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Notice that the time values at which Superhuman Strength becomes worth it are much lower than what some people value time at. For example, people with 91+ runecrafting typically value time at over 1M per hour, because Graahk runecrafting double natures can make almost that much. And of course there are tons of even better ways to make money, such as killing Tormented Demons, killing Godwars bosses, or merchanting. Therefore, one could suspect that higher level prayers could be worth it for some people.

I could talk about Ultimate Strength, or using both Improved Reflexes and Superhuman Strength, and you could do one of those if you wanted. However, I would like to jump right to talking about the highest level: using Turmoil. Piety would be similar, but it would be slightly less effective and slightly more expensive than Turmoil.

Turmoil allows you to do tasks 10-30% faster than using no prayer. This is based on the +23% to +32% strength bonus and the +15% to +29% attack bonus. The variation comes from the specific task; for example, the attack bonus matters more on monsters that have higher defence, and both the attack and strength boosts matter less on tasks where the cannon does a lot of the work. For the average I’ll say that Turmoil makes tasks 22% faster, although it’s hard to know exactly what the average would be.

There are two good options for your top and bottom when using Piety or Turmoil: Bandos top and bottom, or a Proselyte top and Veracs skirt. Yes, a Proselyte top even without Protect from Melee is a perfectly reasonable option because of its huge prayer bonus. Piety and Turmoil also give a large defence bonus which helps make up for the loss of defence if you wear Proselyte. However, realize that Proselyte legs should not be worn (unless you don't need the defence bonus) because they only give +1 more prayer than Veracs skirt. The Soul wars cape also can be quite preferable over a Fire cape for its huge prayer bonus when using Piety or Turmoil. Zarfot

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Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 21:25:03 by Zarfot With a +9 prayer bonus (Amulet of fury, Fire cape, Bandos tassets, and Bandos chestplate), Turmoil drains 1320 prayer points per hour.

With a +29 prayer bonus (Amulet of fury, Soul Wars cape, Proselyte hauberk, and Veracs skirt), Turmoil drains 880 prayer points per hour.

Going off the first, larger drain rate, you can use 10.0 prayer potions (4) at 99 prayer to save 10.82 minutes per hour of training.

Thus, assuming prayer pots (4) at 9.6k each, 96k is spent to save 10.82 minutes : That's 532k spent to save an hour.

Thus, if the above calculations are correct, you should use Turmoil if you value time at over 532k per hour, have 99 prayer, and have a +9 prayer bonus on tasks. That’s surprisingly low, and that isn’t even for the higher prayer bonus! With the higher prayer bonus, Turmoil is worth it at a mere 355k value of time per hour. That’s REALLY low. It really isn’t hard to make that much profit in an hour. You can make way m ore than that just by killing green dragons, lol.

Really, if you can use turmoil, you SHOULD use it on most tasks, except perhaps on certain tasks like Dagannoths where your cannon does most of the work. On a task where you are only meleeing, however, such as abyssal demons, you DEFINITELY should use Turmoil.

Since Piety is less effective than Turmoil and more costly, it is less worth it to use, and you would need to value your time higher in order for Piety to be worth it. I won’t do the calculations here, but considering that you should value your time, as a high level slayer at least, at AT LEAST 1m per hour because, for example, you can make this amount of cash by camping at abyssal demons, you should use piety.

It’s true that prayer potions take up inventory space. However, this is not really a problem. I am able to do all tasks in 1 trip without a beast of burden. If you do need a beast of burden, you can fit 12 prayer potions just in a spirit terrorbird; the Pack Yak has 30 spaces! Zarfot

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Last edited on 17-Aug-2010 01:30:12 by Zarfot 4.6. Ranging

For tasks that you range, if any, you should always use range potions, extreme range potions, or overloads.

You may also want to take range potions to tasks where you melee and use a cannon at, because the cannon's accuracy is affected by your range level. If using overloads you will get this boost without even having to worry about bringing extra potions, which is nice.

Crystal bows or a rune crossbow with broad bolts, or possibly knives, are recommended for ranging.

If using crystal bows, I recommend you get at least 3 crystal bows. The more you have, the less often you have to trek over to Ilfeen to get them charged.

You should switch the crystal bows off to avoid degrading a full bow. To do this accurately, put the time of degrading on your ignore list so you can see when it is 10 minutes later. (The number of times you have shot is tracked for the player, not the bow. You can shoot with a full bow for 240 shots and then shoot 10 times with a 5/10 bow. The 5/10 bow will degrade as it is the bow you used for the 250th shot. You can then shoot 240 times more (about 10-12 minutes) with the full bow before switching to the degraded bow again.)

There are prayers that boost your range. Hawk Eye is the range equivalent of Superhuman Strength, giving +10% range, while Eagle Eye is the range equivalent of Ultimate Strength, giving +15% range. However, on Ancient Curses, the best you can do is use Leech ranged, which gives +5% range increasing up to 10% only if your enemy has a ranged level to leech. In general, I recommend using a prayer to boost your ranged when you are ranging. Zarfot

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Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 21:28:26 by Zarfot 4.7. Between tasks and going to the next task

Theoretically, you could bring NPC Contact runes to all tasks, and, for example, do two Kuradal’s Dungeon tasks like Gargoyles and Abyssal Demons without banking. However, to do so, you would need to bring many more items and supplies than you might need, and much of the time you wouldn't end up using them.

Instead, I recommend banking between all tasks. It's fastest just to quickly go to tasks with only the equipment and supplies you need.

There are two main methods to bank after completing a slayer task.

One method is to use a house teleport tablet to teleport to your house (directly from the task), charge prayer at your altar, and rub the amulet of glory on your wall to teleport to Edgeville. Banking at Canifis is no longer helpful because the Slayer ring can teleport you to the Slayer Tower; also, tasks that used to always be done in the Slayer Tower now have alternate, usually better, locations.

A faster method to bank is to use an Amulet of glory to teleport to Edgeville. While running into the bank, restore your prayer by drinking a dose or two of prayer potion. This method is faster but more expensive since you do not visit an altar.

If you are using normal magic and Kuradal, what you would want to do is take a ferocious ring and a glory or house teleport tablet to your task. Then, after finishing your task, you would teleport directly to Kuradal using the ferocious ring and get a new task. You would then teleport to Edgeville to bank, or, alternatively teleport to your house, charge prayer, and teleport to Edgeville using a glory on the wall of your house.

If using Lunar magic, teleport directly to Edgeville bank or your house from the task, and take out NPC contact runes when you arrive at Edgeville bank.

Once you know your task, use the deposit-all items button. Then, if any of your equipment is going to change, get out the new items first and put them on. Then, bank again and get your inventory. Zarfot

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Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 21:31:23 by Zarfot To bank quickly, I have my commonly needed slayer items, such as overloads, prayer potions, cannons and cannonballs, steel titans and steel of legend scrolls, holy wrenches, amulets of glory, and ferocious rings, next to each other in the bank.

Note that you do NOT need Enchanted Gems! If you know how much slayer xp each slayer monster gives, you can, while running to your task, use a calculator to figure out your ending xp and record it somewhere. This saves the inventory space that the enchanted gem would take up. However, it’s true that whereas in the past you had to talk to your slayer master via the gem to find out how many monsters you had left, now you can just right-click the gem and find out how many monsters you have left without even interrupting combat. This means that it is not detrimental to take the gem if you have extra inventory space. However, it is just not really needed. Even if you don’t record your ending experience, you hopefully will notice when you kill your last monster, especially if you have RS music on and get the sound effect of finishing a task. Even with RS music off, you still get the message in the chat interface that your task has ended. And if the task is in Kuradal’s dungeon, you will not be able to kill any more monsters than what was assigned to you anyway.

A bank problem that appears after training slayer for a while is the accumulation of partial potions. If you have enough space, set aside 4 spaces for each kind of potion and have a stack for each dose. You can either decant all your potions every once in a while, or take partial potions to tasks once you find out how many doses you need for each task. Zarfot

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Last edited on 17-Aug-2010 01:31:43 by Zarfot In general you should not spend very much time in between tasks. I think it is possible to get to every task in under 3 minutes, starting from when the last monster of the previous task is killed and ending when the first monster of the next task is attacked. Know what you need to take to the task! If you forget something important it isn’t fun.

4.8. Cannon

First off, some basics about the cannon. It costs 570k to buy on the Grand Exchange, and you can own more than one. I personally have 2, so the bank space is reserved when I take one out. The cannon has 4 parts. When you get to the task and to the place you want to put your cannon, you click on the cannon base and the cannon will be automatically set up. You may wish to turn auto-retalliate off when setting your cannon so that you don’t go running off while you are trying to stand in a specific location that you want to set your cannon. Setting the cannon only takes a few seconds, and you can attack monsters, drink potions, and turn on prayers while the cannon is being set up as long as you don’t get too far away from it. Then, you left click on the cannon to put in 30 cannonballs and start it firing.

The cannon rotates completely once per 4.8 seconds, making a 45 degree turn every game tick (0.6 seconds). It can fire a cannonball during each 45 degree turn if there is a monster that it can hit. Therefore, a cannon can fire up to 8 cannonballs per rotation, at a rate of 1 cannonball fired per 0.6 seconds.

For each of the eight positions the cannon barrel is in, it can fire at a set of locations roughly emanating from the barrel. Some locations overlap with the set of locations that the cannon can fire at when it is in another position. A monster that is in one of these overlapping locations can, therefore, hit by more than one cannonball per revolution of the cannon. Zarfot

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Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 21:33:53 by Zarfot Additionally, monsters can take up more than one square, and the cannon can fire at any square the monster is covering; this means that larger monsters can often be hit by more cannonballs per rotation of the cannon than small monsters that only take up one square.

What you want to do is get your cannon to fire at monsters as often as possible. It matters a lot where you place the cannon for a task, and often where you stand, because the cannon can reach different amounts of monsters from different locations, and the monsters go in different places when you stand in different places, and therefore get hit by different amounts of cannonballs. Later in the guide, when I am talking about strategies for specific tasks, I will tell you the specific cannon spots that I use, if there is one for the given task. I cannot guarantee that each spot given is definitely the best because there are so many different spots that can be used, but I have tried a lot of different spots for each task and the spots I give should be pretty good.

When finding a cannon spot and place to stand at certain tasks, it’s not all guesswork. There are exactly 16 possible squares in which the cannon can fire two cannonballs per rotation; the rest of the squares can be reached by only 1 cannonball per rotation. These squares are one square diagonal and 1-2 square outward vertically or horizontally from the cannon base, like a knight’s jump in chess or like that but an extra square in the major direction of movement. A diagram would look like this:

1121211 1121211 2210122 110C011 2210122 1121211 1121211

Where C is the cannon and the numbers are the number of cannonballs the cannon can fire at the square in each rotation. (It would be a 0 on the spot of the cannon itself too.)

As mentioned, it is significant that monsters take up different numbers of squares. If you are fighting a 1-square monster, like a Dust Devil, the number of cannonballs that your cannon will fire at it will be exactly the number from the diagram above. However, if the monster takes up more than 1 square, the cannon can fire even more cannonballs per rotation. If it is covering one of the double-shot squares, at least 2 cannonballs will be fired, but if it is also covering a square that corresponds to one of the directions the cannon barrel faces other than the 2 that fire into the double-shot square, that cannonball will be shot at it too. Dark Beasts and Black Demons can be shot at up to 3 times per cannon rotation, whereas dragons can be shot at up to 4 times per cannon rotation.

In general, for fighting multiple-square monsters it seems best to stand directly under the cannon base, as this allows the monsters to surround you and always get hit by 2 cannonballs per rotation. You can still stand in other places and use your cannon effectively, however. But at some tasks, such as Dagannoths and Aberrant Spectres, it’s multicombat and your cannon will just fire at everything, and you will be running around picking up charms, so there is no specific location to stand.

The accuracy of the cannon is affected by your range level as well as by the attack bonus of the combat style you are using. Contrary to what is often believed, your range attack bonus only matters when cannoning if you are wielding a bow or other ranged weapon. Otherwise, if you are wielding a melee weapon, it is your stab, slash, or crush attack bonus. This means that your cannon will, for example, have a slightly better accuracy when wielding a rapier than when wielding a whip. Zarfot

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Last edited on 17-Aug-2010 02:06:58 by Zarfot Chaotic longswords, godswords, and chaotic mauls all have even higher attack bonuses and will result in your cannon being even more accurate. However, the chaotic rapier is usually the better weapon, so you often have to make a trade off between your melee weapon and your cannon's accuracy. Generally you should still use the chaotic rapier for most tasks, but at Dagannoths and Aberrant Spectres, it would be worthwhile to wield a Godsword or Chaotic Maul because your cannon does so much damage.

I am unsure if range boost prayers and the focus sight affect the cannon's accuracy.

Remember that cannons decay after 25 minutes and you get the "almost decayed" message at 20-21 minutes. Pick up and place your cannon in the same spot to reset the decay time; do this every time you see the "almost decayed" message.

