Killing smoke nihil

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The profit rate assumes 120 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

Smoke nihil are monsters that can be killed for profit after Fate of the Gods, found in the same location as where they were fought during the quest. Players may quickly access the Freneskae Pit by teleporting to the World Gate with a Sixth-age circuit; alternatively, players may home teleport to the Eagle's Peak lodestone and run south to the World Gate. You must have your Shard of Zaros equipped in the pocket slot, otherwise all nihil will be aggressive.

This guide assumes you will be collecting Aviansie talons and transmuting them into components for making the other, more profitable nihil pouches. If you do not have 87 Summoning or 81 Divination to make these pouches, consider stockpiling talons until you possess the required skill levels. You will need to purchase some elder energy to make pouches, as the elder energy you collect from nihil drops will not be sufficient. Since you need to leave the pit to make pouches, the guide allows 6 minutes of time per hour for transportation and pouch making.

You will need a high level ranged weapon (80+ strongly recommended) to kill smoke nihil efficiently. With death lotus darts, overloads, and anguish, hit chance will be very close to 100%. Armadyl equipment should be sufficient to protect yourself from attacks as long as you meet the other combat recommendations.

An Overload (requires 96 Herblore) will significantly boost kills per hour. Since an overload applies its boosts every 15 seconds, it will also reduce the effect of the smoke nihil's special attack. If you are not able to make overloads, you will need to pay more attention to your target and be prepared to move 2 spaces away when it hisses, as it is about to use its stat-draining special move. A super restore potion is handy to have in case your stats are drained.

A high prayer level is highly recommended. Soul Split is almost necessary to stay in the pit for a significant amount of time, and Anguish will increase DPS and block chance.

Players may be able to gain more kills and profit per hour by killing ice nihil and/or shadow nihil alongside smoke nihil. Like smoke nihil, ice nihil are weak to ranged. Shadow nihil are weak to melee, but can still be hit fairly accurately if combat recommendations are met. Blood nihil are not recommended as they are strong against ranged and have the highest lifepoints. If you choose to kill other nihil, be wary of their special abilities.

As players stay in the pit, nihil begin to spawn less often. To counter this, it is recommended to leave to the Sanctum or Cradle periodically, returning to spawn more nihil. With a spare pack yak and winter storage, players may stay on Freneskae for almost two hours, and their stay can be extended further with more pack yaks and some summoning potions.