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I would like to give a special thanks to Cool Kid Id for helping me out with my story. I would appreciate it if you visited his user page (and mine, too!)

Part 1[edit | edit source]

War rages. Betrayal, destruction, and death are at their heights. The God Wars continue to escalate. The entire world is on the brink of destruction. Warriors, demons, horrors of unknown power are fighting in great allegiance to the gods. Only Guthix, the creator of the world, could stop this worldwide massacre. And so he did. He made the warring gods write on a stone tablet a great oath to bid them to never step on the world again. He cast it away for all eternity to hopefully end the god wars forever. But one day, a single adventurer would discover this tablet and change the course of history...
It was a simple day in Rimmington. Men and women continued to sell their wares and make a living. Adventurers from all over the world gathered for great expeditions to dungeons and other realms. But one person, named Lapferkeit, wasn't making money, or seeking fame. He was reading in his house. He wasn't reading just any book, though. It was a book he had found in Morytania, in a house next to a graveyard. It was very intruiging. It talked about 6 brothers, named the Barrows, who sought fame as the mightiest warriors in the world. And they were, until they struck a deal with a strange traveler. Eventually, they died horrific deaths and were buried east of Mort'ton. The book spoke of great treasure lying in the tombs of these warriors, but only the most brave adventurers need take heed. The brothers were undead creatures and were more than able to defend their resting places.
"Sounds like fun!" stated Lapferkeit, who was very enthusiastic about adventure, and was probably adept enough to take on the Barrows. So he set off. After completing a great task for the fairies in Zanaris, Lapferkeit simply had to grab his Dramen Staff, teleport to the nearest fairy ring, and teleport from there to Mort Myre. After about 10 minutes of fending of ghasts, Lapferkeit was digging on the central mound of the graveyard with a spade. 10 more minutes passed before he dropped into the tomb, unable to find any of the brothers. Suddenly, a blood red ghost appeared in front of him, dulling his sense to attack. He ducked and swiped just as a flail nearly took off his head. The ghost gasped and faded away, leaving a small scroll. It said:"Come to me, in the darkness below the Wilderness. I have a task for you."
To be continued...

Part 2[edit | edit source]

"What?" stammered Lapferkeit, as he ducked from a barrage of arrows shot from another of the brothers. Lapferkeit, very interested in this new challenge, and not willing to be treated by acupuncture immediately teleported to Edgeville as the ghost reloaded his crossbow. The second he landed on the ground, the small scroll heated up to intense temperatures. "OUCH!" cried Lapferkeit. He ran to the bank, juggling the scroll like a hot potato. He withdrew his Ice Gloves and put them on, experiencing instant relief. He walked out of the bank again, wondering where he should go to find this dungeon, the 'Darkness below the Wilderness'. He concluded to try the Edgeville Dungeon. As he trudged on through the Wilderness gate, the scroll became so hot that it burst into flames.
"It's a clue," Lapferkeit said to himself. "It tells me how close I am." Lapferkeit walked on, ignoring the spiders, took a turn, and saw the horrible visage of Chronozon.
"Welcome to my domain again, traveller. I assume you got my message," growled Chronozon.
"What do you want, Chronozon? I've killed you once; I'll kill you again," shouted Lapferkeit, raising his shield.
"Oh, I expected you wouldn't listen to me. It's not my task you're after, it seems to be Lord Zamorak's. You can come out, my friend, show this mortal our quest." Chronozon made a horrible grin and watched as a giant figure materialized in front of Lapferkeit.
"That's not possible," stuttered Lapferkeit.
Once again, to be continued...

Part 3[edit | edit source]

Lapferkeit made a run for it as the figure bellowed. As he attempted to teleport out, the figure grabbed him and pulled him up to his face.
K'ril Tsutsaroth.
"Where do you think you're going, stupid human? Zamorak has a task for you and you're not going to say no." bellowed K'ril.
"Well, I don't think I'm going anywhere... Not now, anyway. Could you put me down? Your breath stinks." Lapferkeit said. He decided that if he was going to die, he was going to die bravely.
"Yes, I know. Try being frozen in an ice cap for years without even budging and see how dental hygiene deteriorates. Besides, I don't care what stupid humans think."
"Well, if I'm so stupid, then why do you need me to do your stupid quest?" commented Lapferkeit while being lowered to the ground.
"Because," K'ril grinned. "You're the only one brave enough to do it." Lapferkeit froze. If he was the only one brave enough to do the task it must be pretty scary.
"I would do it, but my allegience reigns with Guthix. Kill me if you wish, I have no care." Lapferkeit said. At this K'ril and Chronozon burst out in demon-laughing.
"You will do it or I will do something much worse than kill you. I'll cut out your..." started Chronozon as soon as he was done laughing. He was interupted by K'ril.
"Yes, we don't need the details. Trust me mortal, the rewards will be great if you do this." Lapferkeit then finally said yes. "Excellent. Your task is to retrieve the accursed stone that binds Zamorak from destroying Gielinor. Bring it to me and I shall destroy it, which will allow the God Wars to continue. Before you begin you must know that the tablet lies in the deepest and darkest of pits, the most hideous creatures ready to lay waste to you before you even have a chance to look. The pit is a living hell. Every inch is covered in horrible, living shadows that will eat you alive and you can't even see them. Beware adventurer. Beware..." And K'ril disappeared. Lapferkeit, gulping with disdain, teleported to Falador.

To be continued...