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Members only Requires 50 runecrafting Located on a new floors 4-7 of Wizards Tower (because that was where it was studied before evil Zamorakian mages burned it down)

4th floor

A bank

A talisman shop, which sells ONLY air, mind, water, earth, fire, and body talismans for 30 gp each (2 max stock of each, respawns slowly), and unenchanted tiaras for 150 coins each (20 max stock of each, respawns more quickly).

5th floor

A rune shop selling all runes. Air, mind, water, earth, fire, and body runes have 5000 stock maximum, 250 of all others. Prices akin to magic guild.

Another wizard that teleports to the rune essence mine

A staff shop, selling air, water, earth, fire, and battlestaffs (5 stock of each).

6th floor

Would have another mage teleporting people to the abyss ONLY after they have done the blood and soul quests mentioned later.

A pouch shop, which sells pouches provided you have previous ones and have required runecrafting level. Small ones are 3000 each, medium 6000 each, large 9000 each, and giant 12000 each. Maximum stock of 3 each, restocks very slowly.

7th floor

Special meeting room used during the soul quest.