Of course, sometimes you will accidently let your cannon decay. You can reclaim it for free from Nulodion at the Dwarven Mines entrance near Ice Mountain. Leave the task unless you are very close to being done. To get to Nulodion super fast, use Spellbook Swap and cast Lassar Teleport which puts you on Ice Mountain; or just run there from Edgeville or the Monastery, but that's a bit slower.

It is not worth it to make your own cannonballs unless you are a beginning player who is making your first million gp and want to get smithing up a bit. If that description fits you, you shouldn't be using this slayer guide. If someone is making cannonballs, they are valuing their time so low that it is not nearly worth it to use the cannonballs! Therefore, I recommend you buy all your cannonballs on the Grand Exchange.

Cannons are useful as they hardly add any time, but you get about 24k range xp and 12k slayer xp for 1k cannonballs, worth 340k. With a 1.5M per hour value of time (a little more than you can make per hour camping at abyssal demons, or less than a third of what you can make per hour camping at tormented demons), that is equivalent to 13.6 minutes of time. Zarfot

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Last edited on 24-Jul-2010 16:57:24 by Zarfot To be safe, I'll assume that firing 1k cannonballs takes 2.5 minutes away from your ranging or meleeing. Using these numbers, using a cannon is equivalent to getting 89k range xp and 45k slayer xp per hour at no cost. As that seems very fast I consider the cannon worth it.

That’s with a 1.5m per hour value of time though. On one hand, I personally would value time at much higher than that, and anyone with maxed stats could potentially make 5m+ per hour soloing tormented demons or soloing the Armadyl boss. But not everyone can make money that fast. Cannonballs, at around 340 coins each these days, are much more expensive than they used to be (190-200 each). While the cannon is an important slayer tool, it is NOT worth it if you value time at only, say, 400k per hour.

Now, a note about the whole "cannon noob" thing and moral issues involved here- Personally I see the cannon as no more than an extension of one's combat ability. If someone is complaining about you using a cannon and taking kills, why aren't they complaining about you using potions, or a whip instead of a bronze warhammer, which also will let you take more kills? Everyone has the right to increase their combat ability and compete with others as much as they want.

Also by no means do I necessarily recommend going in and setting up a cannon regardless of who is there. In many cases, it is more efficient for you, the cannoner, to switch worlds until you find an empty world; an example of that would be Kalphite Soldiers.

Cannonballs are expensive, so the combat advantage they give is well-deserved and should be respected. Zarfot

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Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 21:40:18 by Zarfot 4.9. Ancient Effigies

Ancient effigies, usually shortened to “effigies,” were released on June 15, 2010. They are considered to be a “Distraction and Diversion,” but there is no limit to how many of them you can get in any given time period. They are received randomly as drops from a large variety of monsters that includes almost all monsters that are assigned for Slayer. Effigies are basically drops of experience. When you get an effigy drop, it starts as a “Starved ancient effigy". You can “investigate” it simply by clicking on it. Then, you will have a choice of two skills to use to investigate the effigy with. The pair of skills is randomly chosen from the following eight pairs, and the same two skills are always paired up.

1. Crafting and Agility 2. Construction and Thieving 3. Cooking and Firemaking 4. Farming and Fishing 5. Fletching and Woodcutting 6. Herblore and Hunter 7. Smithing and Mining 8. Runecrafting and Summoning

To investigate a starved ancient effigy using a skill, it takes 91 in the skill. If this is done, 15000 experience is received in the skill and the effigy becomes a Nourished ancient effigy. The Nourished ancient effigy can be investigated in the same way, but a new pair of skills will be chosen, and the required level will go up to 93. You will receive 20000 experience in the chosen skill for investigating a Nourished ancient effigy, which wil then become a Sated ancient effigy. The Sated ancient effigy can be investigated using a level 95 skill from a new pair of skills for 25000 experience. It then becomes a Gorged ancient effigy, which can be investigated using a level 97 skill from a new pair of skills for 30000 experience. Finally, the gorged ancient effigy will produce a dragonkin lamp, which can be used on any skill. The dragonkin lamp gives (x^3 - 2x^2 + 100x) / 20 experience in a skill, where x is the skill’s level. In a level 99 skill, it gives 48029 experience. A level 85 skill gives 30408 experience. Zarfot

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Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 21:42:33 by Zarfot If you do not have either of the skill levels needed to investigate a stage of an effigy, you can be assisted. One skill in each pair is assistable. The assister, not the person with the effigy, gets the experience from the stage of the effigy. However, this allows the person with the effigy to access a new stage of the effigy, which they might have the skills for, and also gets them closer to the dragonkin lamp at the end.

There is no limit to the number of effigies you may have at one time, but they do not stack in your bank. There are no requirements to get an effigy drop other than killing an appropriate monster.

Now, it really shouldn’t take a genius to see that an effigy gives a LOT of experience. Each effigy gives a total of 90k experience in the paired skills (if you can investigate all the stages yourself), which is an average of 11250 experience in all of your chosen skills from each pair. The lamp can be used on a slow skill, like runecrafting, slayer, or dungeoneering, or possibly on an expensive skill to save money, like prayer or herblore.

Let’s see how much time an effigy can potentially save. Let’s say that you choose the slower of the each pair of skills. Normally, these are the maximum experience rates, per hour, for those skills:

Agility: Up to around 70k xp/hour doing the Barbarian course. *Maybe* up to 90k if Master Horns and a good Barbarian Assault team are used. I’ll take the higher one to be conservative with regards to the time effigies save.

Thieving: Up to around 260k xp/hour with Pyramid Plunder.

Firemaking: Up to around 445k xp/hour burning magic logs.

Fishing: Up to around 70k xp/hour with Barbarian heavy rod fishing. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:44:57 

Woodcutting: Up to around 95k xp/hour woodcutting teaks, with 36k firemaking xp gained too. To take into account this extra firemaking xp, I will apply a correction factor to the woodcutting xp rate and raise it to 102.7k xp/hour; this is just for the purpose of the effigy calculation, as you don’t really get woodcutting experience this fast. It is just to take into account the time saved from getting firemaking experience while woodcutting. Potentially, you could also fletch bolts while woodcutting, but this does not really need to be considered here because you can get much faster fletching experience than woodcutting experience, so there is plenty of time to fletch bolts to equal your woodcutting experience even if you get some woodcutting experience from effigies.

Hunter: Up to around 140k xp/hour catching Black Warlocks, which also gives 26.9k agility experience. I will take into account this agility experience by applying a similar correction, raising the hunter xp/hour to 181.8k xp/hour for the purpose of calculation.

Mining: Up to around 70k xp/hour mining and superheating gold in the living rock caverns, with approximately 60.5k smithing xp.hour and 57.1k magic xp/hour gained too. This is the most complicated correction to make, and it must be made because more mining experience than smithing and magic is gained, which means there isn’t “extra’ mining experience left over after using effigies in which you can get magic and smithing experience in order to equal the mining experience. Magic and smithing can be trained by superheating gold at a bank, which is about 132.5k magic and 140.5k smithing xp/hour. So an hour of mining saves 0.43 hours of superheating gold at a bank. Thus, the mining experience per hour needs to be corrected from 70k to 100.1k xp/hour.

Runecrafting: Up to around 58k xp/hour using the ZMI altar. Zarfot

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Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 21:48:17 by Zarfot So we have the xp rates 90k, 260k, 445k, 70k, 102.7k, 181.8k, 100.1k, and 58k. One effigy will, on average, give 11250 experience in each of these skills and save 7.5, 2.6, 1.5, 9.6, 6.6, 6.7, and 11.6 minutes, respectively.

The total time is 46.1 minutes saved per effigy, on average, if you use the effigy experience on the skills indicated above, and you get approximately the experience rates I indicated. This is NOT counting the dragonkin lamp! The dragonkin lamp could be used on level 99 runecrafting for 48029 experience, which is equivalent to 49.7 minutes of ZMI altar runecrafting at 58k xp/hour. That alone is more than the total time saved from the paired up effigy skills. This brings the total time saved from EACH effigy to be 95.8 minutes, on average. That’s over an hour and a half! When you get an effigy drop, it’s bam, an hour and a half of time saved.

You also can use the dragonkin lamps on slayer. This isn’t a bad idea because slayer may seem to be a slower skill than runecrafting. However, unlike runecrafting, slayer gives experience in many other skills, including attack, strength, defence, constitution, ranged, and summoning. If you use too many dragonkin lamps on slayer, you may not be able to get 99 summoning before getting 99 slayer, or, more generally, not be able to get a 1:1 summoning:slayer experience ratio when training in general. In addition, slayer itself is the source of effigies. If you WERE to use your dragonkin lamps on slayer, slayer could be an average of around 50-60k xp per hour, which is around the same as runecrafting using the ZMI altar. Zarfot

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Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 21:51:31 by Zarfot Thus, if your runecrafting and slayer levels are both 99, it seems that it is better to use the dragonkin lamps on runecrafting for maximum efficiency. However, of course, you may have different levels in the skills, or you may want to use the lamp as a money-saver by using it on herblore or prayer. You would have to take this into consideration when making your own choice.

How common are effigies? As of writing this, I have gotten 50 effigies at an average rate of 1 per 118k slayer xp, not counting slayer xp gained from dragonkin lamps, which I did for the first 22 effigies before switching to using them on runecrafting. (See page 20 for data that may be more up to date.) This is VERY common. I probably average 40k+ slayer xp/hour not counting effigies, so this is around 1 effigy per less than 3 hours of slaying. Keep in mind that I calculated that an effigy saves about 1 hour, 35 minutes. So for every 180 minutes of slaying you get an effigy that saves you 95 minutes of training various skills! Effigies are REALLY a big deal. Personally, I think they are very overpowered, but it’s true that you need to have very high level skills to investigate them, and also that the xp from the dragonkin lamp follows a cubic function of level, so the xp is a lot less on lower leveled skills (around 30k xp on a level 85 skill). But I don’t think it’s right to be able to get lots of experience in noncombat skills from training combat.

Because of effigies, it’s also possible these days to just camp at a monster with a high effigy drop rate, such as tormented demons, and train slayer just by using the lamps on slayer. This can actually be extremely effective, although it would not be as fast slayer xp as actually doing slayer tasks. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:46:27 

Last edited on 20-Jul-2010 19:43:22 by Zarfot 4.10. Clue Scrolls

Clues are not worth the time, unless you are a low level. If I get any level clue as a drop, I leave it on the ground. The only time that I did clues was when I trained slayer years ago in 2006. But soon enough, I found that the inconveniences of switching equipment, dealing with a near-full bank, and selling treasure trail rewards to be far greater than the money made. Also, completing treasure trails gives no experience. Any time saved by not doing treasure trails can be used for other money-making methods in order to get back more than the lost profit. Treasure trails are, in my opinion, annoying and take a lot of time for not much profit and no experience.

It can be quite hard to do clues efficiently; to maximize speed, you need to know 100+ clues right off the top of your head and have all teleports and items determined and available.

The typical clue reward is really just a couple rune items and there have been players who have done hundreds of clues without getting anything worth over 1m. On the other hand, some people luck out and get a piece of 3rd age equipment. This is, of course, very rare, however. Also, while some 3rd age items are worth over 100m, half the items are worth under 35m and the average of all 12 is 53m. It is rumored that there is a 1/10000 chance of getting a given 3rd age piece from a clue, so it would be a 1/833 chance of getting any item at all, or an average profit boost per clue of a mere 63.6k from 3rd age. While this drop rate seems somewhat of a speculation, 3rd age really does seem that it is that rare, so you can't count on it adding much profit, if any, to your clue scrolls. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:46:42 

Last edited on 20-Jul-2010 19:43:00 by Zarfot Regarding the number of clues you can do per hour, it can vary a lot depending on how quickly and efficiently you move through the steps. You might be able to do clues in 15 minutes or so average if you have all the coordinate locations and clues memorized but I don't have much data on this myself.

Even if you average 200k profit per clue (your typical reward will be far less than this, and as suggested above, 3rd age could contribute less than 1/3 of this average due to its rarity), this would be only 800k profit per hour on average. This may be a high estimate. But even so, there are tons of ways to make more money than that, and remember that clues give negligible experience.

Overall, I cannot recommend doing clues if you are trying to train slayer efficiently.

4.11. Dharok's Set

Dharok's set isn't worth it for slayer because it is not significantly faster than using a whip or Saradomin sword. It can even be significantly slower. Dharok's is not worth the extra prayer pots needed, and it is much relaxing if you can be at 900 lifepoints instead of 1-250; the risk of dying is great. The Black mask and Rune defender have pretty much made Dharok's obsolete for slayer tasks. The chaotic rapier has made Dharok's even worse, relatively, and now it barely needs to even be considered.

If you do have to train strength, but do not have a chaotic weapon, use the Saradomin Sword (or, less ideally, a Dragon scimitar). It is faster to train controlled using the whip though (except in certain cases where you can take advantage of the Crush style on the Saradomin sword).

