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{{dialogue|Holiday Rewards}}

This is a little of the dialogue of NPCs from seasonal events.

M = Me; / = Click here to continue

Partygoer (Gielinor)[edit | edit source]

P = Partygoer

P: Good day! Merry Christmas to you!
  • M: You seem to be in a good mood. / P: Oh, I am, of course I am! It’s Christmas time! Who could be miserable at a time like this? / M: Not you, that’s for sure.(to dialogue 2)
  • M: Merry Christmas! / P: That’s the spirit!(to dialogue 2)
  • M: What’s through that cupboard? / P: Surely you’ve heard? The Queen of Snow has organized a huge feast at the Land of Snow. She’s inviting all the citizens of Runescape[sic] to join her. / M: Sounds good. I might check it out.(to dialogue 2)
  • M: Actually, I have to go. / P: Make sure you take the spirit of Christmas with you!(end)

Partygoer (Land of Snow)[edit | edit source]

P = Partygoer

First speaking[edit | edit source]

P: Thank goodness you've come! This is terrible! / M: Woah, calm down, take deep breaths. / P: But all the food's been stolen! Santa's been kidnapped! The Queen of Snow's feast is ruined!
  • M: Who's done this? / P: Ebenezer Scourge! From what I gather, he lives alone in an old house nearby. He's a selfish, Christmas-hating old man.
    • M: I had better investigate. / P: I think the snow imps are investigating as well. Perhaps you should speak with one of them. / M: Thanks.(end)
    • M: I'm kind of busy at the moment. / P: But you're an adventurer, you have to help. It's Christmas! / M: Sorry, I might look into it later.(end)
  • M: So, what am I meant to do about it? / P: Well, you're an adventurer, right? I was sort of hoping you could help save the day?
    • M: Oh, right, of course.(to dialogue 2)
    • M: It's Christmas! I want some time off. / M: I can't be adventuring all through the year. We adventurers need a break too, you know. / P: Unless someone sorts this out there won't be a Christmas! / M: Cripes! That would be bad.(to dialogue 2)
  • M: Sounds bad, but I've got to go. / P: Oh, b-but we need your help!(end)

Next speaking[edit | edit source]

P: Scourge even stole the wine. Well, apart from that bottle Sir Amik Varze's clutching. What's Christmas without a bit of merriment? / M: Can't you have some of Sir Amik's wine? It looks like he's had enough. / P: He won't share.(end)

Sir Amik Varze (Land of Snow)[edit | edit source]

V = Sir Amik Varze

V: Good day, sir. A terrible *hic* misdeed has occured here today. / M: What's happened? / V: Why, how could you not know? A blashemous, foul wizard - Ebenezer Scourge - has stolen the-the food from the feast. He even kidnapped santa for badsh measure. / M: Oh dear. / V: Well, I won't be having it! No! That cad will not get away with it.
  • M: Why don't you do something about it? / V: What? Are you accushing me of cowardice? I, Sir Amik Varze? *hic* Sir, you have besmirched my honour. I will have vengeance! / M: No, no. It's just you're a knight, and... / V: Well, I'm schertainly not drunk if that's what yoush implying.(to dialogue 2)
  • M: Are you drunk? / V: How dare you accusesh me? The mighty Sir Amik Varze? A drunkard? Sir, you insult me! / M: Woah, woah. I didn't mean that, I just mea- / V: I'm sorry! I'm ash drunk as a newt. I helped myself to some of the Queen's wine and...and had-a taddle too much. When Scourge arrived I was too drunk to stopsh him. / V: I'm a disgrace the...White Knights. / M: No, no. You have nothing to be ashamed of.(end)
  • M: Actually, I have to go. / V: I'll be scheeing ya.(end)

Cook[edit | edit source]

C = Cook

C: This is marvellous! I'm being paid to cook all the food that's been stolen from the feast. Imagine the fame I will gain from cooking at the Queen of Snow's feast! / M: Every cloud has a silver lining, I suppose. / C: People will sing about my stuffing. My Christmas stew will be written about in years to come.(end)