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Difficulty: Master

NOTE: Credit to Mullac18 for the idea. He asked me to write a quest for him and post it here.

The Seven Gems

Requirements: Between a Rock, Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf, Digsite, Temple of Ikov, Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, Tears of Guthix, Tourist Trap, In Aid of the Myreque, Troll Stronghold, Lunar Diplomacy, and King's Ransom. Part of Hero's Quest. 60 strength, 36 hitpoints, 46 ranged, 65 crafting, 45 firemaking

To start: Talk to Dondakan

Talk to Dondakan. He will say that he is getting bored of gold. He and you brainstorm better ideas. You come up with gems. He will say it is a good idea because there are 9 types. Talk to the Keldagrim librarian. He will say that a dwarf named Mulchstuck was a great Dwarven adventurer, and that he found the mines of seven gems. The mines are situated all around Runescape. You realize that if you want to find them, you will need to search all around Runescape.

Opal - if you talk to the Digsite people, they notice that the River Salve has many opals. Pan at the River Salve to confirm this. Go to the excavation area to the Zaros worshipping area. You will see another wall. Make another explosive potion. Throw it at the wall, and you will see markings in the wall. Fit 10 cut opals into the wall, and an off-white key will appear on the ground. Take the key.

Jade - if you go in the Temple of Ikov, there will be odd-shaped rock formation. Use a pickaxe on the rocks. They will clear. You will need a bravery potion to go in there (from Legends Quest). Once you have it, drink it, you will go through a very dark cave. The "carbon dioxide" in the cave will put out all light sources. It will also choke you, doing damage often. You must find the markings in the wall to put 10 cut jades in, and an off-white greenish key will appear on the ground. Take the key.

Red topaz - Go to Karamja. Dig around in the middle of the southern island. You will fall in a very deep cave, being hit around 20. You must jump 30 agility obstacles. Failing will only require you to do that one again. Each one is harder than the last one. Once you get to the end, find the markings in the wall. Put 10 cut red topaz in, and a pink key will appear on the ground. Take the key.

Sapphire - Go to the Tears of Guthix caves. Talk to Juna. She will decide it is time to tell you a story. She tells a story about a dwarf that once came, and used the sapphire lantern to cross the gap. Then, he heaved the rock with his ultimate strength and Juna never saw him again. Go across, and try to heave the rock. If you succeed, the rock will be pushed away to reveal an opening. If you fail, the rocks will collapse on you, hitting 10. When you succeed, go through. You will see many of those blue light creatures. You need to get to the other side of the gap by jumping across light creatures in the correct pattern. When you reach the other side, insert the 10 cut sapphires in the markings, and a blue key will appear on the ground. Take the key.

Emerald - Go in the Desert Mining camp using the Wrought Iron key and slave robes without weapons and armor on. Go all the way to the end of the mine, using the cart too. In the very end of the mine are some rocks. Try to heave them. You will remember the rock moving spell. Talk to Wizard Cromperty about a rock-moving spell again. He will give you one. Cast it, you will misfire, and a level 270 rock monster will appear. Kill it, and it will reveal the markings. Put 10 emeralds in there and a green key will appear on the ground. Take the key.

Ruby - Go to Mort Myre Swamp and talk to the Nature Spirit. He will say that he thinks there is a great treasure in the swamp, but that it is very hard to find. He also says that a very powerful force is needed to move it. You will need to walk around the swamp. The only way to find out the location is to randomly drop nitroglycerin. Once you find it, a huge area will collapse around you. You will be hit 25 by the nitroglycerin. There will be a lever. Pull it. You will now have 3 minutes to run to the end of the path and put the rubies in the markings. You cannot make it without energy potions. Put the rubies in, and a red key will appear on the ground. Take the key.

Diamond - Go to the ice caves. Try to climb above the ice cave and up a steep cliff. And another steep cliff. 5 steep cliffs. Falling off one will make you have to do that one again and hit 5. Then you must use rope to go across a deep canyon that falls down to where you started. You must climb across the rope. Failing will make you fall down, hitting up to 35. Once you climb across it, you must use a mithril grapple to grapple an ice chunk on the top of a huge mountain. Failing will hit 20. Once you get to the top, there will be a frozen ghost. Talk to it. He will tell you a long, boring story of Mulchstuck. He ends the conversation with a debate. He debates that this is his property. You desperately want it. The ghost has no choice but to attack you. He is level 320 and casts ice barrage and melees. Kill it, and put the diamonds in the crevasses. A sparkling white key will appear on the ground. Take the key.

Talk to Dondakan again with the seven keys. He will be very happy. You will tell him a long story of your adventures. He will be amazed. Yet, he is worried about the difficulty to reach the locations. You wonder if you can build portals. You remember a eleportation focus. He asks you to take notes on it, and gives you a notepad. Go to your own teleportation focus or go to another person's. Use the notepad on the teleportation focus and your character will begin to take notes.

Show the notes to Dondakan. You both realize that you will need a portal frame, law runes, and the key. To make the portal frame, Dondakan suggests more gems and a gem glue from that gem. Gem glue is made from melting gems in a very very hot furnace. He says you will need 10 of every gem and 1 of every gem for the glue. He gives you a table of temperatures needed to melt gems and normal furnace temperature, and a thermometer.

The table says:

Normal furnace: 500 degrees Celsius Opal: 1000-1400 degrees Celsius Jade: 1400-1800 degrees Celsius Red topaz: 1800-2200 " " Sapphire: 2200-2600 " " Emerald: 2600-3000 " " Ruby: 3000-3400 " " Diamond: 3400-3800 " "

You will need ice clothing. When you try to heat the furnace, it says you will be too hot and you need ice clothing. You will need ice. To do this, take buckets of water to the ice caves. They will turn into blocks of ice. You need to chisel the ice into clothing. 1 for ice hood, 2 for ice bottom, and 3 for ice top. Now, you need to heat up a furnace. Go to a furnace, and put logs in the furnace. Normal logs raise temperature 200 degrees, oak, 400 degrees, willow, 600 degrees, maple, 800 degrees, yew, 1000 degrees, magic, 1200 degrees. The temperature will go down 100 degrees once every two minutes. Smelt the ore at the temperatures noted. To check the temperature, use the thermometer. Note: You have 2 hours of gametime before the ice clothing melts. Once you have made the glue and obtained the gems, go back to Dondakan. Excavate an area by throwing nitroglycerin at some nearby rock. It will collapse, clear the material with a pickaxe. In that area, build the portals. Once you are done building the portals, you realize you will need 30 law runes and the correct key for each one. Do that, build the portals using the materials, and they are done!

Now, you need to go inside the portals and look inside. You will see veins of gems! Now, in a random one, will be a monster. It has a level 1 form with one hitpoint. Kill it, and a level 2 form appears with 2 hitpoints. Kill it, and a level 3 appears with 3 hitpoints, and so on, all the way to level 200 with 200 hitpoints. When you are done, talk to Dondakan. He will go in every portal, and each time he comes out, he throws gems in random places. You can pick them up. When he is done, talk to him, you will have a long conversation, and then, Quest Complete!


20000 hitpoints xp 30000 mining xp 20000 strength xp 50000 crafting xp Seperated gem rocks

Opal requires 20 mining Jade requires 30 mining Red topaz requires 40 mining Sapphire requires 50 mining Emerald requires 60 mining Ruby requires 70 mining Diamond requires 80 mining

Each mine has 10 rocks