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Editor reviews allow users' behaviour and contributions to the RuneScape Wiki to be evaluated by peers, who will provide constructive feedback on areas for improvement. Any registered user may request to be reviewed, and the said user may close their request at any time.

Guidelines[edit | edit source]

Reviewers and reviewees should adhere to RuneScape Wiki's behavioural policies at all times, namely the user treatment policy.

An editor review is not:

  • A request for adminship. Once a review is closed, no change in user rights will take place. This also means that RfA guidelines do not apply here by default; however some reviewers will base their reviews on similar points and values.
  • For flaming. Flaming should not take place here under any circumstances.
  • Passable or failable. Reviews are meant to improve the reviewee's editing and contributions to the wiki. Positive feedback obtained from a review cannot be used as a trophy or as bragging rights. Similarly, negative feedback should not be used later against the reviewee.
  • Compulsory. If an editor does not want to be reviewed, then they cannot be forced to. Only the editor is allowed to nominate themselves for review.

An editor review is:

  • Harsh. Reviewees should be prepared for critical analysis of their editing, and possibly questions designed to test them that do have right or wrong answers; they are used to determine reasoning and judgement.
  • A resource. Reviewees should use a review to help them improve their editing technique to better the wiki.
  • A community process. Expect a wide vareity of editors with different editing styles to review you.
  • Open to all. Bureaucrats, administrators, and regular users are all welcome to request a review, and should all be reviewed with the same research and consideration, as all editors are equal.

Requesting reviews[edit | edit source]

If you would like to be reviewed, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a subpage following the format "RuneScape:Editor review/USERNAME", replacing "USERNAME" with your own username. If you have had a previous editor review, append a number after your username [usually, (2) if it is your second review, (3) if it is the third, etc.] The preferred format is as follows: "RuneScape:Editor review/John Doe (2)"
  2. On the page, paste {{userinfo|USERNAME}}~~~~~, where "USERNAME" is your username. Explain why you wish to have a review, and then sign with four tildes (~~~~)
  3. Paste {{SUBPAGE}} at the bottom of the "Current requests for reviews" section, where SUBPAGE is the title of the page you created in Step 1 ("{{RuneScape:Editor review/John Doe (2)}}")

Archives[edit | edit source]

Sections with at least one review will be archived at [[RuneScape:Editor review/Archive]] after two weeks of inactivity.

Current requests for reviews[edit | edit source]

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