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Things to do

Complete The Chosen Commander.
Visit the Circus.

Infamous second box

It's shiny.
And pretty.
And totally freaking awesome.
My last quests!

I have been working on quests, 2 quests till the Cape of Accomplishment! These quests are:

Novice.svg Back to my roots (72 Woodcutting)
Novice.svg Devious Minds (65 Smithing!)
Novice.svg Dream Mentor (Did the quest till the big fight...)
Novice.svg Mourning's End I (Still don't have 60 Ranged...)
Master.svg Mourning's End II (Did part 1!)
Novice.svg Grim Tales (Only have to cut the Beanstalk down)
Novice.svg Rocking Out (Wtf)
Novice.svg The Path of Glouphrie (Done till the fight with Warped terrorbirds)
Novice.svg Contact! (To lazy to start with)
Novice.svg Dealing with Scabaras (See Contact!)
Novice.svg Summer's End (Scared of the Spirit Beast!)
Master.svg While Guthix Sleeps (Have you ever seen those requirements?)