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I believe that, because range and melee have special attacks, magic should have them too. Here are my ideas:

Obsidian staff: Volcanic heal - Instantly heal you only out of combat (100% drain, idea from Tz Tok Jad getting healed). Animation: Yellow ring forms around you, kind of like the Tztok Jad.

Ancient staff: Quick-spell - Automatically cast another spell, even though you've just cast one (50% drain, compare to dds and magic shortbow) Animation: None

Mud mystic staff: Mystic poison - Poisons your opponent for 6 damage (75% drain, inspiration from dds and poisoned arrows) Animation: Green cloud surrounds your opponent.

Lava mystic staff: Scald - Dumps lava over your opponent, scalding him/her. Reduces all combat stats 10% and stuns for 5 seconds (100% drain) Animation: Ball of lava splatters your opponent, he/she shrieks in pain and shakes violently before able to attack again.

Steam mystic staff: Steam spell - When casting a water spell, will combine it with a fire spell of that type at the same time (for example, while autocasting water wave, will shoot fire wave), or while casting fire spell, does a water spell at the same time. If casting a water spell, must have the required magic level for the fire spell. (30% drain) Animation: Autocasted spell below special spell

Slayer staff: Magic boost - Will temporarily increase your magic level by 5 (100% drain). Animation: Raise slayer staff over your head and a white line forms from the sky to your body.

Lunar staff: God favor – restores, not boosts, your prayer by 10 prayer points (100% drain). Animation: Player shouts “I devote to thee…” and yellow portal-like thing forms around them, as with dragon battleaxe and Excalibur special attacks.

Iban staff: Iban’s wrath - Increases max hit of iban blast to 40 for 2 minutes (75% drain). Animation: Player shouts "for Iban!" and orange portal-like thing forms around them as with lunar staff mentioned above, dragon battleaxe, and excalibur.

Void Knight Mace: Balance of Incapability – Does double normal damage and lowers any one of your opponent’s combat skills to one, excluding hitpoints. In exchange, one of your combat skills except hitpoints will also be reduced to 1 (100% drain). Animation: Player pounds extra hard on opponent and orange glow forms around mace.

NEW STAFF IDEA: Mystic draconic staff. Made by attaching a draconic visage to a battlestaff and having Thormac enchant it. Provides infinite fire runes. Special attack: Dragonfire - Shoots dragonfire at your opponent, hitting as much as a normal dragon.