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246 (also known as CFRMediaOfficial; real-life name is Oli Rose) is a British Vlogger from Cannock, United Kingdom. His past usernames include: Hernalglutez, Olii R, iI Oli Ii, iConstitutio, and Godsword Utd.

RuneScape[edit | edit source]

Oli started playing RuneScape in August 2006, where he was intended to be a Skiller; focussing on Woodcutting as a main skill. However, as early as November 2006, he started to level up his Firemaking and Magic stats. In 2007, Oli released his first RuneScape-related YouTube video under the title "My RuneScape Account Hernalglutez". At this time, Oli was known on YouTube under the alias "Hernalglutez", which was a name created by Oli at the time of his account creation. By the time he released the video, Oli had already started to level his combat, as he is seen in the video wielding a Black warhammer.

YouTube[edit | edit source]

Throughout 2008, Oli did not seem to be making much progress with regards to his YouTube videos (a few amateur videos had been filmed prior to 2008), so he decided on starting a new YouTube account - CFRMediaOfficial. Since he has started the CFRMediaOfficial account, Oli has gained over 200 subscribers to his channel, and more than 300,000 views combined.

In 2011, Oli started Vlogging on a regular basis. He uploads videos on a daily basis; however, sometimes he does not, and it can be a couple of days before a new video is released.

Oli has never made a YouTube video of himself in-real-life available to his subscribers. He has some videos that are uploaded showing him in-real-life, but he has since made these videos private. According to Oli, the main reason for him keeping his in-real-life appearance private is "I don't like people stereotyping by looks - you don't need people to see your face to be well-known". Recently, Oli has stated that he "may release [his] face at 3,000 subscribers, as this is the normal number at which Vloggers reveal themselves".

Personal Life & Hobbies[edit | edit source]

Oli is a full-time student, studying History, Chemistry and ICT at A-Level. He plays RuneScape on an Alienware Aurora desktop computer.

He was born in Newcastle under Lyme, United Kingdom, and has a twin brother named Dan, who also used to play RuneScape under the alias "CFRMTB", but quit in October 2010. Oli claims that the "bulk of [his] wealth has come from Dan" which he is "eternally grateful for".

As well as playing RuneScape, Oli is into photography and videography, and he spends a lot of time filming and editing. When recently asked about his passion for filming, Oli stated: "It's almost like I have a camera stuck onto my head that's on permanent record". Also, when asked about his passion for Vlogging and RuneScape, he said: "I don't intend to play RuneScape forever - it's just a hobby, and so is Vlogging. Who knows, maybe one day I'll decide that there is something better in the world. Even though I'm getting paid for a couple of my videos [through YouTube's 'Revenue Sharing' scheme], it's still only a hobby". Oli also has a strong passion for foreign languages. According to his Facebook profile, he can speak 11 languages: English, Dutch, Icelandic, German, French, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Japanese, Italian, and Danish. When asked about his languages, Oli replied with "I know enough in most languages to get a slap round the face".