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NOTE: This isn't the stuff you NEED to defeat Nomad, but this is one of the least expensive methods, and works for people with low overall stats, like me.

You can use this guide on whatever you want, just please give me credit for it Wink.

Please tell me if the guide works for you Smile.

Guide[edit | edit source]

I'm too lazy to make an overview right now, so I'll go on with the guide, starting with:

My stats[edit | edit source]

These are the stats of the crucial skills I had when I defeated Nomad, the ones between parenthesis are the recommended/needed levels on that skill:

  • Summoning: 74 (67 Summoning for War Tortoise)
  • Ranged: 83 (80 Ranged for good accuracy on Nomad)
  • Defence: 87 (80-85 Defence for the defence against both his magical attacks and his rapid melee attack)
  • Constitution: 90 (80-85 Constitution for the higher amount of damage you're able to take)
  • Magic: 81 (70+ for the magical defence, which is crucial against him)
  • Prayer: 71 (70+ Prayer (it's a requirement of the quest to have 70 pray, and you don't really need more than that))
As you can see, the stats I had weren't as great as many peoples' stats, and although I died 20 times before managing to beat him, it wasn't my stats' fault, but the fact that I didn't know the right time to heal.

Equipment & inventory[edit | edit source]

I based my inventory on the Nomad's Requiem quest guide, with some slight changes:

Equipment[edit | edit source]

(it shows the one I had < the recommended one)

  • Helm: Helm of Neitiznot < Armadyl helmet(charged with 90 Ambush scrolls, which were VERY useful in the fight)
  • Body: Black dragonhide body < Armadyl chestplate(ranged attack and magic defence are both crucial)
  • Amulet: Amulet of glory < Amulet of ranging (ranged attack and slight defensive bonuses, and not expensive)
  • Legs: Black dragonhide chaps < Armadyl chainskirt (same as black dragonhide body/Armadyl chestplate)
  • Gloves: Barrows gloves (the best gloves overall in the game, and only cost 100k)
  • Weapon: Rune crossbow (any need to explain in a ranged-only method? Lol)
  • Ammo: Ruby bolts (e) (they're not too expensive and can hit 75 on Nomad, and even when the effect doesn't activate, it hits well and accurately, bring 100 to be safe)
  • Boots: Mystic boots < Silly jester boots/Infinity boots (some may choose to use boots with ranged attack, like ranger or snakeskin boots, but the magical defence and low cost of mystic boots make them a better choice, and the best magic defence bonuses in the game make the infinity boots desired, and while the silly jester boots give a low ranged defence, it's not really needed)
  • Shield: Mind shield < Dragonfire shield < Divine spirit shield/Elysian spirit shield (good magic defence while being very cost-effective/very good magic defence, and although it has a low ranged attack, it has a good melee defence, negating the need for barrows legs during the rapid melee mode/The two best shields in the game that will remove damage even from the Soul Charge! Which one of those depends on you, although the divine one drains your prayer, it's good for people with higher prayer level.)
  • Cape: Ava's accumulator (you lose it every time you die, so be prepared and have over 10 accumulators in the bank in case of death, which WILL happen often)
  • Ring: None < Beacon ring < Lunar ring < Lunar ring (i) < Archers' ring < Seers' ring < Archers' ring (i) < Seers' ring (i) (I didn't have a really good ring with good magic/ranged bonuses, but seers or archers ring are very useful, especially if you can imbue them)

Inventory[edit | edit source]

  • Player's inventory:
    • 11 Super restores (they heal your prayer and other lowered stats by the Saradomin Brew);
    • Verac's plateskirt / Enhanced excalibur(if using Dragonfire shield) (to be used when he goes to his rapid melee mode, the melee defence is a must, you can also bring torag's or dharok's platelegs, and The barrows item won't break in case you follow my guide and don't bring many things more expensive)(the enhanced Excalibur can be useful to heal HP while hiding from his clones, and will boost your defence if it hasn't been already;
    • 50+ Diamond bolts (e) (to be used when he uses the Soul Charge attack and when he's at low LP);
    • Spirit kyatt pouch (to be used when the tortoise runs out of items);
    • rest of inventory filled with Saradomin brews (this is what will heal you during the whole fight, along with boosting your defence);
  • Familiar's inventory(war tortoise):
    • 18 Saradomin brews (pretty basic, huh? Lol)
      • WARNING: Set the left-click option for your familiar to be the special attack, even though you won't use it for the tortoise, you will for the spirit kyatt, and more often than you need to take the BoB's items.

Prayers[edit | edit source]

It is recommended that you have these prayers(no curses needed IMO, they only ruin the things if you don't have a high pray) on quick prayers:

  • Steel skin (to raise melee defence by 15%, and part of the magical defence is based on your defense level/boosts);
  • Eagle eye (to hit him more accurately and harder);
  • Rapid heal (to restore your HP and use less brews);
  • Protect from magic (I don't think it works, it depends completely upon you, I didn't use the protect anyway).