4.12. Slayer Points and Cancelling Tasks

After completing 4 consecutive tasks, you will begin receiving 18 points per task from Kuradal, 15 points per task from Duradel, or 12 points from Sumona, except on every 10th task when you get 5 times the usual amount, and on every 50th task, when you get 15 times the usual amount. Considering all these bonuses, will gain 24 points per task on average if you use Duradel for all your tasks, or 28.8 points per task on average if you use Kuradal for all your tasks.

Take care not to focus on points *too* much. Training slayer should be your priority when training slayer, as obvious as that might sound. There is advice floating around about using the Canifis master to get Slayer Points faster, and that seems ridiculous to me because Slayer Points are just intended to be a small bonus to slayer training, not something that takes over your training.

Even so, I'd suggest that you begin a streak and never end it. Instead of “Burthorpeing” tasks you don't like, simply permanently cancel them (100 points per task). Or, if you don't have enough points yet, or want to switch more than 5 tasks, spent 30 points to switch a single task. Therefore, there is no reason to ever do a task from Turael.

With your points, you should cancel 5 tasks, get the ability to make the slayer helmet, get the ability to make the slayer ring, and get the ability to deliver killing blows more quickly. All of these are important for slayer. The ability to fletch broad bolts and broad arrows you do not HAVE to get, but broad arrows are a common way for high leveled players to train fletching, although they are not my method of choice. I don’t suggest unlocking Aquanites, since they are a bad task, and I don’t suggest spending 2000 points to unlock ice strykewyrms unless you absolutely cannot complete the fight caves. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:53:12 

Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 18:06:14 by Zarfot Unless you switch tons of tasks, you will accumulate extra points eventually. These can be used on runes for Magic dart or on slayer experience. To compare the two options, 400 points gives 10k slayer experience, or, on average, 2857 deaths and 11428 minds, worth about 1231k. This means that if you spend your points on slayer experience rather than runes, you would be giving up 123 coins per slayer experience. Personally, I would be willing to pay that much, but it’s quite a hefty cost (although it’s more of an opportunity cost and not a real cost). To choose experience over runes you would have to value your time at 6m+ per hour or even higher.

Whichever reward you do choose, this means that each time you spend 30 points to skip a task, you are losing out on either 750 slayer experience or 92k cash. Personally I do not see this as very much, and I am looking to do only enough tasks so that I can break even on slayer points. Still, if you see 92k as a fair amount of cash, this might discourage you from switching tasks, and that’s okay.

Of course, you may be wondering what tasks to cancel. I will go through all 30 of Kuradal’s tasks that are often selected for cancellation and discuss reasons why people may cancel them or why they may not cancel them. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:53:24 

Last edited on 11-Aug-2010 19:04:43 by Zarfot Aberrant Spectres- These are very fast experience (up to 63-65k slayer experience per hour) due to the fact that they can be cannoned in the Pollnivneach Well. Although their charm drops are only mediocre, they have a decent effigy drop rate. I could only see someone cancelling this task if they were not using a cannon.

Abyssal Demons- These are very profitable (1m+ per hour) and decent crimson charms. Their effigy drop rate is not terrible, but it only comes out to about 1 effigy per 4-4.5 hours killing them at maximum speed, which is worse than many other tasks. If you do not care much about money, it could be justified to skip abyssal demons; otherwise, they are a pretty good task.

Aquanites- These are a pretty bad task. They are quite slow and not very profitable. They do drop quite a few blue charms though. Kuradal does not assign these by default; you may pay slayer points in order to unlock them. I don’t recommend unlocking them.

Black Demons- These are a very good task. They are fast whether you choose to melee and cannon or range and cannon, and are quite good charms with a drop rate of about 43-44% crimsons. They are extremely good for effigy drops. I would never cancel this task.

Black dragons- You can melee and cannon these in the Evil Chicken’s lair. Although it's often quite crowded, black dragons are very good for charms and also have a very good effigy drop rate. Another option is to kill the King Black Dragon, which may have a very good effigy drop rate, and definitely has a great drop rate of crimson charms. You can only kill about 40 king black dragons per hour though. Personally I do not suggest cancelling this task. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:54:15 

Last edited on 17-Aug-2010 02:16:33 by Zarfot Bloodvelds- These are a VERY fast task. Although they mostly drop gold charms and are unprofitable, the fact that you can get 70-80k slayer experience per hour from melee and cannoning these definitely makes up for this. They have a good effigy drop rate. I suggest never cancelling this task.

Blue dragons- These are fairly good for charms, although they are mostly green charms. They are not too slow melee and cannoning in Taverley Resource Dungeon, and they are a decent effigy dropper, so I do them.

Dagannoths- These are well known as the fastest slayer task in the game, although a task of cave crawlers from Sumona could potentially be faster. Either way, dagannoths give 80k+ slayer experience per hour while meleeing and cannoning the lighthouse and the tasks go by in a flash. They are not great for charms but seem to have a fairly good effigy drop rate. Even if you are not cannoning, you can still get good experience with these by killing them in the Chaos Tunnels. I would never cancel this task.

Dark Beasts- These can be killed fairly quickly using melee and cannon, with the slayer xp rate exceeding 40k xp/hour. They also drop dark bows, a decent amount of blue charms, and quite a few effigies. These are a very good task and I would never cancel them.

Desert Strykewyrms- These are a bad task. Slow, poor charms, and not much profit. I suggest canceling them.

Dust Devils- These can be killed fairly quickly in the Chaos Tunnels using melee and a combat familiar. They have almost no defence. They drop a decent amount of crimson charms. However, their effigy drop rate seems to be quite poor, so I've started skipping them. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:54:56 

Last edited on 11-Aug-2010 19:14:09 by Zarfot Fire Giants- I used to always do these tasks, but lately I've been cancelling them. Their charm drops are poor and they also have a very low effigy drop rate.

Gargoyles- These are not great xp and the charm drops are only mediocre. Their effigy drop rate is not too great. I suggest switching these.

Greater Demons- These have a good ratio of summoning:slayer experience, but they are slow experience (especially since each one is only 87 slayer xp and they are somewhat spread out, even in Kuradal’s Dungeon) and probably have a bad effigy drop rate. I switch these.

Hellhounds- These are a very fast task if you melee and cannon them in the Resource Dungeon in Taverley. I'd suggest doing these for their high speed, although their charm drops are quite poor. Effigy drops are decent but not super good.

Ice Strykewyrms- These are a very good task. Even though their charms aren’t super amazing, they have a very good effigy drop rate. You can also hit 1100+ on them with fire surge with the proper equipment, making magic a great way to kill them. They are still profitable when using magic though. If using the proper cannon spot, they can give 45k slayer xp/hour, making them a fast task. I definitely suggest that you do this task.

Iron dragons- These aren’t too fast to kill, but with extreme potions, turmoil, and a chaotic rapier, you can move through the tasks way faster than what used to be possible and even get 30k+ slayer xp/hour unless there is more than 1 other person trying to share the 4 dragons in Kuradal’s Dungeon. Their charm drops are mostly green, but they drop them in groups of 2 and overall are a fairly good charm dropper. They are profitable, even if you do not bother to bank dragon bones, due to the dragon platelegs drops. They have a fairly good effigy drop rate. I have been doing these tasks. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:55:41 

Last edited on 24-Sep-2010 18:03:35 by Zarfot Jungle Strykewyrms- These are quite a bad task, slow with not very good charm drops. I suggest switching these.

Kalphites- These used to be a good task because they were fast when meleeing and cannoning Kalphite soldiers. However, the soldiers can be killed as fast as they spawn and even as you level up, or use better potions and prayers, the xp rate does not change very much and cannot get much better than 37k xp/hour. The charm drops aren’t too great, although they’re not terrible. Other drops are unprofitable. It is hard to find an empty world quite often. I suggest switching these unless you are a fairly low level.

Living rock creatures- You can melee and cannon these, but the drops, including charms, aren’t too great. I suggest switching these.

Mithril dragon- You only get assigned 8-15 of these, which makes the tasks take only 6-10 minutes. Although they’re not great xp, I just do them since the tasks are so short, and they have great drops. Charms are mostly green, but come in piles of 4.

Nechryaels- These are comparable to Dust Devils. Like Dust Devils, Nechryaels can be killed fairly quickly in the Chaos Tunnels using melee and a combat familiar. Nechryaels do have more defence and drop more crimson charms then Dust Devils, however (about 1/3 crimsons rather than 1/4 crimsons). Nechryaels also seem to have a higher effigy drop rate than dust devils. While Nechryaels do seem better to do than Dust Devils, I've decided that they just aren't good enough (mainly because of their low effigy drop rate), so I've been skipping them. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:55:53 

Last edited on 24-Sep-2010 18:04:37 by Zarfot Skeletal Wyverns- These are not great experience, but they are VERY good crimson charms. I may skip these in the future; it would depend mainly on their effigy drop rate.

Spiritual mages- These are slow experience and drop no charms or effigies, so I cancel them. They do drop dragon boots though.

Steel dragons- These really aren’t much different from iron dragons, and the notes I made above on iron dragons all apply to steel dragons, except that steels are slightly slower experience due to their higher defence, and they drop charms in groups of 3 rather than 2.

Suqahs- Although these are unprofitable and have poor charm drops, they are fast to get to on Lunar magic and can give 55k+ slayer experience per hour when meleeing and cannoning. Since only 50-99 are assigned, this means the tasks go by in only 6-12 minutes. It would be reasonable to do these tasks, but I've been skipping them because of the poor charms and effigy drops.

Terror dogs- These are a short task, but you have to kill them without prayer and they aren’t very fast. I recommend switching these.

TzHaar / Jad- The better option here seems to be to do the Jad task, which gives about 37k slayer experience. It is possible to do the fight caves in as little as 35 minutes, which would make the fight caves good slayer experience. However, you cannot get any effigies or charms, as there are no drops in the fight caves. Also, if you die at Jad, you lose out on 25k slayer experience. I cancel these tasks because of the lack of charms and the fact that I’m not too confident in fighting Jad many times without dying. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:56:00 

Last edited on 24-Sep-2010 18:06:36 by Zarfot Warped Tortoises- These are quite a bad task. You can melee and cannon them, but they aren’t too fast, and they have very poor charm drops. I recommend canceling these.

Waterfiends- You can kill these quite fast in the Chaos Tunnels if you use melee and a Steel Titan, but even if you cannot use the Steel Titan, these are still an AWESOME task due to the fact that these are some of the best crimson charms in the game. The drop rate of crimson charms from these is about 78%.

Anyway, here are the tasks that I currently am skipping or have blocked:

Abyssal demons Aquanites (not assigned for me) Desert Strykewyrms Dust Devils Fire Giants Gargoyles Greater Demons Hellhounds Jungle Strykewyrms Kalphites Living Rock Creatures Nechryaels Spiritual Mages Suqahs TzHaar Terror Dogs Warped Tortoises

There are still things I am not sure about, however. And of course, just because I cancel a task or do a task doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You might have your own reasons to do or not do a task.

4.13. World

The more people are playing on a world, the faster monsters will respawn. Monsters respawn fastest on worlds with 1900+ people, so, ideally, you would do a task on one of these worlds (world 2, and also sometimes other worlds such as 6, 9, 44, and 144). However, you will also find the most slayers competing with you for monsters on these worlds, so you make a trade-off. It is also true that monster respawn times matter a lot for some tasks, but matter less for others.You also may lag more on crowded worlds. I personally usually train slayer on crowded worlds, but you can use less crowded worlds if you want to. Personally, I would like to see Jagex make spawn times the same on all worlds so that people don’t feel pressured into using certain servers, but I don’t think this is going to happen. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:56:08 

Last edited on 24-Jul-2010 17:02:17 by Zarfot 4.14. Player Owned House (POH)

You may use your POH a lot when training slayer, or you may not. If you're using the house tab for banking between tasks, then you should charge prayer at your POH and use a mounted Amulet of glory to bank at Edgeville. If you're using the Amulet of glory method for banking between tasks, then you will usually only use your house for its teleport location.

If you are using the house tab method method, you should maximise your speed by having your Chapel adjacent to the garden that you use to enter your house. A Workshop (for barrows repairs) may also be needed.

For the location of your house, I recommend Brimhaven, Pollnivneach, or Taverley. It depends on what you need to use your house for. If you are killing something in Brimhaven Dungeon the Brimhaven location is nice, and if you don't have Slayer rings yet the Pollnivneach location is nice to access the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon (including Aberrant Spectres). Taverley is nice because it lets you get to Taverley Dungeon for Black Demons and Hellhounds slightly faster than teleporting to Falador.

