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The Expedition by Carralpha

This story is true (mostly).

It was a very nice day in World 106 (I wasn't a member then), in Varrock square. Me and my friends were about to go on an expedition. An expedition into the wilderness. The leader of the expedition was a man known as Maxadeath. It was my duty to pick up the loot of any dead players, because I was told that I was the last person the monsters wished to attack. I didn't believe it. I was right.

Everything was prepared. We were ready, and we went into the wilderness. We saw many places there, and we has got close to the edge when I was caught by a giant red spider. I had to run to catch up with my friends. And then we were at the edge. Here, anyone could attack anyone. And that is what the leader did. He turned on Fire 2 Kill1, and killed him.

"Guys, help me I am stronger." He said. He started killing everyone that was close to him. There were only three of us left: me, my best friend Retradlord, and Maxadeath.

I was scared to death. "Retradlord, run". But he was already being attacked my Maxadeath. I had to save him. Maxadeath was out of energy, so I gave Retradlord a cake, and we ran for our lives. Past the Ruins, through the Bandit camp, and into the Dark Knight's Fortress. And then, when Retradlord asked me to follow him, I attacked him instead! I was skulled.

This time, I ran away from Retradlord. I wanted to get out of the wilderness as fast as I could. It was then that my horizons had brodened for RuneScape. I would no longer hang to Lumbridge and Varrock. I would see the world. And it was this very event that made me want to become a member.