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I do not play RuneScape while being free-to-play. In the past, I used to do individual merchanting and skilling as a free-to-play player, but after June 2010, I decided not to, due to the lack of time. I have about 2 million coins in cash (quite broke), and something like 70 million coins in items. I have a long-term goal of getting 96 Herblore.


Boss Hunting[edit | edit source]

Main article: User:Calebchiam/Loot

I am a member 1/4 of the year (June, mid-October, November and mid-December) only. In my spare time, I head out with clans (from the RuneScape Forums) on God Wars Dungeon or Tormented demon trips in hope of a rare item drop. Well, used to, anyway. I have a phobia of dying, and with a computer that disconnects randomly and the fact that actual lightning has caused blackouts in my house twice, I do not foresee me doing any GWD trips.

My Player-owned house[edit | edit source]

Main article: User:Calebchiam/House

I completely revamped my house on 27 October 2009. This task cost me upwards of 9 million, and every single room in my House was destroyed. But thanks to this expenditure, I now have a Gilded altar, a Menagerie and 6 portals, as well as a 12-room dungeon =D hooray!

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Interesting stuff[edit | edit source]

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