Also, after completing the Love Story quest, you can modify house teleport tablets with a chisel to make them take you to any house portal, even the ones that your house is not currently at. This can let you take advantage of all the house portal locations rather than just one. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:56:28 

Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 22:25:31 by Zarfot 4.15. Healing

There are many ways to heal while doing slayer tasks. The idea is that you want to heal enough to avoid banking, but not waste any money or time by healing more than you have to. I will go through all the ways you can heal.

1. Soul Split

Soul Split is an extremely useful Ancient Curse. It takes level 92 prayer to use and drains prayer quite quickly. Its effect is that it heals you for 1/5 of what you hit. It you hit a 500, it will heal you a 100; if you hit a 250, it will heal you 50. This is quite a lot! Soul Split also drains the opponent’s prayer, but this only applies in PvP and doesn’t do anything for slayer. Soul Split cannot be used at the same time as any of the Deflect curses; however, it can be used at the same time as Turmoil.

If you are getting 30k slayer experience per hour from meleeing something, you would be doing 300000 damage per hour, or 83.3 damage per second on average. This means that Soul Split would heal you 16.7 life points per second, on average, or 1000 life points per minute, on average. That’s more than your full life points healed in 1 minute without wasting any time eating food or anything!

This is only if you have the prayer on continuously though. You do not have to have the prayer on continuously because for some tasks this would provide far too much healing.

On the other hand, on some tasks you will be using a deflect curse which you will have to disable when you use soul split. This can actually result in a loss of life points rather than a gain!

It’s important to realize that Soul Split only takes effect when you hit. Its effect lasts 1 game tick (each game tick is 0.6 seconds) each time you hit, and you are healed when you gain experience, which is 1 tick before the damage on the monster appears when meleeing.

Since abyssal whips and chaotic rapiers hit once per 4 ticks, the application here is that it is possible to have Soul Split on for just 1 tick out of each 4 tick hit and still have its effect. To do this, you would turn on Soul Split and turn it off right away; not as fast as you can, but pretty quickly, about half a second later. This must be done at the proper time in order for it to work. There’s no easy way to explain exactly when you need to flash the prayer for it to work; just see what works and get used to the timing.

Since you can flash Soul Split, this means that it can be used on tasks that you are praying Deflect on. I find this most useful at Waterfiends, where I am praying Deflect Ranged. Since I kill Waterfiends in the Chaos Tunnels, several can attack me at the same time. If I use Soul Split continuously, I lose life points pretty quickly, despite the healing effect of the prayer. However, if I Deflect Ranged most of the time and just flash Soul Split for a few hits when my life points start to drop, I am able to stay at Waterfiends for a full task with no food, Saradomin brews, or healing familiars: Just the Saradomin Godsword and Soul Split.

2. Saradomin Godsword

The Saradomin Godsword has a special that consumes 50% of the bar. It heals 50% of what you hit and restores prayer 2.5% of what you hit, but it always raises at least 100 lifepoints and 5 prayer points (equivalent to hitting a 200) as long as you do not do 0 damage.

You can use the special about 23 times per hour. You probably average about 140 life points and 7 prayer points per special, so the Saradomin Godsword special adds about 3200 life points and 160 prayer points per hour. That's a very nice boost and is definitely preferable to the dragon dagger(p++) special unless you do not need the hitpoints. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:57:17 

Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 22:44:33 by Zarfot 3. Saradomin Brews

Earlier, in the Super sets section, I mentioned that you can replace the Super defence in Super sets with Saradomin brews, adding up to 1600 lifepoints per hour at a cost of about 12k extra. While expensive, this is definitely a good option for healing.

4. Food

Food is cheap, but of course the disadvantage is that you can only take as much of it as you have room for. You usually have extra room when going to tasks, however.

Monkfish are a fairly good food that is very common. They cost about 380 coins each and heal 160 life points each.

Pineapple pizzas and summer pies both heal 220, which is more than sharks (although they both two bites), and they used to be cheaper than sharks, but this is not true anymore. If you want something more than monkfish, just use sharks, which cost about 1070 coins each and heal 200 life points each.

The highest healing food per inventory space, not counting Saradomin brews, is the cheese wheel. It can be made at a dairy churn and cut into cheeses, which heal 20 lifepoints each. You get more cheese at higher cooking levels; at 99 cooking apparently you can get 30+ cheese per cheese wheel, which would be 600+ lifepoints. But it takes a long time to eat all these cheeses, so I do not recommend using cheese wheels. You also could use baskets of Strawberries (425 coins each), which contain 5 strawberries that heal 7% of your maximum lifepoints each (up to 69 lifepoints each, or up to 345 per basket). These are more practical than cheese wheels due to the higher lifepoints restored per item, but I still can't recommend them due to the time needed to eat the strawberries for only 69 lifepoints each.

Wines heal 110 life points and cost 60 coins each, but they reduce attack so are only useful on range-only tasks, or if you are using overloads. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:57:27 

Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 22:48:11 by Zarfot 5. Bunyip

Having a Bunyip summoned restores 20 life points every 15 seconds, which is 4800 life points per hour. This is quite good. There are many tasks you may wish to use the Bunyip on, even single combat tasks, just because of the healing effect. However, the Bunyip is not always the ideal familiar to have out. If you have very high summoning, it would be better to have a more powerful familiar, such as one of the Titans, summoned in multicombat tasks. If you're that high level, you probably won't even need the Bunyip's healing effect because you would be able to gain enough healing from other methods.

6. Unicorn Stallion

The Unicorn Stallion's Healing Aura heals up to 148 lifepoints each time you use it (it is 15% of your maximum lifepoints). If you are going to use your green charms on Unicorn Stallions, it would be no problem for you to make the scrolls yourself. The special can be used three times per familiar special energy bar; that means that you can heal up to 444 life points for just about 1200 coins using a stackable object! Summoning special energy regenerates enough to use the special three times every 2 minutes, meaning that the Unicorn Stallion can restore up to 13320 lifepoints per hour, much more than the Bunyip.

7. Rapid Heal and Rapid Renewal

Rapid Heal is a level 22 prayer that everyone can use, while Rapid Renewal is a level 65 prayer that must be bought as a Dungeoneering reward for 107000 dungeoneering tokens. Rapid Heal will double the natural rate of life points restoration. Normally, life points restore at a rate of 10 per minute, but Rapid Heal will cause them to go up by 20 life points per minute. Rapid Renewal is even better, as it will cause your life points to go up by 50 per minute. To put this into perspective, Rapid Heal helps one-eight as much as a Bunyip does, while Rapid Renewal helps one-half as much as a Bunyip does. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:57:54 

Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 22:33:22 by Zarfot Overall, these prayers aren’t a big help, and 107k dungeoneering tokens is quite expensive, being over half the cost of a chaotic weapon. However, Rapid Heal doesn’t take much prayer, and I assume that Rapid Renewal doesn’t either. It could be worth using one of these prayers, but keep in mind that you will not be able to use either if you are using Ancient Curses, which I recommend if you can use Turmoil.

8. Guthans

Guthans has traditionally been an important element of slayer training. The special, which occurs automatically on about 15% of hits, heals you as much as you hit.

However, there are several disadvantages to Guthans. First, it takes three or four inventory spaces, depending on whether you have a Bandos chestplate or not. Second, Guthans spear is not a good weapon in terms of damage rate, and putting on Guthans helm loses the black mask effect. Therefore, using Guthans to heal slows down your slayer xp and strains your inventory space.

Instead, by healing using some of the strategies above, Guthans usage can be eliminated.

I'm not saying that no one should use Guthans, or that it's useless. In general, the lower level you are, the more useful Guthans is for you.

9. Better Armor

This isn't technically healing, but it accomplishes the same purpose. For example, by switching your rune defender with a dragonfire shield, you will get hit less and will only compromise your accuracy by a little bit.

10. Bones to Peaches

Bones to Peaches is a Normal Magics spell that turns all normal bones in your inventory into Peaches, which heal 80 life points each. If you are on Lunar Magics, you can also buy Bones to Peaches tablets to use (they are about 1000 coins each). You must buy this spell at the Mage Training Arena before you can cast it on Normal Magics, but the tablets can be used regardless of whether you have unlocked the spell or not. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:58:13 

Last edited on 23-Jul-2010 13:06:37 by Zarfot You'll probably be picking up charms from most piles anyway, so it won't take much more time to pick up bones as well. It does take time to eat the peaches, but not much if you eat them while running to the next monster.

It probably takes 2 or 3 seconds total for each peach, and maybe 133 coins if you convert six bones per spell. This is faster healing than Guthans, but still is somewhat of a waste of time if you can heal using other methods such as Soul Split. Also, not all monsters drop normal or big bones (the spell works on normal bones and big bones but not on dragon bones).

11. Elemental Titans

Fire, Ice, and Moss Titans can heal you with their scroll, Titan's Constitution, which takes 1/3 of a summoning special bar and restores 80 lifepoints. The scrolls cost 400 coins each. This is up to 7200 lifepoints per hour, which is better than a Bunyip but not as good as a Unicorn Stallion.

12. Enhanced Excalibur

The Enhanced Excalibur, obtained from the Lady of the Lake after completion of the Seers Achievement Diary, has a full-bar special attack that can be used while you are not fighting (or when you are). It boosts your defence by 15%, eliminating the need for defence potions, and restores 40 life points every 4.2 seconds 5 times per special. Thus, the Enhanced Excalibur can heal 200 life points per 5 minutes, or 2400 life points per hour. This is less than what the Saradomin Godsword can heal, so basically the Enhanced Excalibur is a slightly worse replacement for the Saradomin Godsword. This is still a very powerful item, however, and in many cases this is a far better way to use your special attack than a dragon dagger.

Those are the 12 ways to heal yourself that I have chosen to mention. The idea is that you heal yourself exactly enough on a task to be able to complete it without banking, but not too much as to waste time or money. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:58:32 

Last edited on 23-Jul-2010 13:06:12 by Zarfot To some extent, you get to choose how you heal. Slayer is a complex skill and I cannot tell you exactly how to heal in every case

4.16. Picking up Drops

Don't be slow! Right after you kill a monster, just attack the next. Don't stand there and wait for the dying animation to end. For many monsters it takes about two seconds for the drop to appear after you make the last hit, which adds up if you're killing 200 monsters. For some monsters it even takes closer to four seconds. Look at the drop while you are attacking the next monster. You can always run back quick and pick it up. And yes, "Run" back- there's no reason to have Run off.

If you're trying to be even faster, you can time your run back to the drop pile so that it doesn't interrupt your combat, by moving two squares at a time immediately after you swing your weapon. You can move even farther if you are using a weapon that is slower than the abyssal whip or chaotic rapier (such as the chaotic longsword). You don’t really need to be in that much of a hurry to pick up drops, since they last 2 minutes before they disappear.

Sometimes you kill monsters so fast (you may be using cannon) that you have trouble keeping track of the drops. In this case you may have to keep searching the ground, right clicking on items, to see if there are charms or other items that you need to pick up. This is especially true at tasks such as Aberrant Spectres and Dagannoths. Sometimes, meleeing and cannoning will result in a more orderly arrangement of drop piles, however. For example, when melee and cannoning black demons or bloodvelds, the drop piles will be in a fairly orderly pattern. If you are able to watch the time somehow, you can just go around and pick up all the charms once every 90 seconds or so.

Don't feel compelled to pick up every single drop. I rarely pick up coin piles. Sure, they add up, but the time adds up too. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:59:07 

Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 22:54:36 by Zarfot Don't bury bones below Dragon Bones- they're very low xp for the time it takes to pick them up and bury them. (Note that if you have a Bonecrusher, a dungeoneering reward that costs 34000 dungeoneering tokens, all bones will be automatically buried. I definitely recommend getting this, although it is not useful for me due to my prayer experience already being maxed out.)

Don’t feel that you have to pick up every herb and herb seed. To help you decide what to pick up, here are lists of the approximate prices of droppable herbs and herb seeds (as of July 5, 2010), in order from most expensive to least expensive:

Torstol seed 187400 gp Snapdragon seed 71300 gp Dwarf weed seed 37300 gp Lantadyme seed 34600 gp Ranarr seed 24600 gp Lantadyme 9600 gp Ranarr 8450 gp Avantoe seed 8175 gp Dwarf weed 8075 gp Avantoe 5880 gp Kwuarm seed 4550 gp Kwuarm 4330 gp Irit 3300 gp Cadantine 3100 gp Cadantine seed 2200 gp Toadflax seed 1900 gp Harralander 975 gp Tarromin 810 gp Guam 800 gp Marrentill 625 gp Irit seed 570 gp Harralander seed 54 gp Guam seed 21 gp Marrentill seed 16 gp Tarromin seed 12 gp

Personally, I don’t bother to pick up anything on this list below a ranarr seed, but if you are more concerned with money, you can go down as far down on the list as you can as long as you have inventory space. It is usually not efficient to go bank an extra time just so you can save some extra herbs though. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:59:25 

Last edited on 18-Jul-2010 22:56:02 by Zarfot 4.17. Familiars

Summoning familiars, whether combat familiars, healing familiars, or beasts of burden, can be very helpful to slayer.

