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Before you read this, I'd like to make clear that I am totally neutral on this issue, and am in no way supporting or opposing either side, but instead offering commentary on the entire event as it transpired. In this essay, I'm outlining it exactly as I saw it. You will find that it appears to lean in Stinkowing's favor, but that's just part of the observation.
As the official discussion has been closed, this essay is not open to discussion.

For some time now, numerous people have been pushing at Stinko, and pushing, and pushing. The only reason he's now at his breaking point is because of all of this. Essentially, people have been calmly pressing his buttons, doing more than enough to annoy him and then throw fire on him when some comments finally break him down. I commend Stinko for remaining civil about the issue at hand as long as he did, especially in the face of such negativity. Most people would have left or done something drastic sooner. Most people can't stand coming to the realization that their peers, for some reason or another, dislike them.

That said, I personally am going to let the latest harsh comments from Stinko slide, as they are the direct result of wikistress caused by other editors constantly harassing him over what was originally a few mistakes that are hardly significant. Scroll back up to the top of the discussion and re-read, you'll find that this all started with a couple people not assuming good faith and not knowing when to drop an issue.

The issue at hand since escalated out of proportion. It's fair to say that those opposing Stinko threw the first punches with the initial comments, and broke civility and the User Treatment Policy long before him with personal attacks and even that autism comment. Completely blocking somebody for a very long amount of time when they lose their temper in the face of incivility is not what I expected to see coming from this community. Stinko did admit he made a mistake, provided the reasoning behind what he did and even apologized for his actions - but that wasn't enough. Despite his his apology and his very reasonable explanation of the the thoughts behind his actions, the argument continued, apparently motivated by what appeared to be revenge - some users wanting to get back at Stinko for being mistreated (this is outlined in the series of continued "he banned me and that was wrong" comments). That is not acceptable behaviour in the least and warranted the block Stinko applied based on the premise of incivility and violating the UTP in order to continue harassing Stinko (arguing for desysopping on the premise of revenge counts as harassment).

This entire discussion has been shredding the community to two sides over what was nothing more than a formerly blocked user disputing an admin for the second time. Reraising an already dead issue.

In essence, nobody here has been pure, not Stinkowing, not his supporters, not his opposition. Nobody should act as such. The entire community has come to this point together and no one person was at fault for all of this nonsense. Placing it all on Stinkowing's shoulders is just passing the buck.

I suggest everybody step back from the issue for a day or two and reflect on what they should have done differently in this situation.