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life equation in RS A+B=A

If A is the life of the person, B is the ineviteable fate of death for any reason, then they became back to A, because the energy of life forever encases them, no matter what point in life. will always revert itself upon destruction inside the river of energy and emerge as a fish of life, then it departs to the fabric of the universe reforms and reset itself as a unified being into the human world where thouthands of departed souls return within that shelterd and pampered wall, like a pheonix dying and reborn from ashes, all that is material is lost, for no more materials is valued more than that impossible chance of ressurection. upon life, the soul itself disappears into the ocean of chaos. in this massive energised land of chaos, tragedies like murder grow at every unwanted corner, yet, shoots of peace grow at every corner of life,accopanied by chaos, who was, is, and will always be its mother, its father, its friend and its enemy. in this land of confusion every blade of grass has a drop of water for itself emerging from the nonexsistent kindness of the hidden divine beings, but when such chance is given, life suddenly devalues and the being's items suddenly has more value than his life.