Many tasks can be done in multicombat zones, which means that using a combat familiar may significantly speed up your task. It used to be that familiars had no *attack” command, so you could only call them and hope that they attacked a monster. However, now that there is an attack command and you can also enchant the slayer helm and store scrolls in it, combat familiars can be more effective than ever. I recommend having “attack” as the left-click option for the summoning icon, although another possible method is to use the summoning tab so that you can left-click both attack and use scroll.

Using a scroll does not interrupt your fighting. However, telling your familiar to attack does. In order to tell your familiar to attack a monster without interrupting your fighting, you must order your familiar to attack a monster just as you are hitting with your weapon (perhaps on a different monster); then, quickly (but not too quickly, so that your command to your familiar registers) click the monster you are fighting again so that you hit it with your weapon again with no delay.

At some tasks you need to control your familiar more than others. At some tasks, such as Dagannoths and Mutated Bloodvelds, your cannon will already be doing most of the work and there will be monsters attacking you almost constantly, so your combat familiar will easily find a target. At Chaos Tunnels Dust Devils and Nechryaels, however, no cannon is used, and you can kill the monsters very quickly with melee. Even if you attack a bunch of monsters at the same time, you will have killed them after only a short time, your combat familiar would not be doing much if you did*’t tell it anything. At those tasks, it is best to manage your combat familiar by frequently telling it to attack monsters. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:59:35 

Last edited on 19-Jul-2010 01:22:13 by Zarfot One strategy I often use is to let my Steel Titan kill a monster all by itself, while I kill other monsters at full speed with melee and leave the one the Steel Titan is working on alone. Another strategy is to kill the monsters one by one and tell your combat familiar to attack as you make your first hit on each monster, but this is not a very good method if you are killing the monsters so fast with melee that your combat familiar doesn’t have much time to attack each one.

Scrolls held in your slayer helm get used automatically, and the helm can hold 50 scrolls. The rate at which the scrolls are used appears to depend on the number of monsters attacking you. The more monsters attacking you, the more frequently the scrolls get used. It is kind of weird because some of the specials seem to not use any summoning special energy, while others do. I am still trying to figure out exactly how this works and will post back here later. What I can say, however, is that it seems that at most tasks you still can use scrolls manually for extra specials from time to time in addition to the ones that come automatically from the helm. At tasks where many monsters are attacking you, however, such as Dagannoths, you don’t really need to bother using specials manually because they come so frequently anyway.

If you are using iron or steel titan scrolls you will burn through them pretty fast, but they are fast to make (250 scrolls per trip to the summoning obelisk using 25 crimson charms and 25 steel platebodies, plus spirit shards) and are only worth around 400-500 coins each, not that much more than a cannonball.

You can use even more summoning special attacks by bringing Summoning potions with you. Each dose of Summoning potion restores 15 points of summoning special energy, which is 25% of the bar. A summoning potion (4) will restore enough special energy for 5 steel titan specials, and costs about 3600 coins. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 14:59:43 

Last edited on 19-Jul-2010 01:25:01 by Zarfot I recommend not bothering bringing summoning potions with you, however. Even at tasks where your familiar makes the biggest difference, such as at Dust Devils and Nechryaels, it's already a lot work telling your familiar to attack and use scrolls constantly while you are trying to melee and pick up drops, and it would be a pain to have to bother with even more potions and specials. Also, inventory space could be an issue, especially at Waterfiends. While you would want to bring summoning potions with you for the absolute fastest speed, I recommend not bothering.

If you have low summoning, you need to consider if it’s worth the bother to use a combat familiar or not. The higher your other combat stats and the more other stuff you have, like extreme potions and piety/turmoil, the worse familiars become compared to you. The Steel Titan is very good and is definitely worth using at most or all multicombat tasks even if you have all the best levels and equipment. But I probably wouldn’t bother using anything lower than a Geyser or Abyssal Titan if I did*’t have 99 summoning. However, these familiars, and maybe lower ones like the Fire, Ice, or Moss Titan, could seem pretty good if you had lower melee combat levels. Just try your best combat familiar and see if you feel that it’s helping you, or if it’s not doing much but causing a lot of bother.

As I've already mentioned, the Bunyip, Unicorn Stallion, and Fire/Ice/Moss Titans can be used to heal. I personally do not use either of these familiars on any tasks anymore, although I used to use them a little. They can be very helpful to keep your hitpoints up on single combat tasks, but on multicombat tasks you generally should be using a combat familiar for increased speed.

Beasts of Burden can also be useful, mainly to carry extra food or prayer pots if you find you don't have enough inventory space yourself. But again, in multicombat you should usually go for a combat familiar for increased speed instead.

4.18. Charm drops

Slayer is a great way to get the charms needed to train summoning. All slayer tasks are droppers of charms, often mainly crimson. Sure, there are better ways to get charms- notably, ice barraging Rock Lobsters (maxes at 200 crimsons per hour) or killing Waterfiends (maxes at 200 crimsons per hour killing them in the Chaos Tunnels off-task using a Saradomin Sword and Steel Titan, or 140 killing them in the Ancient Cavern with a Saradomin sword and typically a healing familiar). However, if you get charms with slayer instead, you will, of course, gain slayer xp. Picking up charms does not comprimise your slayer xp significantly, so essentially you can be training slayer at virtually maximum speed and just getting charms "extra."

With regards to the magic xp you could gain ice barraging rock lobsters, it is quite expensive and not really needed if you are trying to max out total level or train skills evenly because magic xp can be gained using noncombat magic just as a side bonus from training other skills, such as superheating gold while mining for near-equal amounts of mining, magic, and smithing experience. Since the mining experience is gained at close to the maximum rate with that method, the magic and smithing experience are essentially just extra. Magic experience is also gained from using the Bake Pie spell to train cooking, and it also can potentially be gained if you alch while fishing, woodcutting, or even offering bones.

The ratio of summoning xp to slayer xp gained while training depends on your summoning level, slayer level, and slayer methods. It is absolutely possible to get about a 1:1 ratio at high summoning, and even to get more summoning xp than slayer xp, like 12:10, depending on what tasks you do. Doing the tasks I do, I can get 1:1 summoning:slayer quite easily even not picking up gold charms. You should pick up gold charms you need the summoning xp, but if you don't, then don't pick them up, as they are slow xp. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:00:14 

Last edited on 07-Aug-2010 21:21:54 by Zarfot Low level slayers with low summoning may get closer to a 6:10 or 7:10 ratio, however.

With 99 slayer, it took me 13.7M additional slayer xp to get 99 summoning from level 1, and got about 5.4M additional summoning xp with about 5.4M additional slayer xp. This was in 2008 with Duradel, however.

4.19. Familiarisation

Familiarisation is a Distraction and Diversion released in February 2010 that can be done once per week. Once every 2 hours or so on each server, a random summoning obelisk in RuneScape will become “active” for 20 minutes. Pikkenmix, the apprentice of Pikkupstix, the summoning master and shop owner in Taverley, will be at the obelisk investigating it. If you find Pikkenmix and the obelisk is still active, you can talk to him to enter the Spirit Plane, where you take the form of a familiar and must collect 60 spirit shards on the ground in random places while avoiding specific summoning familiars out of the many that are wandering around. After collecting the 60 shards (or running out of “mental focus” by running into too many familiars that are hunting you), you automatically leave the spirit plane. If you successfully collected the 60 charms, you are awarded your choice of a box of summoning ingredients, or triple charm drops for 40 minutes.

Triple charm drops for 40 minutes is a VERY good reward and is definitely the preferred reward to choose. If you kill waterfiends, which normally can be up to 200 crimson charms per hour in the Chaos Tunnels with a Steel Titan, you can instead get them at a rate of 600 crimson charms per hour for up to about 38 minutes (since it takes a couple minutes to get to the Waterfiends first). This is up to around 380 crimson charms in the triple charm time, with 253 of those being extra. Those 253 extra crimsons would normally take around 75 minutes to get. (If you cannot get 200 crimsons per hour, the triple charms reward would still save the same amount of time gathering charms.) Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:00:29 

Last edited on 01-Aug-2010 16:53:12 by Zarfot Familiarisation doesn’t take too long to do. The main problem is trying to find an active obelisk. Luckily, you can ask Pikkupstix, either in person in Taverley or via NPC contact, where Pikkenmix is. Most of the time he will say that Pikkenmix is “off relaxing somewhere,” which means there is no obelisk currently active, which occurs around 5 out of 6 tries since there is an obelisk active for 20 minutes every 2 hours. If an obelisk is active, however, Pikkupstix will enter a trance and give you a clue to where the obelisk is. This should tell you exactly where the active obelisk is, because even if you can’t get it from the clue, you can look up the clue using one of several sources and see where the obelisk is.

The trick to making familiarisation really easy and fast is to go take a swim in the Ooglog Saltwater pool before you enter the spirit plane. This lets you run all the time when in familiar form and cuts minutes off the time needed to collect the 60 shards while also making it very unlikely that you would run out of mental focus before the 60 shards are collected. It is possible to collect 60 shards in only 5 minutes using infinite run. It probably would take about 10 minutes without.

There are more than 60 shards on the ground in the spirit plane, so you don’t need to collect every single one. There are probably around 65-75 total. The method I use to collect the shards is to head over to the edge of the area, then make a full circle around the outer edge, collecting all the shards I see. Then I head into the center and collect a few more shards to make 60.

A really nice thing about the rewards from familiarisation that a lot of people don’t seem to know about is that you don’t have to claim the rewards as soon as you finish the event. After you leave the spirit plane, tell Pikkenmix that you don’t want a reward, then leave. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:00:43 

Last edited on 14-Aug-2010 00:47:41 by Zarfot You can then collect your reward at any time by talking to Pikkupstix in Taverley. Ideally, you would collect the triple charms reward when you have a waterfiends task and are fully geared up and ready to run over to them as soon as your 40 minutes of triple charms starts. You must talk to Pikkupstix in person to collect the reward, however; you may not use NPC contact, even though it would be really nice if you could. The timer for the 40 minutes of triple charms pauses if you log out, so you don't have to worry about having 40 minutes straight to play.

Overall, familiarisation is definitely worth doing. If you are using Lunar Magic, it only takes around 20 seconds to check if there is an obelisk active, and if you are using Normal magic, it would take around 40 seconds. On average it would take 6 tries to find an active obelisk, which would be 2-4 minutes average of checking. Then, adding in 5.5 minutes for the event itself, maybe 2 minutes to go to Ooglog and then to the obelisk, and 40 seconds to claim the reward, it’s a total of only 10-12 minutes of time used in order to get a reward of triple charm drops for 40 minutes. It should be pretty obvious that familiarisation is well worth it.

However, you can only do it once a week! It is one week for the player, rather a reset at a certain time every week. It is 7 days from when you last entered the spirit plane, not when you last used your reward. You can even use two rewards on the same day if you use one you earned 7+ days before, and then do familiarisation again afterwards and use the reward right away. Familiarisation resets at midnight GMT on the appropriate day, so you can enter the spirit plane on the same day each week at any time between midnight GMT and the next midnight GMT. For example, personally I am in the habit of doing it on Saturday (which really means I can do it between 6 p.m. my time Friday and 6 p.m. my time Saturday, or between 7 p.m. and 7 p.m. during Daylight Savings Time). Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:00:55 

Last edited on 01-Aug-2010 16:58:42 by Zarfot 4.20. Special Bar

The special attack bar restores at a rate of one full bar per five minutes, and it is important to make use of it in your slayer training.

A great way to use your special attack is with Saradomin Godsword specials to restore hitpoints and prayer. This was described earlier in the Healing subsection. The Enhanced Excalibur can also be used for healing, although it is less effective than the Saradomin Godsword.

But sometimes you are in a situation where extra lifepoints are not needed. In this case I recommend using your special attack energy on specials that help you kill the monsters faster. This includes dragon dagger(p++) specials and dragon claws specials, with dragon claws being the better of the two.

If you're using overloads, it works perfectly to use your special bar right after your overload wears off and you drink a new dose because this is a tiny bit over 5 minutes, exactly enough time for the special bar to fill up.

However, it can be overkill to use your entire special bar on two consecutive special attacks. You don't want to "waste" a special by dragon-clawing a monster that only has 100 lifepoints left. Rather, use your dragon dagger or dragon claws special on monsters with lots of lifepoints remaining. This might mean that you would claw one monster and finish it off with your primary weapon before you use the other claw special on the next monster, rather than clawing one monster twice. Some monsters, such as Metal Dragons, are okay to claw twice, however. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:01:42 

Last edited on 01-Aug-2010 16:58:14 by Zarfot The Saradomin Godsword special, however, can be used on monsters with few lifepoints remaining because it heals you based on what it WOULD have hit. If you hit a 50 on a monster with 50 lifepoints left, but you were *going* to hit a 600 had the monster not run out of lifepoints, you will still be healed 300 lifepoints and 15 prayer points. This is NOT true for Soul Split, however, as Soul Split always heals 1/5 of what you do hit, even if it was going to be more.

