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Capn Invisus
Total level: 2028
Attack 93Constitution 1Mining 81
Strength 92Agility 91Smithing 85
Defence 94Herblore 77Fishing 95
Ranged 84Thieving 83Cooking 99
Prayer 77Crafting 81Firemaking 99
Magic 99Fletching 99Woodcutting 95
Runecrafting 78Slayer 83Farming 80
Construction 80Hunter 99Summoning 79
Dungeoneering 1Divination 1Invention 1
Archaeology 1Combat 107.35Quests 278
Music 587Tasks ----RuneScore ----
As of November 27, 2009
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as Capn Invisus.

January 2004 This user has been playing RuneScape since January 2004.

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Firemaking-icon.pngThis user has a Firemaking level of 99.

Cooking-icon.pngThis user has a Cooking level of 99.

Hunter-icon.pngThis user has a Hunter level of 99.

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Hey everyone,

I started playing Runescape in January of 2004. A few of my friends were playing so I thought hy not and join in. Well, now I am the only one of those people still playing. I have played on a few different accounts but have settled into this account. I really enjoy skilling and hanging out with my clan members. I am in the clan The Others, which is a skilling clan.

I joined this Wikia on November 27, 2009. I look forward to helping you all out with editing and creating more pages.

In real life my name is Nick. I am a senior in high school in California. I play soccer and am on the varsity team at my school. I also played volleyball in high school. I play xbox quite often and am mostly seen playing modern warfare 2

Thanks for taking the time to read my user page.