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The Offensive Rating Scale is a numerical value applied to the offensive quality of a melee weapon. This is useful in comparing melee weapons not only for one stat, but for all stats beneficial in offensive combat. To find the Offensive Rating for one attack type of a weapon, use the following formula:

The Formula Explained[edit | edit source]

Using the Formula[edit | edit source]

The formula has 3 variable inputs, labeled in the formula above as AccuracyBonus, StrengthBonus, and WeaponSpeed. AccuracyBonus is the amount the weapon increases your Slash, Crush, or Stab attack bonus, for one of the attack types. StrengthBonus is, simply, the strength bonus the weapon provides. WeaponSpeed is the Attack speed of the weapon, from 3 to 6, higher being faster and lower being slower. An example of an application of the formula is the Dragon Scimitar:

Here, we have all the variables necessary to use the formula. If we wanted to find the Offensive Rating of the slash attack of the Dragon Scimitar, we would substitute 67 for AccuracyBonus, 66 for StrengthBonus, and 6 for WeaponSpeed. Finding the Offensive Rating of the stab attack would be similar, the only difference being that 8 would be substituted for AccuracyBonus.

Substituting these values and simplifying would get you the following Offensive Ratings for each attack type:

Weapon Stab Slash Crush
Dragon Scimitar 219 1842 -55

The Mathematical Function of the Formula[edit | edit source]

The formula is based on proportionality, specifically direct and indirect variation. The Offensive Rating varies directly as the Strength Bonus and Accuracy Bonus, and indirectly as the time between attacks in seconds. The denominator is derived from the formula for time between attacks in seconds (See Attack speed). On the outside of the formula, there are the symbols and . These symbols are called floor symbols, and they signify to round the internal value down. A misconception about the formula is that since a point of strength bonus differs in value from a point of attack bonus, and the values are treated equally, then the rating would be insensitive to this difference in value. The nature of multiplication compensates for this difference in value. This would only pose a problem if the values were added.

The Meaning of the Ratings[edit | edit source]

The ratings produced from the formula do not serve any function in-game, but rather are a means of quantitatively measuring the offensive ability of a weapon. The resulting value can be compared to values of other weapons to ultimately see which one is more offense-effective for a given attack type. Two things that you should always consider when comparing values using the formula are whether the weapon is one or two-handed, and the special attack of the weapon, as these are not factored into the formula. You may notice negative values when observing ratings of some weapons with some attack styles. These are insignificant, as in nearly all situations, the weapon can't attack using that style. An example is the Dragon Scimitar, evaluated above. It has a crush rating of -55. The Dragon Scimitar doesn't have a crush attack.

A Comparison Example[edit | edit source]

Consider this situation: You have two weapons at your disposal, a Dragon Mace and a Dragon Battleaxe. You want to know which one has better offensive qualities for Crush attacks. In order to figure this out, you would use the formula with the crush attack of each weapon:

Dragon Battleaxe Dragon Mace

Using the formula from the top of the page, you would substitute 65 for the Accuracy Bonus of the Dragon Battleaxe, 85 for the Strength Bonus, and 4 for the Weapon Speed.
Again for the Dragon Mace, you would substitute 60 for the Accuracy Bonus, 55 for the Strength Bonus, and 5 for the Weapon Speed.
Now you can compare these values, seeing that the Dragon Battleaxe has a greater Offensive Rating for the crush attack than the Dragon Mace does. Please note that this does not mean the Dragon Battleaxe is "better" than the Dragon Mace, it just means over a given period of time, it will do more damage than a Dragon Mace using the crush attack.

Offensive Ratings for Common Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapon Stab Slash Crush
Dragon Longsword 1372 1633 -48
Dragon Battleaxe -48 1652 1534
Dragon Dagger 666 416 -67
Dragon Mace 733 -37 1100
Dragon Spear 1100 1100 1100
Dragon Halberd 1483 2013 0
Dragon Scimitar 219 1842 -55
Dragon Two-Handed Sword -89 2037 1771
Rune Scimitar 128 824 -37
Granite Maul 0 0 1523
TzHaar-Ket-Om 0 0 1619
Dharok's Greataxe -100 2575 2375
Abyssal Whip 0 2801 0
Godsword 0 4840 2933
Saradomin Sword 0 2801 2049
Brine Sabre 134 900 -39
Torag's hammers -96 -96 2040
Verac's flail 1632 -48 1968