Recover specials can potentially be used to gain extra special attack energy. They can be made at 84 herblore at a cost of about 6200 coins per potion. Most of this cost can be ignored because 200 herblore experience is gained, which is worth close to the cost of the potion. You can drink a dose of recover special once every 30 seconds (if you try to drink it more frequently than that, you will be unable to), and it restores 25% of your special energy. This is up to 1 extra bar per 2 minutes, so you can have up to 3.5 times your regular special energy. Potentially this would allow you to maximise your experience rates because you could use up to around 84 dragon claws specials per hour rather than 24. If each dragon claws special is as good as 2 hits of your whip or rapier, that would be over 2 minutes of time saved per hour by the recover specials if you are using melee only! However, an hour would take 30 recover specials (4), so you really could only bring as many as you had space for. While you should bring a few of these potions to certain tasks to get maximum speed, in most cases it isn't really worth bothering since it's just a few seconds saved per potion and it is a pain to have to drink them and use all the extra specials. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:01:58 

Last edited on 19-Jul-2010 01:43:11 by Zarfot 4.21. Order of Training Melee Stats

As I mentioned earlier in the discussion about what ring to wear, a strength bonus should be better than an equal attack bonus if you are hitting a monster over 50% of the time. This should be the case for almost all slayer monsters.

This result extends to levels as well; a strength level will speed up your slayer training more than an attack level or a defence level will.

This means that, in general, you should try to keep your strength level higher than your defence and attack levels. This is easy to do if you are using a Chaotic Rapier or Chaotic Longsword. If you have one of these weapons, I suggest that you keep your strength level 7-10 levels higher than your attack and defence levels until your strength level cannot get any higher.

The Abyssal whip, however, can only train attack, defence, or controlled. If you are using the whip as your primary weapon, you will have to train strength with another weapon. The best weapon to do this with is the Saradomin sword. The Saradomin Sword is same speed as a whip but has 19 less slash attack and 5 less strength bonus if you count the loss of the rune defender due to the Saradomin Sword being two-handed. This means that the Saradomin sword is less effective than a whip if the slash option is being used, although only slightly. The fact that the Saradomin Sword can crush does make it better than a whip on certain tasks, but the only tasks for which I know that this is true are Waterfiends and Gargoyles.

What I suggest doing if you have a whip and Saradomin sword, but not any chaotic weapons, is to train controlled with the whip whenever you use it, and then train strength with the Saradomin sword only on Gargoyles and Waterfiends. This will still allow your strength level to get ahead of your attack and defence levels, which is good, but just not by as much as would be easy to do with a chaotic weapon. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:02:16 

Last edited on 17-Aug-2010 02:23:43 by Zarfot You can also get bonus strength xp by specialing with the dragon dagger or dragon claws. When switching to the controlled option on whip to one of these weapons, strength xp will be gained from the special attack. You even get strength xp from the Saradomin Godsword specials, but not as much.

Then, when you get close to 99 strength, just start training attack and defence using the whip so that your attack and defence can catch up to your strength by the time you get 99 strength.

4.22. Grave

You never know what might happen while slaying; maybe you'll forget to take a Zamorak item to a Spiritual Mages task, or suddenly take a lot of damage at Mithril Dragons, or lag out at Dark Beasts while at low hitpoints. In my opinion, the 6 minute grave, purchased from the sculptor in Keldagrim for 500k, is a worthwhile investment. You can get back to any slayer task in well under 6 minutes moving quickly; sometimes under a minute. I have used my grave several times!

4.23. Slayer Xp Rates

Slayer xp rates can also be found in the discussion of specific tasks later in the guide, but I thought it might be interesting to put a number of important tasks in one place from highest to lowest, for comparison. However, these are my own xp rates, which means that they are for maxed combat stats, overloads, turmoil, a chaotic rapier, a steel titan (if multicombat), good cannon spots, and a full world (if it helps). If you are not using all of these things you should not expect to get these xp rates. However, even if all your xp rates are much slower, the order of the tasks, from fastest to slowest, may still be similar for you.

These are not my absolute fastest xp rates, but they are for fairly good conditions, paying attention, and not lagging severely. Sometimes I get lower xp rates on tasks for various reasons. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:03:08 

Last edited on 17-Aug-2010 02:26:28 by Zarfot Task: Slayer xp per hour (task may not last full hour)

Dagannoths: 80k (maybe 85k+ if you have the world to yourself but that almost never happens) Bloodvelds: 80k Aberrant spectres: 63k Hellhounds: 61k TzHaar (Jad): 60k (37 minute caves, not dying at Jad) Suqahs: 59k Warped Terrorbirds: 55k? not assigned by Kuradal but I used to do them with Duradel in 2008 Scabarites: 55k? not assigned by Kuradal but I used to do them with Duradel in 2008 Living rock creatures: 50k??? Not confirmed myself Dark beasts: 50k Ice strykewyrms: 48k (maging) Black demons (melee + cannon): 48k Dust devils: 45k Black demons (range + cannon): 44k Ice strykewyrms: 43k (meleeing) Fire giants: 41k Black dragons (adult): 40k Nechryaels: 38k Kalphites: 37k? I have these blocked Blue dragons: 36k Abyssal demons: 36k Waterfiends: 36k (using Sara sword; chaotic maul is better) Gargoyles: 34k Iron dragons: 33k Skeletal wyverns: 32k (using chaotic rapier; CLS is better) Steel dragons: 30k Greater demons: 30k Spiritual mages: 26k? I skip these but used to do them with Duradel in 2008 Mithril dragons: 24k King black dragons: 10k Desert strykewyrms: ? Jungle strykewyrms: ? Warped tortoises: ? Terror dogs: ?

However, these xp rates only tell part of the story because they do not take into account effigy drops. Effigies, which I have discussed at length earlier, can give up to 48029 slayer experience each if you use the lamp on slayer. They are quite common and make a huge difference. They do not drop at an equal rate from all monsters, so just because a monster is shown to be a lower xp/hour rate above doesn’t necessarily mean it is slow slayer experience overall, because it could have a high effigy drop rate. An example of this is that steel and mithril dragons seem to have a high effigy drop rate, whereas dust devils, although being over 50% more slayer experience per hour, seem to have a much lower effigy drop rate. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:03:32 

Last edited on 05-Aug-2010 20:11:48 by Zarfot 4.24. Summoning xp rates

I have also arranged Kuradal's tasks by summoning experience per hour, assuming that all charms are picked up and used on barker toads, unicorn stallions, steel titans, and geyser titans. I am not going to bother to list numbers for 6 different cases of what you do with the charms like I do in the Task List.

I am also taking into account the rate at which the charms are made into pouches (about 3000 charms per hour) rather than assuming it is 0, which would otherwise generate some bias towards tasks that drop lots of gold charms.

These are based on the slayer xp rates in the post above as well as on the charm drop rates from my own slayer data (given in the Task List; I do not have my own data for all tasks). Tasks with a question mark need more data.

  • Some of these need to be updated as I changed the xp rate above but not the corresponding figure on this list.

Waterfiends: 89800 Skeletal wyverns: 75200 Mithril dragons: 71800 Black demons (melee + cannon): 66800 Nechryaels: 58900 Steel dragons: 57500 Dust devils: 52700 Suqahs: 51600 Dagannoths: 51100 Iron dragons: 50600 Aberrant spectres: 43200 Black dragons (adult): 43000 Blue dragons: 36900 Greater demons: 35900 Abyssal demons: 35000 Terror dogs: 30800 (more accurate data needed) Dark beasts: 29700 Fire giants: 29200 Gargoyles: 27400 Bloodvelds: 24700 Ice strykewyrms: 12700 Spiritual mages: 0 (no charms are dropped) TzHaar: 0 (no charms are dropped)

Aquanites: ? Desert strykewyrms: ? Hellhounds: ? Jungle strykewyrms: ? Kalphites: ? Living rock creatures: ? Warped tortoises: ?


This is an alphabetical list of all Kuradal’s, Duradel's and Sumona's tasks, and the methods and equipment I suggest using to complete them.

Some monsters will have more information than others, and this is because I have different amounts of experience with different monsters. However, I want to include all the tasks from the 3 best slayer masters rather than just have a selection of tasks from Kuradal that I do.

The slayer experience gained for killing a monster is usually its lifepoints divided by 10, but some monsters, especially high level ones, give slightly more slayer experience than would be predicted using this rule. Therefore, I will list both lifepoints and slayer experience for all monsters.

To save time, try to move between tasks as quickly as possible. I will give inventories that I myself would take to the task if I have a lot of experience with the monster. You are free to modify the inventories as needed. For example, you may need to replace overloads with other boost potions, change the number of prayer potions you bring, change the special attack weapon, or change a number of other things.

I will try to list all the locations and different types for each monster, although not all are important for slayer, and I generally will try to list the most preferred or most recommended locations and types of monsters first, followed by the others.

Charm drop rates are not guaranteed to be completely accurate. Some will be more accurate than others; the ones where I write “based on [x] kills,” and give percentages to the tenth or hundredth of a percentage points, are from monsters that I have collected data from myself, often from thousands of kills. While I probably do miss charms from time to time, I try my best to pick up all the charms I get, and I feel that the charm drop rate I have collected should be very accurate. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:04:21 

Last edited on 19-Jul-2010 02:08:36 by Zarfot The other charm drop percentages, from monsters that I do not kill very often, are rates taken from other sources, which may not be very accurate. If you want to contribute ACCURATE data for these monsters, feel free to post it.

For monsters with more than one type I may not include charm drop data for all of them; rather, I may just have data for the most recommended or most preferred type of that monster. I will also take double, triple, or quadruple charm drops into account *within* the percentage, so a 25% chance of getting 2 green charms, for example, would be listed as a 50% rate of green charms.

The estimated ratio of summoning xp to slayer xp assumes you make spirit terrorbirds, spirit graahks, fruit bats, and granite lobsters for the smaller number (low summoning), and barker toads, unicorn stallions, steel titans, and geyser titans for the higher number (99 summoning). If you are making any pouches intermediate to these, such as pack yaks, the ratio will be somewhere in the middle of the given range. I will give the estimated ratio of summoning xp to slayer xp for the case that you pick up and use all charms, the case where you do not use gold charms, and the case where you only use crimson and blue charms. (When it says that the ratio is, for example, 1.215 to 1.523, I mean that you get 1.215 summoning xp per 1 slayer xp making the lower pouches mentioned above, or 1.523 summoning xp per 1 slayer xp making the higher pouches mentioned above, NOT that you get 1.215 summoning xp per 1.523 slayer xp. Sorry if this is confusing.) Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:05:07 

Last edited on 11-Aug-2010 18:05:46 by Zarfot 5.1. Aberrant Spectres

Amount assigned: Kuradal 150-249; Duradel 130-199; Sumona 120-185 Lifepoints: 900 Slayer Experience: 90 Locations: Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, Slayer Tower

Charm drop percentages based on 3688 kills (gold) or 6367 kills (others)- Gold: 11.77% Green: 6.00% Crimson: 4.30% Blue: 4.41% Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (all charms used): 0.794 to 0.809 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (gold charms not used): 0.482 to 0.695 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (only crimson and blue used): 0.402 to 0.592

Aberrant Spectres drop many herbs, herb seeds, and occasionally rune full helms, lava battlestaffs, and black mystic bottoms. They are also a good dropper of level 3 clues (of course, that is irrelevant if you aren't doing clues). They can drop effigies.

I suggest using the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon to kill these since it is far less crowded than the Slayer Tower, and you can also use a cannon. It's multicombat so you also could use a combat familiar.

Focus on prayer bonus, as you will be praying Protect from Magic. Proselyte is suggested. Wear either a Slayer helmet and Amulet of fury, or a Nosepeg and Salve amulet(e). The Salve Amulet's bonus does NOT stack with the black mask bonus.

Possible inventory (adjust as needed)-

Amulet of Glory Dragon claws Holy wrench Slayer ring Cannon and Cannonballs Steel titan pouch and scrolls 1 overload 6 prayer pots 10 empty spaces

It is worth considering banking in the middle of the task so you can bank more of the herbs dropped. If you have a Slayer ring, you can bank very fast and leave your cannon firing almost until you get back. However, it is easier and faster to do the task in one trip, and you can still pick up quite a few valuable herbs such as ranarrs. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:05:36 

Last edited on 03-Aug-2010 18:58:54 by Zarfot To get to the Aberrant Spectres in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, enter the well in Pollnivneach, go north into the large room, and then go southwest. There should be stairs down. Take them, then go northeast and you will be in a large room with Aberrant Spectres.

I am still trying to figure out what the absolute best cannon spot here is. Recently I started setting the cannon 8 squares west and 2 squares south of the summoning obelisk. This is 2 squares east and 1 square north of the cannon spot I had listed in Mega Slayer Guide 4. The "new" spot is probably only a tiny bit better, however.

