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Summary[edit | edit source]

Short-term goals[edit | edit source]

Crafting 61%
65  70 
5 levels
Farming 67%
42  46 
4 levels
Herblore 61%
51  56 
5 levels
Mining 67%
66  70 
4 levels
Ranged 55%
64  70 
6 levels
Runecrafting 91%
58  59 
1 level

Medium-term goals[edit | edit source]

Construction 45%
45  53 
8 levels
Magic 30%
76  88 
12 levels
Thieving 25%
56  70 
14 levels

Long-term goals[edit | edit source]

Magic 10%
76  99 
23 levels
Ranged 3%
64  99 
35 levels
Runecrafting 15%
58  77 
19 levels

Details[edit | edit source]

Short-term goals[edit | edit source]

64 Agility: This is for access to Salarin the Twisted's lair, which will give me access to all these herbs that might be nice for training my herblore, for prayer potions, and for making money. Look ahead to find out why.

46 Farming: This is for access to Starflowers for Fairy Tale Part 2. Not only will I be able to complete Fairy Tale Part 2 and make it look green and pretty, but I will also gain access to magic essence potions, which will be useful for one who likes to mage, like me. Speaking of which...

56 Herblore: For Fairy Tale Part 2, as mentioned earlier, and to make the magic essence potions.

63 Hunter: This is to give me the ability to hunt carnivorus (red) chinchompas, which can gain me money as well as be on the way to getting it to 99.

70 Mining: For adamanite ore. This will be useful because I will start nature runecrafting sometime, and I can mine the mithril and adamant on the way back.

70 Ranged: For ability to wield the black dragonhide set and Karil's Crossbow (should I ever need it).

59 Runecrafting: For the ability to runecraft 2 cosmic runes per pure essence. This will be helpful for training my magic at the Mage Training Arena.

Medium-term goals[edit | edit source]

55 Construction: FOr the ability to build an Armour stand, which would allow me to repair my Ahrim's stuff for a reduced cost. At least if I don't get it soon, I hope my brother does in time, because his is higher than mine.

82-88 Magic: This will be useful for magical spells that would help me. 82 magic would allow me to use ice burst, which could become handy in castle wars and for pking green dragon macroers with my clan. 85 magic would allow me to teleblock, further helping me with the pesky autoers. 86 magic would allow me to cast Plank Make, which would be a cost-effective spell to train magic, if done on mahogany logs. 87 magic would allow me to cast level 6 enchant, which would be helpful at the Mage Training Arena. 88 magic would allow my magic to surpass my melee combat, making me a "true mage".

70 Thieving: For pickpocketing Paladins. This will give me a good supply of chaos runes, as well as good moneymaking.

Long-term goals[edit | edit source]

99 Hunter: Just to have a skillcape, because it seems easy compared to other skillcapes and isn't that common.

99 Mining: Also just to have a skillcape, also because it seems easy compared to other skillcapes, and isn't that common. Rune doesn't interest me that much.

99 Magic: For the magic skillcape because I LOVE magic!

99 Ranged: For the ranged skillcape, because Rendova told me on the forums about a cost-effective and relatively fast way to train ranged, and it seems to be working!

77 Runecrafting: For the upcoming blood altar! I desperately want to be able to runecraft blood runes, so much that I wrote a quest on it!