.

Once he had gone east for a bit, he found something very odd. He found nothing. He was at the tip of the RuneScape world, and there were no monsters, no NPCs, and no item spawns. Just some pools of lava, a rickety bridge, some skeletons ... and a ship. A strange ship with a tear down the middle. Carralpha couldn't examine anything on the ship. It was a ghost ship. He decided to investigate.

After returning to the Rogue's Den, he spotted a level 98 PKer. Since Carralpha was level 22, he was ok for a bit. The PKer said that the gods battled on the rickety bridge, and they left the place in ruin. It explained the bridge, the lava, and the skeletons. But not the ship. It was time for some serious research...

The Story[edit | edit source]

A little later...

Carralpha went to the wizard's tower to see Sedridor. "I wonder if he knows something," Carralpha thought.

"Ahh, Carralpha! How nice to see you again! What is it that you would like?"

Carralpha put down a map of the wilderness on a table. "I want to ask you about this..." He pointed to the section of the wilderness that he had been exploring. "I know that it was where the gods fought their battles, but can you tell me about this?" Carralpha then pointed to the part of the area where the ship is. "Do you know what can be found here?" he asked.

"I can't see anything," Sedridor said.

If Carralpha had access to the emote, he would have raised his eyebrows. "I've been there," he said. "There's a ship which I cant examine. Nothing on it. And it doesn't appear on any of these maps, except this one." He found a map and put it on the table. "This map shows the wilderness from a bird's eye perspective. I found it in Falador. Now, look at the ship."

Sedridor gasped. "There's some sort of magical haze around it! I'm afraid that I can only guess what the ship is for. Maybe it was involved in the god wars. Maybe it was protected by ancient wizards. Maybe..." Sedridor stopped. "I'm afraid I can't help you. This ghost ship shall forever remain a mystery."

Carralpha walked out of the wizard's tower, sad. The only clues that he had got were the PKer's information and the map with the haze on it. He couldn't ask anyone. Who would listen to a level 22? He had to find out himself, even if it took a lifetime...