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This will be a composition of different rants about my RS life. Enjoy. XD

Why Crafting?[edit | edit source]

Some ask me why I choose Crafting over any other skill. Well, I'll tell you why...

It was back in yonder day, when I was but another newbie in the world of RuneScape. As most of them do, I've come across my fair share of uncut gems that I would prefer to be cut so I could sell them for profit. I have traded with many people who offered "free gem cutting", with about half of them being scammers that would log out the second I accepted the trade. As you can tell, I wasn't a very happy camper.

After being scammed so many times, I came to my senses that I should just train my crafting so I can cut them myself. After a while, around level 25 crafting if I recall correctly, I started liking the skill. It wasn't before long when I started puring it. That's when I studied all about crafting, from the basics to the specifics, and even kept track of exps and such.

Now, I'm a (self-proclaimed until level 99) crafting pro. Now I have one main priorty: to get 99 crafting anf get the skill cape, cuz I am so freakin axious to see that emote. =D