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Slay log[edit | edit source]

User:Gaz Lloyd/Sandbox/JS thing
'''Thanks for taking time out of your day to have this interview with me.'''

'''So first off, which skill do you think is lacking the most?'''
:''I think that the hunter skill has been lacking an update for a while now, I expect the skill to get some updates as soon as possible during 2010 :).''
'''Hmm interesting, If you were [[Mark Gerhard|Mod MMG]] how would you improve this skill? '''
:''I'd give more new creatures to hunt, not junt implings like they said, but creatures that make us able to actually do new stuff within the game.''
'''Which skill would you say is the most enjoyable?'''
:''Summoning of course, the familiars are so useful, the pets are awesome and fun to talk to, and there's always something to the skill to make it enjoyable!''
'''What do you feel makes the skill worthwhile?'''
:''Training is both easy and hard, making it balanced, as it's fast to get experience, but only after we adquire charms and money to get the resources and experience, and each familiar has its own special skills, discussions and appearances, never making it boring ;).''
'''Everyone has their favorite combat skill, be it [[Summoning]] or [[Strength]]. But whats yours?'''
:''Summoning of course, the skill has the best things you can expect from it and more!''
'''What sort of [[skill]]/[[combat]] item do you hope to see being introduced into the game?'''
:''I hope to see two of the items Jagex said they're gonna release later, the Dragon warhammer and the Dragon crossbow, they both sound powerful and cool :P.''
'''What do you think of the recent release of the [[Ancient Curses]]?'''
:''They're pure awesomeness, the deflect curse themselves are exactly like protection prayers, with the same drain rate and everything, but they also RETALIATE damage! the only bad thing for noobs like me is the high requirement for the levels of the highest curse, like turmoil that needs 95, but with this came a new reason to train the skill!''
'''What do you think about the new [[Slayer Dungeon]]?'''
:''I simply loved it, it gave us a chance to do our slayer tasks more easily, with a damage boost([[Ferocious ring]]), and the new slayer master has some awesome discussions with the player :).''
'''What's your opinion on [[PvP worlds]] and [[Bounty worlds]]?'''
:''I don't like them to be honest, they're one of the few things that Jagex made that I didn't like the tinyest bit(the other one being the personalized shop update), they're affecting the economy in a negative way and ruining the game for people that can't PK(like me).''
'''Which skill would you like to see improved most and how?'''
:''I want to see improvements to every skill for mid-leveled players, not just high-leveled ones, like herblore got, that makes Jagex seem like they don't care about their "noobs".''
'''Finally, what would you like the new skill to be?'''
:''Even though I know it won't be Necromancy, I'd love it to be. The idea of raising the dead like we did during [[Swan song]] sounds awesome. Anyway, I'd be happy with any skill that is NOT Sailing, I hate the idea of just sailing from port sarim to musa point twenty million times to get a 99 or whatever that is like that.''
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