This is somewhat of a one-person spot, so if you see that someone has already set a cannon nearby, I suggest that you hop to find an empty world.

Pray Protect from Magic or Deflect Magic. You may also use a boost prayer, but it doesn’t make too much of a difference since the cannon does most of the work, and you run around to pick up charms and reload your cannon often. Still, I just use turmoil here anyway.

Notice I did say you can do the task just wearing a nosepeg if you don't have the Slayer helm. This is because you cannot die from smoke; when it gets you to 10 lifepoint, it will only hit 0. Unless you run out of prayer and the Aberrant Spectres hit you, you will not die. You also should not use Zamorak brews, since they can still damage you if you have very low health. Instead, use super attacks or extreme attacks. Overloads would not work either.

Obviously the 1 hitpoint method isn't very safe since you could lag out or something, but it is possible. I successfully completed a task that way without difficulty before I got my Slayer helm.

With maxed combat stats, overloads or extremes, turmoil, a full world, a steel titan, and cannon, about 700 kills (63k slayer xp) per hour is possible. Ideally, you would be able to kill 249 in about 21-22 minutes, so you wouldn’t need to re-set your cannon. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:05:57 

Last edited on 11-Aug-2010 18:06:45 by Zarfot 5.2. Abyssal Demons

Amount assigned: Kuradal 150-249; Duradel 130-199; Sumona 120-185 Lifepoints: 1500 Slayer Experience: 150 Locations: Kuradal’s Dungeon, Alternate Abyss, Slayer Tower

Charm drop percentages based on 5703 kills (gold) or 8436 kills (others)- Gold: 8.14% Green: 4.27% Crimson: 30.35% Blue: 0.81% Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (all charms used): 1.128 to 1.014 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (gold charms not used): 0.72 to 0.966 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (only crimson and blue used): 0.686 to 0.923

Although Abyssal Demons are famous for their whip drops, they come more rarely than most low level players think they do. Despite this, it is also worth noting that the people who complain about whip drops being nerfed to 1 in 1000 or whatever are not correct either. The whip drop rate has always been, and still is, about 1/450 to 1/500.

Other more common drops are rune med helms, rune chains, half keys, and level 3 clues. Abyssal demons seem to be a fairly good source of effigies as well.

All three locations for abyssal demons are single combat with no cannons allowed, so abyssal demons are not a particularly fast task. They make up for this with their good drops, however. The best location to kill Abyssal Demons if you are assigned them by Kuradal is definitely Kuradal’s Dungeon because it is fast to get to, has a lot of Abyssal Demons, and allows you to wear the Ferocious ring for +40 damage on all hits. When getting to the abyssal demons in Kuradal’s dungeon, be careful running past the Blue Dragons (if you don’t take the agility shortcut) or the Iron and Steel Dragons (if you do take the agility shortcut). You may want to bring an anti-dragon shield for this. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:06:08 

Last edited on 03-Aug-2010 19:10:01 by Zarfot If you are assigned Abyssal Demons by Duradel or Sumona, or if you want to “camp" at them, you will have to use the Slayer Tower or the Alternate Abyss location. It is debatable which one of these is better. The Alternate Abyss location is accessed via the fairy ring code ALR. Kill the 2 abyssal demons on the northwest side of the closest wall/rock to the fairy ring. You need 118+ combat to kill Abyssal Demons there because the Abyssal Guardians are level 59 and will attack you if you are under 118 combat.

The Alternate Abyss location can be accessed very quickly, but it’s possible to get to the Abyssal Demons in the Slayer Tower just as fast if you use the Slayer Ring teleport and the climbing chains.The demons in the Slayer Tower are closer together, which makes it easier to get a good kill rate. However, you can match the Slayer Tower rates in the Alternate Abyss if you are very good at minimizing the time you spend not attacking. This includes the strategy where you move two squares towards the spawn of the other demon in between hits on the one you are attacking. The Alternate Abyss can also be nice because only one person can fit on each world (there are just 2 abyssal demon spawns close together, which is enough for one person), so you will be alone. The spot is not usually taken.

Use the typical melee equipment. Remember to wear a Ferocious ring if you are killing the abyssal demons in Kuradal’s Dungeon.

Possible inventory (adjust as needed)-

Amulet of Glory Saradomin Godsword or Dragon claws Holy wrench 3 overloads 11 prayer pots Anti-dragon shield 10 empty spaces

I also find these to be a good task to use Recover special potions on. I typically take about 6 and leave maybe 4 empty spaces. Alternatively, you can bring a Pack yak with most of your prayer potions so you can bring even more recover specials. The extra special attack is best used on dragon claws specials to increase your speed slightly. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:06:53 

Last edited on 03-Aug-2010 19:12:30 by Zarfot Turmoil gives you +29% attack, +29% strength, and +29% defence on abyssal demons. It helps a ton here since you cannot use a cannon or combat familiar.

With maxed combat stats, a chaotic rapier, overloads or extremes, and turmoil, about 240 kills per hour (36.0k slayer xp) is possible. It doesn’t matter too much how many people are on the world since there are way more spawns than one person can use, in Kuradal’s Dungeon at least. There can be 3-4 people killing the abyssal demons in Kuradal’s Dungeon (1 on the east side of the room and 2-3 on the west side) before your speed is significantly reduced. In ideal conditions with concentration and using dragon claws specials (possibly with some restore special potions brought with you), up to 38k slayer xp per hour is possible, but 36k is more typical.

Abyssal Demons are decent money, crimson charms, and effigies if you camp at them. With extremes/overloads and turmoil, you should average about one whip per 2.77 hours (based on an estimated kill rate of 180 per hour, which I think is reasonable for no Slayer helmet and a bank trip every hour or so) if the whip drop rate is 1/500. Assuming that your expenses in potions are paid for by non-whip drops, and that your profit is the whips, and that whips are worth 3.9M each, you will make about 1.4m profit per hour. You also would get about 108k melee xp and 36k hitpoints oops I mean constitution xp per hour, for 144k total xp per hour not counting effigies, and about 54 crimson charms per hour. Abyssal demons also seem have a decent effigy drop rate. So far I am at 4 effigy drops from abyssal demons in around 2.7k kills on task. This isn’t really enough to know the drop rate fairly accurately, but it should give you some idea.

Camping at abyssal demons definitely isn’t bad, but, after reaching 85 slayer, I suggest that you continue with slayer instead of camping at abyssal demons. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:07:39 

Last edited on 19-Jul-2010 17:47:54 by Zarfot 5.3. Aquanites

Amount assigned: Kuradal 150-249; Duradel 130-199; Sumona 120-185 Lifepoints: 1250 Slayer Experience: 125 Locations: Fremennik Slayer Dungeon

Approximate charm drop percentages- more data needed! Gold: 10% Green: 5% Crimson: 5% Blue: 6% Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (all charms used): 0.474 to 0.681 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (gold charms not used): 0.419 to 0.612 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (only crimson and blue used): 0.371 to 0.55

Aquanites were released in July 2009. They require 78 slayer to kill.

They use magic attacks, so black dragonhide or Karils is recommended for meleeing. Aquanites are weak to stab, so the chaotic rapier is by far the best weapon to use. The Zamorakian spear may be better than a whip, but this is not confirmed. Range is also effective but would be slower than melee.

Being located in the Slayer Cave, Aquanites are single combat and no cannon is allowed. A bunyip or unicorn stallion is recommended. Raw fish are sometimes dropped, so bunyip scrolls can be used.

Aquanites can drop amulets of ranging, which are worth 900-1000k each. The drop rate is probably between 1/400 and 1/600.

Sumona and Duradel both assign Aquanites. However, for Kuradal to assign Aquanites, you must buy, for 50 slayer points, the ability to have her assign them. In my opinion, however, this would be a waste of slayer points because Aquanites are slow experience with only mediocre charm drops. If you do get assigned Aquanites for whatever reason, I recommend skipping them.

I’m not sure exactly how fast these can be, but with chaotic rapier, maxed combat stats, turmoil, and overloads, you may be able to get around 240 kills (30k slayer experience) per hour. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:08:18 

Last edited on 22-Jul-2010 16:36:31 by Zarfot 5.4. Banshees

Amount assigned: Sumona 120-185 Lifepoints: 850 (Mighty Banshees), 220 (regular) Slayer Experience: 85, 22 Locations: Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, Slayer Tower

Approximate charm drop percentages (Mighty Banshees)- more data needed! Gold: 5% Green: 15% Crimson: 5% Blue: 1% Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (all charms used): 0.505 to 0.672 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (gold charms not used): 0.464 to 0.621 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (only crimson and blue used): 0.251 to 0.348

The best place to kill Banshees is the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, since the Banshees there, called “Mighty Banshees,” have far more hitpoints than those in the Slayer Tower. You need Masked Earmuffs or a Slayer helmet to kill Banshees in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon. Melee and cannon is suggested.

5.5. Basilisks

Amount assigned: Sumona 120-185 Lifepoints: 750 Slayer Experience: 75 Locations: Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, Fremennik Slayer Dungeon

Approximate charm drop percentages- more data needed! Gold: 10% Green: 21% Crimson: 6% Blue: 2% Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (all charms used): 0.825 to 1.105 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (gold charms not used): 0.734 to 0.989 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (only crimson and blue used): 0.394 to 0.557

The best place to kill Basilisks is the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon, where they can be melee and cannoned quite quickly, as it is multicombat. The ones in Fremennik Slayer Dungeon are not multicombat and cannot be cannoned, so they are much slower. Either way, remember your mirror shield!

5.6. Black Demons

Amount assigned: Kuradal 190-249; Duradel 130-199; Sumona 120-185 Lifepoints: 1570 Slayer Experience: 157 Locations: Taverley Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels, Chaos Tunnels Resource Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon

Charm drop percentages based on 3320 kills (gold) or 4616 kills (others)- Gold: 22.38% Green: 10.55% Crimson: 43.44% Blue: 1.86% Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (all charms used): 1.66 to 1.525 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (gold charms not used): 1.042 to 1.401 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (only crimson and blue used): 0.96 to 1.297

Black Demons tasks are great, and I never skip them. They are fast, have a great crimson charm drop rate, have a high effigy drop rate. While they are not profitable if you cannon, they do drop things like rune chainbodies and rune med helms occasionally (a few per task).

You can find Black Demons in four different locations. It used to be that only the ones in the Chaos Tunnels had good charm drop rates (given above), but then it was fixed so that the other Black Demons had the same charm drop rate. I always use Taverley because it is best for melee and cannoning or range and cannoning, and I will describe both of these methods.

While you can use a cannon at the Edgeville Dungeon black demons as well, there are only 3 demons there so it’s much slower (it*s also in the Wilderness). In Brimhaven there are only three black demons in single combat and with other monsters such as Wild Dogs nearby, the spot isn't really useful.

In the Chaos Tunnels there are 4 black demons in multicombat, but no cannon is allowed. There are now extra Black Demons in a resource dungeon in the Chaos Tunnels (70 dungeoneering required). It's multicombat and there are more demons than in the regular Chaos Tunnels location; however, a cannon may not be used. The Chaos Tunnels would be good for black demons if you aren’t using a cannon, but these are a great task at which to use a cannon and I strongly recommend usi Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:09:12 

Last edited on 17-Aug-2010 02:33:26 by Zarfot The fastest way to reach Taverley Dungeon is to teleport to your house in Taverley or use a Taverley tablet (chipped house teleport tablet that you can make after completing the Love Story quest) and run south. A slightly slower way is to teleport to Falador, climb over the crumbling wall to the west of the west bank, and go northwest to the dungeon entrance.

In the dungeon, go over the level 80 agility shortcut and run south. Alternatively, if you have level 70 to 79 agility, go through the level 70 agility shortcut (the pipe), run south, and run west.

The cannon and melee method is extremely easy. Just set up your cannon in the center of the room (I don’t have a specific location yet; it doesn't seem to matter much) and stand directly under the cannon base. Let auto-retalliate do its work, and pick up charms every 90 seconds or do (drop piles last 2 minutes). Alternatively, just pick up each charm as you get it, being careful to do it in between hits with your weapon so that you don't lose any speed.

With maxed combat stats, overloads, turmoil, and a chaotic rapier, this method can give over 305 kills (48k slayer experience) per hour. That’s over 130 crimsons per hour- not bad! Black Demons also have a very high effigy drop rate. I have received 10 effigies from 5292 kills of them. That’s 1.73 hours per effigy on average at 305 kills per hour! Considering that I calculated earlier that each effigy saves, on average, about 1.6 hours of training various skills, that’s a VERY good effigy drop rate. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:09:40 

Last edited on 24-Jul-2010 17:06:29 by Zarfot Possible inventory for melee and cannon method (adjust as needed)-

Amulet of glory Dragon claws Holy wrench 3 overloads 11 prayer potions Cannon and cannonballs 6 empty spaces

Wear Proselyte and a Soul wars cape, and pray Deflect Melee (and Turmoil). It’s true that you don’t *have* to use a protect/deflect prayer here, but it helps a lot here due to Black Demon’s fairly accurate hits that can hit up to 160+. Additionally, if you are wearing Bandos and using Turmoil, you aren’t actually using that much less prayer than if you were to wear Proselyte and use Turmoil and a deflect curse. But if you want to use a Unicorn Stallion and not pray Deflect Melee, go ahead; it’s up to you.

