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Congratulations! Just two more clues!

And here's your fifth clue...

"Go back to Square 1 and think hard for the next word... Or rather, Square 3."

As always, put the word after "User:C00l dud4/".

Solution to Clue 4[edit | edit source]

"The ghost" refers to Ankous, which would have brought you to my Ankou drop log.

"the ring" refers to a Ring of wealth, and since I didn't have the ring, you can find the words in the "Without Ring of wealth" section.

"731.5" refers to a drop between drop 731 and 732, and from the above clues, in the "Without Ring of wealth" section.

Trying to edit the page shows a hidden comment between those drops in Trip 2, which would have led you to this page.