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My name is Shyaldeth, and I love RuneScape lore. I love editing the wiki and adding new dialogues and transcripts.

Notable Achievements[edit | edit source]

2 Jan 2016[edit | edit source]

  • Recieved Cresbot drop from Automaton Tracer (after roughly 680 tracers and guardians)
    • Received Pneumatic gloves as well 20 kills earlier
  • Completed first Triskileon Key (613k reward)

Double Exp Weekend (Feb 2016)[edit | edit source]

  • Gained 9,223,051 exp over the weekend.

Dungeoneering - 99[edit | edit source]

  • Got lvl 99 on Apr 4 2016.

Slayer - 99[edit | edit source]

  • Got level 99 on Apr 26 2016

Morty[edit | edit source]

  • Got Morty sometime between August and November 2018, I don't remember when exactly.

Fishing - 99[edit | edit source]

  • Sometime on August 31 2018 - September 1, 2018

Fight Cave complete (Nov 2018)[edit | edit source]

Brains[edit | edit source]

Crabbe[edit | edit source]

Mining 99[edit | edit source]

Got 99 Mining on Jan 27, 2019

Smithing 99[edit | edit source]

Got 99 Smithing on Jan 27, 2019

Cooking 99[edit | edit source]

Got 99 Cooking on Jan 28, 2019

Firemaking 99[edit | edit source]

Got 99 Firemaking on Feb 3, 2019

Invention 99[edit | edit source]

Got 99 Invention on Feb 5, 2019 shortly after firemaking from disassembling my augmented crystal tinderboxes. Also, I had leftover work on my pickaxe of earth and song from 99 mining, so I finished that to level 12, and when I siphoned it, that got me 99.

Runecrafting 99[edit | edit source]

Got 99 Runecrafting on Feb 10, 2019 using RuneSpan until I found out about the Soul altar, using the Abyss to actually make the runes once it was charged, and using the Wicked hood teleports to charge the altar. I had about 160 Wicked hood teleport tokens banked, and I didn't even use half of them. Only got PK'd once, which made me lose my urn enhancer, which sucked. I had just enough Invention materials to make it again, and I re-purchased all of the Runecrafting pouches and was much more wary.

Divination 99[edit | edit source]

Got 99 Divination early in the morning on Feb 16, 2019

Thieving 99[edit | edit source]

Got 99 Thieving on Feb 17, 2019. Did safecracking for it.

Summoning 99[edit | edit source]

Got 99 Summoning on Feb 22, 2019 as part of double xp. Mostly Rune minotaur pouches, but I ran out and switched to Pack yak pouches.

Woodcutting 99[edit | edit source]

Got 99 Woodcutting on Feb 23, 2019 (~2am) as part of double xp. Some Golden bamboo, then Acadia trees using Crystalise and Light form.

Hunting 99[edit | edit source]

Got 99 Hunter on Feb 24, 2019 as part of double xp. I did this afking grenwalls/pawyas in the Gorajo resource dungeon. After I ran out of Protean traps, I switched to hunting ornate tortles in the Arc. Once I hit 98, I switched to Crystal skillchompas briefly, but they were much slower than tortles with contracts.

First Complete Seren symbol/ Prifddinian musician's robes[edit | edit source]

Completed my first Seren symbol on April 26, 2019. I went from 99 thieving to 3/4 through 102 (~18.9M xp) before I got all the pieces. Ended up with duplicates of a couple (4 Ithell symbol pieces). Still however, I have yet to complete the Prifddinian musician's robes. I have a ton of tops (went to 101 thieving before I got anything besides bottoms and gloves though), bottoms, and gloves. No feet. Shortly after complaining, I got the feet. Brings the total to 3 tops (4 really, one went into the Slayer Tower hidey-hole), 8 bottoms, 3 gloves, and 1 boots. Better luck than some people I've seen on Reddit. Added to my house and destroyed the duplicates. Not going to pickpockets elves for a while now. I'd say I probably earned 10m (probably more) over the course of this.

Willow[edit | edit source]

Unlocked Willow the divination pet on 6 May 2019 while harvesting Ancestral energy on an Uncharted isle. Got it at about 13.085Mxp.

Total level: 2654
Attack 91 Constitution 97 Mining 87
Strength 91 Agility 84 Smithing 88
Defence 97 Herblore 91 Fishing 84
Ranged 96 Thieving 86 Cooking 94
Prayer 95 Crafting 91 Firemaking 92
Magic 94 Fletching 90 Woodcutting 88
Runecrafting 84 Slayer 99 Farming 83
Construction 90 Hunter 86 Summoning 94
Dungeoneering 99 Divination 84 Invention 52
Attack style icon fixed.png 134 Quest.png 381 Music icon.png 1039
Task icon.png 613 RuneScore.png 13,455
As of 26 April 2016

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Tasks left to do
Task set Total Beginner Easy Medium Hard Elite Requirements/To do
COMPLETE Ardougne cloak 4.png: Inventory image of Ardougne cloak 4
COMPLETE Daemonheim aura 4.png: Inventory image of Daemonheim aura 4
Desert 2 X mark.svg Desert amulet 1.png: Inventory image of Desert amulet 1 Desert amulet 2.png: Inventory image of Desert amulet 2 1 1 Dreadnip, Dominion Marker
COMPLETE Falador shield 4.png: Inventory image of Falador shield 4
COMPLETE Fremennik sea boots 4.png: Inventory image of Fremennik sea boots 4
COMPLETE Karamja gloves 4.png: Inventory image of Karamja gloves 4
COMPLETE Explorer's ring 4.png: Inventory image of Explorer's ring 4
Morytania 3 X mark.svg Morytania legs 1.png: Inventory image of Morytania legs 1 Morytania legs 2.png: Inventory image of Morytania legs 2 Morytania legs 3.png: Inventory image of Morytania legs 3 3 Lots of Burgh de Rott, need to pot up for Prayer Renewal potion
Seers' Village
COMPLETE Seer's headband 4.png: Inventory image of Seer's headband 4
Tirannwn 1 X mark.svg Tirannwn quiver 1.png: Inventory image of Tirannwn quiver 1 Tirannwn quiver 2.png: Inventory image of Tirannwn quiver 2 Tirannwn quiver 3.png: Inventory image of Tirannwn quiver 3 1 Platinum Rush of Blood
COMPLETE Varrock armour 4.png: Inventory image of Varrock armour 4
COMPLETE Wilderness sword 4.png: Inventory image of Wilderness sword 4
TOTAL (641/647) 6 0 0 0 1 5 -

Subpages[edit | edit source]