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Purpose[edit | edit source]

The Individual preformances will be a short talent show during the wikifest in the falador party room, videos will be taken by those who have screen recorders.

These are simply lists of shows that people will do and so will preform.

The Preformances include Singing, chatshows, jokeshows, and so on.

Everyone is welcome to come and preform

the best preformance will be given an award.

Rules[edit | edit source]

  1. Requesters should add their requests at least 24 hours before the wikifest
  2. No Preformer should do sing anything offensive or any preformances whick might be upsetting.
  3. The time is limited so please enter your preforming entry AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Preformer List[edit | edit source]

Preformances Overview
Preformer Type of show Preformance name
User:Btzkillerv Song "Apologize"
User:Telos Song "It's a Problem"
User:Youdead00 Funny St00f Glitches gone wild