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I absolutely hate editing when I'm doing my A-Levels (such as now) but I'm going to post an essay about the DBAD hulabaloo.

DBAD madness[edit | edit source]

DBAD stands for Don't Be A Dick, and I'm pretty sure what Dick means is clear to everyone in that context, thus no explaination is needed, obviously, they could've done worse - they could've labeled it as DBAR - Don't be a retard, but they stuck with dick because it's not meant to be overly offensive. When I was 12 I'd already stopped giving any sort of attention to the offensive meanings of the word Dick, I grew up, now I don't really care if people decide even a slightly offensive word (i.e. Shut up or go away or idiot/stupid) that they only sanction in primary schools should be purged from the wiki at all costs, that's their idea, their choice, but with every overzealous action there is a consequence, there is a reason behind players not being able to chat freely before they're 13 without permission, there's also a reason why Jagex removed some of those earlier words that were banned from the reign of His Iddisoness. I applaud their maturity.

Guess what, there was a big discussion about the word dick here in the UK earlier in the year, Flintshire council decided to change the name of the popular pudding, "Spotted Dick" to "Spotted Richard" because of "inmature comments from customers" and after a public outcry, the council bosses admitted to their stupidity and the name returned, a hospital in Gloucestershire also did that before the BBC report (their own return of the spotted dick is link 2), now if you guys still want to go the overzealous, extreme mile, fine, be a killjoy, but don't drag the whole wiki down the path.

here's the links to the change in name and subsequent return.





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