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I will translate and post individual articles from the Chinese magazine "Duzhe" or "The Reader", we can all do with a bit of enlightenment in out lives.

Duzhe, Autumn collection edition, 2009

Publication 426 (selections)

It's not that I chose this life[edit | edit source]

Author:Liu Sha (Flowing sand, a pen-name)

A homeless singer, with an electric guitar, stood at the traffic filled streets singing a nameless song.

After he finished singing a song, he said, "I learnt when I was six that I had congenial heart disease, which is incurable, my mum told me that I cannot be too upset or too excited for the rest of my life, because, joy or sorrow, they can still trigger a heart attack."

He smiled, a tiny expression of happiness, as light as water.

"But, I still want to try to earn some money for myself, hoping to go to the hospitals and get my condition cured..."

The better he sang, the more people surround him to listen, and the money came faster, a man squeezed into the crowd, and said to him loudly "You're a trickster arn't you? There are many people like you on the streets, how do we know if you really do have heart disease?"

The singer's face twiched slightly, then he smiled again softly.

He said "It's not that I chose this life, but this life chose me." those present didn't understand, but I did, I was very shocked that this was heard from a homeless singer.

This is a kind of great but lightly dim kind of emotion. The tide of fate is vert strong and great. The virtues of "resignation to fate" isn't always a bad thing. "It's not that I chose this life, but this life chose me.", only by facing life like this can one put aside their misfortunes, and dutifully face the ever-changine situation of fate and life.

Taken by the magazine from "the way to success", 2008, 5th edition.

The website of the magazine, if you're Chinese, is here: