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Slayer[edit | edit source]

Date: 18 May 2012
Did the Elder Kiln quest, so I've got the YtHaar title now, pretty neat. Mainly mining stars so that I can afk and study, which works out better than one might expect. Usually I do fire giants tasks at Chaos Tunnels, but I spotted this nifty guide in recent changes, and I have changed some of my methods of slaying. The advice there is worth following.

Anyway, with 90 Slayer, I now have access to Dark beasts. This would be really great if not for the fact that all combat items are now ridiculously inexpensive. Then again, that's probably why I could afford bcp/dfs/fury, etc with my tiny cash pile anyway.

Date: 31 May 2012
Getting 99 Attack, so no surprises here. Move along now...

Date: 1 June 2012
Same ol', same ol'. Guess I should point out that black demons is still my all-time favourite slayer task.

Date: 11 July 2012
Levelled to 93 Slayer shortly after getting 95 Defence, and post-Social Slayer update. Update is a little disappointing since slayer xp isn't shared, task points are halved, etc, meaning that the only boons brought up this update are the "socialisation" aspect and the new cosmetic rewards (which I'm not actually interested in). Slayer is a little less lonely now, I suppose. At the moment, Iave been social-slaying with a level 137 player whom I met in a Friends Chat.

Date: 14 July 2012
Levelled to 94 Slayer shortly after 97 Defence. Chances are that I'll get 95 Slayer before 99 Defence, which means a new moneymaking method of 3m-4m/hour supposedly. Not sure how willing I will be to train Slayer after I max the melee skills...might not ever level it up again even. Perhaps beta will make Slayer easier to train.

Date: 29 July 2012
Turns out I got 95 Slayer after 99 Defence. Used a Pendant of slaying to get the last 50k xp. Now that I've unlocked ganodermic beasts and have max combat stats, I doubt I'll slay again any time soon.

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