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In this subpage, you'll see some interesting screenshots that have no particular relevance to anything. Enjoy.

I got the Inferno adze on 21 May. I became a member on that very day. Despite encounters with several revenants, I managed to pull through and light all the beacons.

Powers and I went to the Wilderness and found this hill with an interesting statue.

Powers, Matthew, Junxiang and I are sitting in a square formation. Hapi left, unfortunately (due to school). My sister is about to pull the lever.

We dropped down into the Oubliette and were attacked by some tentacles! Powers just hit a 28. We spent an hour fighting each other in the Dungeon, and had several games of Hangman, Hoop and stick.

The first time I have seen a famous player. Stanley (Deltamence), can also be seen in the screenshot.

Meeting Mod Crow at Mod Hohbein's Q&A (which by an ironic twist, he himself did not attend).

Personal best at Stealing Creation. Used C5s and C4s for the entire game to get the score. It's a Monday, 26 October, and I became a member 2 days ago (on Saturday). Went on a questing spree and finished Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf, Within the Light, Fur 'n' Seek, and The Curse of Arrav in about 3 and a half hours.

A total level of 2000. C00l came to watch the firework, but they lasted for a second and disappeared, hence his reaction.

Accomplished this on 15 February, by fishing lobsters; having done so for the past few weeks 1-2 hours per weekend.

20000 edits!

Hit the maximum of 5000 charges in Fist of Guthix on 20 March 2010.

A rather noteworthy achievement in my opinion. Hopefully, I will be getting more Spiritual mage tasks so as to earn more money. Smile Desert strykewyrms were very profitable, with the task earning me 1,748,758 coins, as they dropped a Focus sight. Bought a Hexcrest to create a Full slayer helmet.

Finally defeated Nomad on the 7th of June. This could be said to be my first legitimate attempt to fight Nomad, as all the other times, I actually used salmons for test runs. I found that Melee was not a suitable method to kill Nomad, so I switched to Ranged with Ruby bolts (e) and "Full" Void Knight equipment (why did I put inverted commas around the word Full? Ask Powers), which proved to be a good strategy. In fact, the bolt effects activated something like 7 or 8 times (once it occurred twice consecutively). It also helps that a YouTube video provided an excellent strategy for dodging the attacks, etc. Was able to kill Nomad with 18 Saradomin brews to spare. =D

Re-obtained my Quest cape, which I wear proudly. Lol

Became a member again on the 18th October 2010. Completed the Void Knight quest trilogy in a day, it was pretty fun. Love Story too. In any case, I saved Korasi instead of Jessika, haven't really been able to find anyone who's saved the latter. Lol Boss fight was certainly interesting, comparable difficulty with Nomad. Managed it on my first try. And Korasi's sword is a pretty nifty weapon.

Got 85 Slayer on the 19th October, granting me access to Abyssal demons (finally!). Hope to get a couple of whips here and there.

Obtained my Agile top and Agile legs on 10 December 2010, achieving an agility level of 86, having started at 75. The screenshots above are of the Extended Gnome Stronghold Agility Course and the Extended Barbarian Outpost Agility Course. Both of them are pretty cool, especially after so much monkeying around. So yeah, now that I have my agile set, I may get 80 Runecrafting, since it is currently my lowest skill (at 72). Membership ends in 11 days however. Hoping to get 91 Herblore by then.

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