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Welcome to Byte Master's user page
(Please do not edit this page. Direct all comments to my talk page.)

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20:31 UTC, 24 September 2021
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  • In-Game: Byte_Master
  • Most Common World: 107 (F2P)
  • Able to Subscribe in: no time
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About Me

As I'm making Runescape one of my new addictions, I figured I may as well find a place to put my skills to good use. As one should note from my userpage, I am very competent in aesthetic appeal and design. Ever since the age of 16, I've been able to call myself a "professional" graphic artist when I did work for a major U.S. pharmaceuticals company. Instead of following graphic arts, however, my life has found itself running wildly into law enforcement.

If anybody would like any graphic work done (even the simplest of matters), feel free to inquire on my talk page.



"Not a member? Keep on Rockin' in the Free World"


Mining 79%
52  55 
3 levels
Smithing 70%
46  50 
4 levels
Mining This user is training to be a master Miner.
Smithing This user is training to be a master Blacksmith.
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Combat triangle.png This user has a combat level of 57.
Attack   45 Skills   47 Mining   52
Strength   50 Agility   8 Smithing   46
Defence   46 Herblore   1 Fishing   32
Ranged   3 Thieving   25 Cooking   22
Prayer   28 Crafting   19 Firemaking   28
Magic   33 Fletching   1 Woodcutting   29
Runecrafting   9 Slayer   1 Farming   1
Construction   1 Hunter   1 Summoning   1
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