When the Nomad uses his rapid melee mode, it is recommended that you keep these prayers on:

  • Steel skin (this will raise the melee defence by 15% and is allowed to be used along with eagle eye);
  • Eagle eye (same as when he is at his normal attacks, hits accurately and harder);
  • Rapid heal (it may not help so much here, as he attacks so quickly, but it still can save your life);
  • Protect from melee (the protection prayers become helpful when he starts attacking with melee, at this time, turn your protect from melee on).

The fight[edit | edit source]

Assuming this is your first attempt, I'll explain each of the points of the fight to the end:

  • First of all, he will speak to you, use whatever choice and you'll soon start the fight, he'll jump at you and you'll dodge his attack automatically, allowing the fight to begin;
  • Second, he will use his normal attacks, as soon as you can move, turn on your quick prays and run behind a pillar to either side(I chose the west side, but that depends on you), then attack him again after he says "Face me!", this will be the place where you will stand most of the fight;
    • HEALING: Only heal when you're under 400 LP when he is at his normal attacks, and run behind the pillar to do it without him being able to hit you while you heal, but don't stay there long, or he will fully heal and it'll all start over;
      • At every stage of the fight he will use his normal magic attacks in between the special attacks;
  • Third, he will lay down mines around the floor, just be careful NOT TO WALK TO THEM at this point, unless you're going behind the pillar for some seconds to heal;
  • Fourth, he will teleport away and say "You cannot hide from my wrath!". At this point, RUN BEHIND THE PILLAR and stand there until he comes for you, after he used the 750-damage attack, that's the only way to evade his 750-damage attack.
  • Fifth, he will teleport away and his clones will appear while he says "Let's see how your senses serve you.", at this point, run behind the pillar and stand there again, the clones will turn to you, but won't move or attack, nor will the real Nomad, this is the time for you to drop the vials you have, take items from your BoB and turn your prayers off, and take a breath, just calm down because the clones will teleport away after 30 seconds.
  • Sixth, he will teleport you and himself away, BEWARE NOW, as it's his most powerful attack, the famous Soul Charge, which hits 1 less than your total LP. be sure to heal to over max LP and change to diamond bolts while he charges the attack, and attack him, as you still can do it with a ranged weapon.
  • Seventh, after the Soul Charge attack, he will stand there for a few seconds, that's the time for you to run back to the pillar and heal your LP all over again.this will repeat on the fight until he reaches 1/4 of his LP, at which point he will say "You're tougher than I thought, time to even things up."

Nomad healing[edit | edit source]

After he says that you're tougher than he thought and heal to half LP, continue fighting normally as it will only happen once.

    • BEWARE, because, at this point, even though he still hadn't gone berserk, he will say "Face me!" even if he can mage you, run next to him for a second then run back, and the fight will go on normally.
      • At this point it's possible that your tortoise ran out of brews, at this point, then, summon your spirit kyatt and wait until he summons his clones, then run behind the pillar and uncharge your helmet with scrolls(you can't use the Ambush with the scrolls in the helm because of a glitch, which says you don't have enough scrolls)
      • Also, remember to change your Ruby(e) bolts to your Diamond(e) bolts, as the ruby bolts' special won't hit as often, and hitting more often and higher is always good with the diamond (e)s.
  • Now it's where it starts getting tough, at this point, you got to left-click the summoning button quickly while you take care of your own LP and attacks. The kyatt hits for a lot of damage, and it adds up to be more than you would expect.

Rapid melee mode[edit | edit source]

After a few hits and after Nomad reaches 1/4 of his LP again, he will shout "Enough! This ends. Now." and shout "Face me!". At this point, EQUIP YOUR BARROWS LEGS and turn on PROTECT FROM MELEE! At this point he starts hitting you less accurately, but MUCH faster(the same speed as throwing knives or darts). Remember to keep your life points over 600 most of the time, and run back to your normal position(out of hiding, but 1 square away from him), shoot him twice, and run back next to him for 2 of his hits. Also, remember to keep using the Ambush special attack of your kyatt. Take care of your hitpoints and brews, and if you run out of Saradomin brews, turn on retribution instead of Protect from Melee and keep doing the method explained above, until either he or you die. if you die with retribution on, and he dies along with you, it'll count as if you had effectively defeated him. If you lose the fight, just try again, don't give up! He will be defeated somehow! If you're richer/higher levelled than I am, change some items of the equipment/inventory and try again and again and again, until he dies! It took me 20(yes, TWENTY) deaths before I figured how to defeat him, and I didn't give up, did I? [[File:Nomads_message.png|center|520px|thumb|Orly? I think I have doomed YOUR world, Nomad!]]

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