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Hello, I'm Broxzier


Hi there and welcome to my userpage! I'm a long-time player, since 2010. You may know me as Brox in game.

News and Milestones

RuneScape is all about reaching your personal goals and milestones, just what I like to do. I am a completionist, and luckily RuneScape has just the cape for exactly this.

My current goals[edit | edit source]

Other goals with less priority[edit | edit source]

  • Getting all boss pets
  • Getting all Mazcab abilities
  • 120 farming
  • 120 ranged
  • 20.000.000 Experience in all skills

In this box the last pictures I made and sounds I recorded will be posted. For a full list, see here.

Pictures[edit | edit source]

Sounds[edit | edit source]

About me

After I saw my best friend playing RuneScape for a long time at school, I decided to make an account and let's see what kind of game it really is. This was somewhere around Juli 2010.

After around a year of playing the game, I got a total level of 1000 and decided to get membership. Ever since then I have been a member, and if Jagex keeps up the awesome updates, I'll definately stay longer.

My stats
{{user stats |Name = Brox |Attack = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|attack|1}} |Constitution = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Constitution|1}} |Mining = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Mining|1}} |Strength = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Strength|1}} |Agility = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Agility|1}} |Smithing = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Smithing|1}} |Defence = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Defence|1}} |Herblore = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Herblore|1}} |Fishing = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Fishing|1}} |Ranged = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Ranged|1}} |Thieving = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Thieving|1}} |Cooking = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Cooking|1}} |Prayer = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Prayer|1}} |Crafting = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Crafting|1}} |Firemaking = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Firemaking|1}} |Magic = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Magic|1}} |Fletching = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Fletching|1}} |Woodcutting = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Woodcutting|1}} |Runecrafting = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Runecrafting|1}} |Slayer = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Slayer|1}} |Farming = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Farming|1}} |Construction = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Construction|1}} |Hunter = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Hunter|1}} |Summoning = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Summoning|1}} |Dungeoneering = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Dungeoneering|1}} |Divination = {{ParseHiscoreData|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata}}|Divination|1}} |Quest = 355 |Combat = 138 |Task = 603 |Music = 1000 |Date = {{#time: j F Y|{{User:Broxzier/HSdata|time}}}} |align = left }}