Alternatively, there is the range and cannon method. The nice thing is that this gives quite similar experience to the melee and cannon method (up to around 285 kills, or 45k slayer experience, per hour with the range and cannon method), so you have a choice of which method you want to use. Although the range and cannon method takes more concentration than the melee and cannon method, the range and cannon method is nice to use if you want to get more range experience. If you do not have the summoning level for a Steel Titan, you probably will get less ranged experience than melee experience from slayer if you use melee only, so it would then be a good idea to range and cannon black demons to get some extra ranged experience. However, if you have a Steel Titan and a using it a lot, you may get enough range experience without ever having to range.

To use the range and cannon method, go as far west in the room as you can. There should be 3 squares with stalagmites on them. Set up your cannon 3 squares east of the tallest stalagmite and stand 2 squares south of the tallest stalagmite. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:10:23 

Last edited on 24-Jul-2010 17:05:53 by Zarfot Run out and reload your cannon the second the black demon you're ranging runs out of lifepoints since there is not much time to reload before another demon can walk up. This spot is very effective because the cannon always gets in multiple shots per round on both the demons that approach you from the east and on those that approach you from the north. Additionally, the cannon occasionally fires at black demons near the edge of the minimap in the east part of the room. The result is that these demons will eventually die and you can run out and get their drops from time to time. You can also bring telegrab runes and telegrab good drops that are far away. It definitely is a pain having drops so far away, but you can still get very fast experience if you pick them up, and you do not want to miss any effigy drops!

Possible inventory for range and cannon method (adjust as needed)-

Amulet of glory Holy wrench 3 overloads or extreme ranging pots 7 prayer potions Cannon and cannonballs 7 sharks (you will get hit occasionally when you run out to pick up drops or to reload the cannon; this can be avoided by praying protect/deflect when you run out, but I don’t usually bother and just heal with food and sometimes with soul split) 4 empty spaces

If you are using Ancient Curses, you can pray Leech Ranged to get a 5% range boost. While it can go up to 10%, Black Demons have no ranged that can be drained, so the boost stays at 5%. This is not very good compared to the normal prayer book because on normal prayer you can use Hawk Eye for +10% range or Eagle Eye for +15% range. I don’t think it’s worth bothering to swap to normal prayer just for this task though, and such Turmoil is so good for meleeing, which you should do on the vast majority of tasks, the fact that Ancient Curses is not too good for boosting your ranged isn’t really a reason to not use Ancient Curses. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:11:13 

Last edited on 11-Aug-2010 18:10:37 by Zarfot 5.7. Black Dragons

Amount assigned: Kuradal 40-90; Duradel 40-80 Lifepoints: 1900 (adult), 2400 (kbd), 800 (baby) Slayer Experience: 199.4, 258, 80 Locations: Evil Chicken’s Lair, Taverley Dungeon, Lava Maze Dungeon, King Black Dragon Lair, Chaos Tunnels (babies only)

Charm drop percentages (adult Black dragons) based on 229 kills (gold) or 426 kills (others)- Gold: 19.651% Green: 76.761% Crimson: 14.789% Blue: 9.155% Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (all charms used): 1.266 to 1.362 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (gold charms not used): 0.938 to 1.277 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (only crimson and blue used): 0.472 to 0.682

Approximate charm drop percentages (King Black Dragon)- more data needed! Gold: 40% Green: 20% Crimson: 252% Blue: 4% Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (all charms used): 3.458 to 4.627 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (gold charms not used): 3.352 to 4.492 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (only crimson and blue used): 3.258 to 4.372

Approximate charm drop percentages (Baby Black Dragons)- more data needed! Gold: 10% Green: 26% Crimson: 14% Blue: 1% Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (all charms used): 1.112 to 1.47 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (gold charms not used): 1.026 to 1.361 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (only crimson and blue used): 0.632 to 0.86

For Black Dragons tasks, you can kill either regular Black dragons, or King Black Dragons, or Baby Black Dragons. Personally, I kill adult Black Dragons, but it’s still worth considering the other 2 types of black dragons.

For adult Black dragons, there are four of them in the Evil Chicken’s Lair, making this is the best spot. Taverley Dungeon isn’t good because there are only 2 black dragons there. The third location for adult Black Dragons is the Lava Maze Dungeon, but being deep in the Wilderness and taking a long time to get to with no quick way to escape, it’s not really worth considering this location. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:11:27 

Last edited on 03-Aug-2010 19:28:16 by Zarfot In the Evil Chicken’s Lair there are plenty of range spots for the Black Dragons, and you could range and cannon if you want to, but with overloads/extremes, turmoil, and possibly a chaotic rapier, it is faster and easier to melee and cannon. On a full world you can use 2 dragon spawns, killing them alternately, although you can kill a third dragon sometimes as well if it is closeby. I like using the southern 2 spawns and setting up the cannon halfway between them. When killing each dragon I step towards the cannon and get it to shoot 4 times per round at the dragon, which brings it down very fast, in time to be ready for the other dragon to spawn.

The annoying thing about the Evil Chicken’s Lair, however, is that it often is very crowded. Sometimes there are multiple people trying to range the Black Dragons there. Using the method described above, however, it should be pretty easy to take the black dragons before the rangers do, as long as you aren’t stuck still trying to kill one dragon while your other spawn has already respawned. The rangers can then stay to the 2 northern dragon spawns. Still, if a ranger takes one of "your" dragon spawns, then it can waste a lot of time because you will have to go kill one of the north dragons, and then you might lose your other dragon spawn to someone too.

If you happen to have the world to yourself, you could try putting your cannon in the north part of the room so it can reach all 4 dragons. This works well even with slow spawn times on near-empty worlds.

Possible inventory for adult black dragons (adjust as needed)

Amulet of glory Holy wrench Saradomin godsword Cannon and cannonballs 2 overloads 8 prayer potions 2 Super antifires (use rune defender) or 2 Antifires (use dragonfire shield) Raw chicken (to enter Evil Chicken Shrine) Slayer ring (to get to fairy ring and Zanaris) 8 empty spaces (could replace some with food if you want) Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:11:46 

Last edited on 24-Sep-2010 17:46:09 by Zarfot Adult Black Dragons drop quite a few green charms, although overall their charm drops are only mediocre. They have a very good effigy drop rate, and you also have a chance at a draconic visage. They do, of course, drop dragon bones (worth ~5500 coins) and a black dragonhide (worth ~4000 coins) every kill, so if money is important to you, you could bring a Pack Yak and fill it up, and then bank additional bones and hides using the Winter storage scroll.

Even though adult Black dragons have quite high defence, the fact that you can melee them with your cannon consistently shooting up to 4 cannonballs per round (due to the fact that black dragons take up 9 squares) can make them quite a fast task. I am able to get around 180 kills (36k slayer experience) per hour killing the 2 south spawns on a full world. However, if you have the world to yourself and can use more than 2 spawns, over 40k slayer experience per hour is possible.

It is also possible to kill the King Black Dragon for Black Dragons tasks. While the KBD may have seemed hard if you ever went to kill him with a team when you were a low level, really the KBD is not a very hard boss monster if you are properly equipped. It can easily be soloed many times in one trip if you know what are doing.

King Black Dragons drop piles of 4 crimson charms at least half the time and have many other valuable drops.

Possible inventory for King Black Dragon (adjust as needed):

Amulet of glory Saradomin Godsword Holy wrench Forinthry bracelet (wear it when in the Wilderness to avoid tele-block) 2 overloads 9 prayer pots 2 superantipoison (very important, as the KBD will poison you starting at 80+ damage) 2 Super antifires (use rune defender) or 2 Antifires (use dragonfire shield) 5 Saradomin Brews Steel Titan Pouch and Steel of Legends Scrolls Lava Titan Pouch Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:12:29 

Last edited on 24-Jul-2010 20:43:11 by Zarfot The fastest way to get to the KBD lair is to use the Lava Titan's teleport. Alternatively, you could Spellbook Swap to Ancients and cast the Ghorrock teleport, the level 96 Ancient Magicks teleport that takes 2 laws and 8 waters. Last resort options would be to use the wilderness portals or the canoe.

Once in the KBD Lair, switch worlds if there is already someone there. Else, begin fighting the KBD. Definitely use Turmoil. Deflect Melee will help reduce the damage you take, but I’m not sure if there’s much point in praying deflect melee because you will still take damage from the KBD’s other attacks and you will lose your ability to pray Soul Split. Instead I just pray Soul Split all the time. If you have good luck you won’t even have to touch your Saradomin Brews. Another option is to pray Deflect Melee and then flash Soul Split, but this would be annoying, especially when you are trying to tell the Steel Titan to attack at the same time.

I am not sure whether the Chaotic rapier or the Chaotic longsword would be better to use here.

The KBD respawns in 48 seconds on a full world, and you can kill it in 20-60 seconds for an average of around 90 seconds per dragon, counting the wait time. It is not faster to hop worlds because it takes 50 seconds to hop worlds, and then of course you cannot guarantee that the dragon will be available on the new world. 90 seconds a dragon average is around 40 kills (10.3k slayer experience) per hour. That’s pretty terrible, but KBD’s probably have a great effigy drop rate, and they are pretty good for crimson charms.

Finally, you could instead kill Baby Black Dragons. This is the fastest way to get your Black Dragons tasks done due to their low lifepoints. They also used to be faster experience than adult dragons, but this probably isn’t true anymore due to the chaotic rapier, turmoil, and overloads, which help more on the higher defence of adult dragons; you can also cannon adult Black Dragons but not baby Black Dragons. Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:12:49 

Last edited on 11-Aug-2010 18:12:07 by Zarfot Baby Black Dragons are located in the northeast Chaos Tunnels and are mixed in with a few Green Dragons. You should melee them and ignore any Green Dragons that attack you (you may wish to hit the Green Dragon if there is time between spawns of the Baby Black Dragons though). Drops include green charms and some crimson charms.

To get to them, go northeast from the Zamorak mage and to the entrance to the Chaos Tunnels in level 13 wilderness (not the one right by the Zamorak mage). Then go to the room to the northeast. You'll see three Baby Black Dragons near a Green Dragon; kill them there using melee.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I have been doing Black Dragons tasks by killing the adult dragons, although I was skipping them for a while. But it’s up to you what you do with these tasks.

5.8. Bloodvelds

Amount assigned: Kuradal 180-249; Duradel 130-199; Sumona 120-185 Lifepoints: 1780 (lvl 126 Mutated), 1960 (lvl 146 Mutated), 1200 (normal) 1340 (in GWD) Slayer Experience: 178, 196, 120, 134; about 186 average when melee & cannoning Mutateds using "south" cannon spot mentioned below Locations: Meiyerditch Tunnels, Slayer Tower, Godwars Dungeon

Charm drop percentages based on 2889 kills (gold) or 6164 kills (others)- Gold: 42.852% Green: 4.721% Crimson: 3.991% Blue: 0.73% Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (all charms used): 0.327 to 0.364 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (gold charms not used): 0.12 to 0.163 Ratio of Summoning to Slayer xp (only crimson and blue used): 0.09 to 0.124 Zarfot

18-Jul-2010 15:13:19 

Last edited on 24-Sep-2010 17:48:04 by Zarfot I strongly suggest killing Mutated Bloodvelds in Meiyerditch Dungeon rather than regular Bloodvelds in the Slayer Tower due to Mutated Bloodvelds’ higher hitpoint levels and the fact you can use a cannon. Mutated Bloodvelds are significantly faster experience than the regular Bloodvelds in the Slayer Tower.

Mutated Bloodvelds have fairly poor drops. The only somewhat common drops that I feel are worth picking up are rune scimitars and rune med helms. They also occasionally drop dragon med helms (Not that often but way more often than most monsters). They can occasionally drop ancient effigies. Despite the poor drops, Mutated Bloodvelds are very good to kill because of their extremely fast slayer experience.

You must have completed Legacy of Seergaze to access Mutated Bloodvelds. To get to the Mutated Bloodvelds, go to the blood altar via the abyss. Then head up the eastern path until you get to some Skeletal/Zombie hands, then go south to find a room filled with Mutated Bloodvelds. Hop worlds if someone is already there, but use the most full world you can, as spawn times matter a lot for this task.

Set your cannon 5 squares west of the center cage on the east wall, then stand under the cannon. If using a combat familiar with a range attack, try to get it to attack the bloodveld behind the table or one of the 2 bloodvelds in the tunnel to the east so that they be lured out to where the cannon can reach them.