Treasure Trails!!

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Some of my stuff from treasure trails!

Level 1[edit | edit source]

  1. From Men. Reward: 10 Law runes, Black longsword, and 3 Purple firelighters. Value: 3,584 gp. I just remembered why I dropped level 1 clues...
  2. From Goblins. Reward: 3 Blue firelighters and 84 gp. Value: 84 gp. Gah!

Level 2[edit | edit source]

  1. From Guards. Reward: Green d'hide body, 11 noted cooked swordfish, and 20 death runes. Value: 13,901 gp. I was hoping for something rare...
  2. From Dagannoths. Reward: Yew comp bow, 56 air rune, yew shortbow, and Adam full helm(t). Value: 62,056 gp. That's better than the last one!
  3. From Cockatrices. Reward: Green d'hide body, 51 earth rune, 15 law rune, yew longbow, and adamant dagger. Value: 10,540 gp. That's worse than the last one... Gah!

Level 3[edit | edit source]

Level 3 clues here!