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Strength[edit | edit source]

Date: 2 December 2009
Levelled to 90 Strength 30 minutes before 91 Hitpoints, during a Waterfiend slayer task. I have started doing a lot of Slayer lately, aiming for 130 combat.

Date: 10 December 2009
Levelled to 91 Strength. 43 Steel dragons was the task, a recent removal from my Slayer monster banlist. In the past, I used Ranged to kill them, but that took ages, and was pretty much the reason I disliked it so much. As you can see, Melee is working quite well (deflect prayers deal 5-6 damage OMG!). Task was over pretty quickly, with 2 Ferocious ring drops, but no visage. 123 Combat with this level up.

Date: 22 May 2010
Hours after I levelled mage to 91, I levelled my Strength to 92 during a slayer task of Nechryaels. Fairly fun and profitable task, one where I enjoyed using a Fire titan to speed up the kills and received several Snapdragon seeds and Rune boots. Only about 70k from 83 Slayer, which will grant me access to killing Spiritual mages and Dragon boots drops. Smile

Date: 11 June 2010
With only 585 exp left before levelling to 93 Strength after a task of Fire giants, I headed to the Meiyerditch Dungeon and cannoned to complete my Bloodvelds task. It didn't take particularly long for me to level up, and I got 93 Strength in a minute and achieved a combat level of 126 (which resulted in extra fireworks). Will be Ice Barraging Rock lobsters after this task.

Date: 4 November 2010
Levelled up at a Jad/Tzhaar task. I could have chosen to kill Jad (or tried to at least), but I chose to kill Tzhaar instead, seeing as I failed the last try (which was the 4th time). Pretty good day for me, seeing as I got a set of full rune + 2 rune 2h swords + a red boater at a 100m drop party. Which is the most I've ever gotten anyhow. Profitable task, got an obsidian cape and an obsidian shield, and I bought another obsidian shield with the Tokkul drops.

Date: 22 November 2010
Levelled to 95 Strength at Frost dragons. And with that level-up, I finally achieved 130 Combat! (That makes me elite, doesn't it? Lol)

Date: 12 December 2010
Achieved 96 Strength right after a slayer task of Black demons, having been left with only 417 xp to levelling. I claimed my next task from Kuradal (the task was Living rock creatures) and killed an Enraged barbarian spirit moments later to get the remainding xp. 1 more Attack/Strength level to 132 Combat.

Date: 14 December 2010
Powerslayed to level up this quickly. I tried training at Armoured zombies with Korasi's sword, but it wasn't that great, giving only 90k xp/h. Tracked the xp rate at slayer tasks like Living rock creatures and Dust devils. Surprisingly, I was able to get 150k xp/h and 120k xp/h at the two tasks respectively, using a Turmoil setup and a Chaotic rapier. Didn't train as quickly as I could however, seeing as I did too many herb runs and spent too long trying to lend out my Saradomin godsword. I also slayed Black dragons and Mutated bloodveld, which is somewhat inefficient because most of the damage was dealt by my cannon. Gained 750k xp today anyway, and attained 132 Combat with this level-up. On a side note, I have been earning quite a bit despite using a Turmoil setup, having gotten a fair number of Granite mauls and Abyssal whips, along with many Ancient effigies.

Date: 15 December 2010
More powerslaying today and I levelled again. I am having my 99 Cooking/Strength party the next day (at 09:00 GMT), so it is a bit of a rush. In the case where I fail to get enough xp to level up on time, I have 100k xp worth of zeal at Soul Wars, 120k worth of Penguin points and 400k xp worth of effigies, so I have those to rely on, although I would rather not use them.


Original video

Date: 16 December 2010
99 Strength! Quite surprisingly, I managed to pull this off, getting 1 level per day from 97-99. I did a Living Rock Creatures task until I had about 200 xp left till 99, and got it down slowly by killing level-1 rats. Had the party one hour later. It was rather impromptu, so it lacked in coordination and was a little messy. I also messed up a bit when I hit a 16 on my first hit =S (watch the video above). Thanks to the Wikians and my IRL friends (Stanley, Mattew, etc) for attending. I'd like to thank Arin in particular because he helped to film/edit/upload the video, so I owe him a big thank you.

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