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[[File:Snapshot_1_(2-19-2012_4-00_AM).png|frame|Carnifex III]] Basics

The Order of Sithis is a clan a lot like the Dark Brotherhood from the game series The Elder Scrolls. It is led by a user named Carnifex III. This clan is both p2p and f2p. This clan has needs and uses for all levels and classes. This clan's purpose is to go into either clan wars, wilderness, and several other minigames. Basically what happens is... a clan member will go into one of these places and look for motivated people to get hired by

This may include people who are angry about certain users killing them or that they want guidance and protection as they make their way around the wild or clan wars etc.


The clan ranks are very important. Any rank below captain are considered "freelancers" which are the members that find their own business in clan wars specifically. Clan wars is the easiest place for them to find business. 10% of their earnings go to Carnifex III. Each time they pay money, they get closer to a promotion. The ammount of money does make a difference to how close they get to a promotion. The money that Carnifex III takes from the freelancers will go to captains+. They are referred to as "assassins" and they get personal assignments from Carnifex III himself. If they choose to freelance, they do not have to pay Carnifex III 10% of their earnings


It has been noticed that a lot of people in runescape ask for intimate things with the use of vulgar looking emotes. This can be used to our advantage. Female members (specifically low levels) are often hired by other members to assist them with luring. Whether they are paid or not is not a rule. The female members will be used to arouse the targets and bring them to an area where they can do things alone. An ambush will occur in this location and the target will get his punishment and possibly looted by the members of this clan. Items can be requested by the person hiring assassins. If the assassin is hired to fetch something for the user then it will be given to the user regardless of value.

If You Fail

If the job is too hard for an assassin/freelancer then they will be dismissed from it. This will become a matter of concern for the leader and he will have it taken care of one way or another.