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Captain Jo is your average Runescape player. He does like Castle Wars, and does not like the Burthorpe Games Room and thinks it should be taken out of the game to make space for something useful. Like I said, average. He is not rich, yet not poor. His highest level is Woodcutting and will more than likely be his first mastery. Captain Jo also believes that Farming is a useless skill (no offence to any farmers) and that Dungeoneering is also pointless. He says Dungeoneering is like playing normally and should be more creative. He has been almost everywhere in Runescape and has been playing since 2004. You may see him in his melee/combat gear or in Guthix vestments or maybe, just maybe, as an Easter egg. He is most commonly found at Yanille, Castle Wars, Varrock, or Ardougne. He is also looking for Guthix pages, so if anybody is willing to sell any, you know who to find (Captain Jo.) At the moment he is a combat level 75. You can call him a noob, but he really doesn't care. He prefers the good old days of Runescape, the Golden Years if you will. Back when the Wilderness was death for anybody under level 50, scammers actually made money, and there wasn't a level cap. No joke, he has seen a level 208 before. He will do Pest Control, but he only does it for experience. Also, he is an Idler. Don't accuse him of being a bot for standing around at the Rogue's Den. For some reason, he is somewhat hard to kill for only having 60 defence. Usually the only time you will get to kill him is at Castle Wars. He is trying to get 300 tickets for the Guthix Halo. It would look good with his vestments.